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Misrepresentation of Ogie Car Sales

Question: Describe about the report for Misrepresentation of Ogie Car Sales . Answer: 1. The issue in this case is if a misrepresentation has been made by the salesman of Ogie Car Sales Pty Ltd regarding the BMW that Lara has purchased from the company. Ogie claimed that the car was in excellent condition and the odometer of the car showed that it had done only 11,000 km. The salesman of the company also recommends the car. However, after three months, Lara finds out that the car had done 175,000 km in reality as it was a fleet of a company. Under the...

  • Published: 03 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 25

Statistical Program Intellectual Property Ethical Issues

Question: Discuss about the Statistical Program Intellectual Property Ethical Issues. Answer: Introduction Ethics is defined as a system of moral principles that define how people live and make decisions for their own good and the good of the wider society. Basically ethics constitutes elements such as our rights and responsibilities towards others, living a good life, moral decisions among others. Peter, S (1985) Encyclopedia Britannica, Chicago, pp. 627-648, defines it as the discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad, right and wron...

  • Published: 03 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 29

Enterprise Business Systems for International Game Technology

Question: Describe about the Enterprise Business Systems for International Game Technology. Answer: 1. International Game Technology (IGT) is a leading manufacturing company with plant operations spreading across multiple locations in USA and England. Some of the major business operations for this organization comprises sales, customer orders, manufacturing including material requirement planning, accounting etc. Till 2002, IGT was dependent on several disjointed applications to run each of the business operations. Real time tracking of the status o...

  • Published: 03 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 25

Workplace Learning Recruitment : Digital Badges

Question: Describe about the Workplace Learning Recruitment for Digital Badges. Answer: Part 1: Job Market and Predicted Career Trends Section 1: Career Trends Currently, choice of a major college subject can be more confusing despite being high school graduate or an adult in search of a career change. Selection of a particular path is a big challenge that goes hand in hand with individual passion and ability to provide for the basics (Morgenroth, 2010). Therefore, it is recommended that you understand the trends in the job markets to have a simpl...

  • Published: 04 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 23

Analysis on Taxation Laws and Cases

Question: Discuss about the Analysis on Taxation Laws and Cases. Answer: Case study 1: Source and Residence According to the tax authority of Australia, Fred is obliged to pay tax to the government, since the tenure of his stay in the nation is over 11 months before returning to the UK. N addition, the amount earned from investment in France would also be taken into account during the tax assessment of the person. The diverse ranges of difficulties are needed to be considered depending upon the individual circumstances. However, it needs to be ...

  • Published: 05 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 20

Climate Change Economics and Policy for Former Labour Government

Question: Describe about the Climate Change Economics and Policy for Former Labour Government. Answer: 1. Compare and contrast the former Labour Government’s carbon tax policy with the Coalition Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund. In the year 2011 the labour Government had introduced the Carbon Tax policy which is also popularly known as Carbon Pricing. This policy was in action till 2014 when the Government replaced the former carbon tax policy by the Emissions Reduction Fund.  The tenure of the carbon tax policy was very short and th...

  • Published: 06 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 20

Business Law for Due to Misrepresentation

Question: Describe about the Business Law for Due to Misrepresentation. Answer: 1. Issue: What key areas of Business Law would affect Bill and Jill in the given scenario? Rule of Law One of the most essential aspects of a formation of valid contract is that it should not be entered through misrepresentation by the parties. This would leave the contract to be voidable on the part of the party who has been induced to enter into a contract due to this misrepresentation. For obtaining relief for a misrepresentation, it is necessary that such represe...

  • Published: 08 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 29

The Philippine Daily Inquirers Organizational Behavior

Question: Discuss about The Philippine Daily Inquirers Organizational Behavior. Answer: Introduction “Organization in the process of identifying the work to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility, authority and establishing relationships for the purpose of enabling people to work more efficiently together in achieving objectives.” The Inquirer is Philippine based newspaper business founded in the year 1985 in the middle of civic unrest due to the autocrat rule of monarch and the president of the country Ferdinand Marcos. The Inqu...

  • Published: 09 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 27

Taxation Law for Under Federal States

Question: Describe about the Taxation Law for Under Federal States. Answer: 1. This question is about Hillary who is a well known mountain climber. He is offered a sum of $ 10, 000 by the Daily Terror Newspaper for her life story if she will assist in writing it. He therefore writes the story without the assistance of any ghost writer and for that reason he retains all the rights of any other professional writer who might have done the same. This earns him an interest of an estimated amount of $ 10, 000. She also sells her manuscript to Mitchell’s...

  • Published: 10 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 22

Foundation of Taxation Law for Tax Year 2015/16

Question: Describe about the Foundation of Taxation Law for Tax Year 2015/16. Answer: 1. The central aim is to evaluate the net capital gains received from the sale of the capital asset (holiday home) for Fred for current tax year i.e 2015/16. Details of the case study Fred who is an Australian tax resident purchased a holiday home in Blue Mountain in March 1987, at a purchase cost of $100,000. He signed an enforceable agreement with the prospective purchaser to sell his holiday home. This agreement was enacted in August of last year (i.e. 2015)....

  • Published: 11 Jan, 2018
  • Views: 30

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