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Marketing Strategy for Nokia

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy for Nokia. Answer: Introduction Nokia was the unprecedented leader in the mobile telephony for decades together but exists no more due one sole reason, they failed to innovate and could not understand the market demand and upcoming competition which came in the form of Apple IPhone and Google Android. It all started in the year 1986 when Nokia launched its first portable mobile phone. In 1992 company launched its first GSM handset with this the famous Nokia tune was first rolled out in 1994. By 1999 n...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 55

Strategic Finance for Criminal Justice Organizations

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Finance for Criminal Justice Organizations. Answer: Introduction The article under focus is related to the study involving the positional attributes of Chief Executive in organizations of considerably huge business volume. In simple words, Woodside (2013) stated that Chief Executives are the main pivotal position offered in the organization who mainly concentrates in the strategic planning for the growth and development of the organization. The present segment of work mainly highlights the significant hurdles t...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 53

Rational Decision Making Process

Question: Discuss about the Rational Decision Making Process. Answer: Rational Business Decision Rational decision making is a systematic method of selecting among the available choices based on facts and reasons. In this process the business manager has to analyse various steps to review the relevant facts, observe them and get idea about possible outcomes before taking up any decision. There are several factors that can influence decision making in case of managing uncertainties like past experience has a great influence in present and futur...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 50

Foundation of Taxation Law : Exempted Capital Gains

Question: Discuss about the Foundation of Taxation Law for Exempted Capital Gains. Answer: 1. According to the information provided in the question, we have to calculate the net capital gains obtained by Fred through sale of his holiday home, during current tax year. Further it is known that taxpayer is an Australian resident and also that the property was purchased by the taxpayer before September 20, 1999 but after September 20, 1985. Also, contract signing date and receipt of payment date are in the current assessment year for the given situa...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 51

Casual Layered Analysis of Globalization Artefact

Question: Discuss about the Casual Layered Analysis of Globalization Artefact. Answer: Introduction This study mainly aims to critique a media artefact, which is based on the globalization that involves a specific consequence. As per the Sociology context, globalization is such an ongoing process that can involve the integrated shifts in the political, social, cultural as well as economic spheres of society. It also involves as a process the ever-enhancing integration of the contexts among the communities, regions, nations and even seemingly distin...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 52

Capital Gains Tax : Political Economy and Taxation

Question: Discuss about the Capital Gains Tax for Political Economy and Taxation. Answer: Case Study 1: Capital Gains Tax Capital gains are the profits earned or the returns realized from the sale of a property or from the sale of an investment. It can be the sale of shares, the sale of furniture and fittings, the sale of a building, the sale of land, the sale of property, plant and equipment and so forth. It calculated by taking the amount realized from the sale of the property or investment less any amount incurred while buying the equipment ...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 46

Cloud Solutions for Child Protection Board

Question: Discuss about the Cloud Solutions for Child Protection Board.Answer: Introduction Child Protection board is a social enterprise headquartered in Sydney and has branches in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. Currently, staff of the organization is managing their payroll systems that are manually handled over Excel files containing payroll data that is exchanged using Dropbox. However, over the years, the demand for its services have increased leading to new hired and increase in the payroll data. This expansion has made it difficult for e...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 48

Taxable Capital Gains for Fred

Question: Discuss about the Taxable Capital Gains for Fred. Answer: 1. The issue at hand in the given case is to ascertain the taxable capital gains for Fred who as per the information provided had sold a holiday home situated in Blue Mountains.  In the given case, even though there is a time lap between the enactment of sale contract and the payment receipt, but it is not a concerning matter as both the dates tend to converge in the current financial year and hence the capital gains derivable from the sale of the house would also be taxabl...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 47

Organizational Behavior of Woolworths

Question: Discuss about the Organizational Behavior of Woolworths. Answer: Introduction Organizational behavior analysis refers to the study of the method of interacting with the different people within an organization. This paper is about the analysis of the organizational behavior of Woolworths. The selected company is one of the most popular retails chain in the global marketing, currently the company is conducting a well business in the Australian market. In order to get the desired level of success in the marketing, effective level of com...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 89

Strategic Information System : Conduct of Operations

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Information System for the Conduct of Operations. Answer: Accounting Software/Packages Used In Australia A majority of businesses in Australia before 2002 were contended utilizing paper-based accounting systems to conduct their operations. However, the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) resulted in many of them switching to the use of accounting software. The Australian government played an essential role in their switch because it covered the cost of acquiring the software package (James & Ma...

  • Published: 30 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 52

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