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Migration Act 1958 Sections 201 and 501 Provisions

Question: Discuss about the Migration Act 1958 Sections 201 and 501 Provisions. Answer: Introduction Billy Elliot arrived in Australia under a special category visa (subclass 444) which is a temporary visa that allows New Zealand citizens to remain and work in Australia. A New Zealand citizen can have the ability to be given this visa upon arriving in Australia if; Attains some character and specific health requirements He/she is in hold of a valid New Zealand passport Is a genuine citizen of New Zealand He/she has an incoming passenger card ...

  • Published: 22 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 82

Information System Management : Organization Decisions Making

Question: Discuss about the Information System Management for Organization Decisions Making. Answer: Introduction The information system management consist of processes for managing the information system and focusing on improving the competence and usefulness of the decision making for the organization (Ward and Peppard 2016). The concept of the information system management would include the process of forming system modulation using the management techniques and strategies. The following report has been made on the case study of Aus Ed. Inc. Th...

  • Published: 21 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 80

Ethical implications of RFIDs in the workplace

Question: Discuss about the Ethical implications of RFIDs in the workplace. Answer: Introduction: In the current times the technology of RFID is much in vogue. This is a technology that is being used by the managements of different companies to keep a tab or a control over the activities of the employees when they are at their workstation in their offices. This is a technology that helps the company management to learn the kind of work the employee happens to be doing at the time of his duty hours. This technology helps the management to learn...

  • Published: 20 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 75

E-Marketing : Specific Internet Driver

Question: Discuss about the E-Marketing for Specific Internet Driver. Answer: Introduction: Internet has become the specific driver and the business needs to alter the way they conduct their business. The strategic and the daily activities of business are being changed because of technological evolution. The sourcing of demand for the hotels is becoming challenging due to the complex and the robust digital system, which is used by the consumers in their process of search. Due to the widespread of E marketing, the behavior of consumers are changing....

  • Published: 19 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 79

Contemporary Approaches for Management Framework

Question: Discuss about the Contemporary Approaches for Management Framework. Answer: How do the contemporary approaches to management differ from the classical approaches?Wang et al. (2012) stated that contemporary approach of management provides a framework for management practices depending on recent trends. Contemporary approach of management is highly influenced by globalization, excellence model, quality issues, productivity, Mckinsey’s 7S approach and theory Z concepts. Bratton and Gold (2012) stated that due to the appearance of global organ...

  • Published: 17 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 264

Woolworths Group : Change Management

Question: Discuss about the Woolworths Group for Change Management. Answer: Introduction: Change in structure, strategies and operational methods of the organization are necessary for business sustainability. The term “change” defines to any alteration which occurs in the entire work environment of the organization. According to Contrafatto & Burns (2013), “change is the law of the nature”. In this assignment, the concepts of organizational change will be linked up with the organizational principles followed by Woolworths Group in the first...

  • Published: 16 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 306

Accounting Information System for Disk4U

Question: Discuss about the Accounting Information System for Disk4U. Answer:  Introduction: Within the study, the description of the investigations that are related to pre-stage development of the accounting information system is described.  The study has been carried out in the context of an organization called Disk4U. Accounting information system can be referred to the system that is being used by an organization or business for gathering, storing, retrieving and processing financial data for making it useful for consultants, analysts, ac...

  • Published: 15 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 98

Auditing Theory and Practice : Audit Plan of M Ltd

Question: Discuss about the Auditing Theory and Practice for Audit Plan of M Ltd. Answer: Preface This report is related to the notification of acceptance of audit assignment of M Ltd who are involved in the manufacturing process and sales and distribution of wine in domestic as well as international market. The company had recently changed their legal status of Public Ltd. Company by getting them listed in ASX. After the enlistment, the company had changed their auditors and assigned us the duty of auditing of the financial accounting reports...

  • Published: 14 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 86

Project Management : Business Volunteers

Question: Discuss about the Project Management for Business Volunteers. Answer: Introduction Overview of the project This project is elaborating about the implementation of a new record keeping system for the Globex crop. The organization is entirely dependent on the volunteers that are managing their programs and other details. This record keeping system is going to keep check on collected details by the volunteers. Description of the project The project is being started by the organizational heads in order to reduce the dependence on the volun...

  • Published: 13 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 86

Human Resourcing At BBQ Fun

Question: Discuss about the Report for Human Resourcing At BBQ Fun. Answer: Part A From the analysis of the human resource shortages within the BBQFun Company, certain human resource priorities are considered based on the shortages and surpluses in human resourcing (Grant 2016). The existing human resource capabilities of BBQFun include efficient development of human resource policies and effective corporate control by means of uniform application of employee-relations regulations. Moreover, the outlets of the BBQFun are observed to employ around ...

  • Published: 06 Mar, 2018
  • Views: 347

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