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Qualities of a Leading Service Firm

Question:Write an essay for question as follows Describe the qualities of a service leader firm. Provide an example of a service leading firm and use this to illustrate your discussion.Answer: Professional service firms differ from other commercial enterprises as they generally don’t have the bottom line approach and also don’t have a hierarchical management structure (Løwendahl, 1997). Managing human resources in such firms has been described through many strong metaphors which are not on the same lines as the strong top-down leadership...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 63

Centralized and Shared Processes

Question:Explain Centralized and shared processes. Answer:The Company Carlson has been able to set a proper focus on the implementation of building a team to satisfy its customers and deliver the best family to the business. For the centralized process, there have been pioneering effects to optimize the processes, people, location and the technology. (Carlson Inc, 2006). The changes need to set a proper shift from the different places, business, and the countries to handle the shared services under a particular situation. The company has been focusi...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 64

Organizational Behavior and Design

Question:What are the defining behavioural characteristics and work-related preferences of Millennials? How do these factors shape our understanding of the most appropriate leadership styles and approaches to adopt when leading a team of Millennials? Answer: Behavioral Characteristics of Millennials From the very beginning, it is crucial to know what is millennial. Millennial can be well understood soon after a brief explanation of it. In other words, Millennials are also called Millennial Generation or Generation Y or Gen Y. These are the d...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 59

Service Recovery

Question:Write an academic essay for question:Service recovery is an umbrella term for systematic efforts by a firm to correct a problem following a service failure and retain a customer's goodwill. What is the true impact of a customer defection for a business? Discuss the four common service recovery mistakes made by organizations. Answer: While, on one hand organizations are working on securing more customers, they often lose attention on their existing customers and the impact of losing them as well as the benefits of winning them back. It...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 62

Challenges in Adopting IFRS in Australia

Question:Write an essay on "Challenges in Adopting IFRS in Australia".Answer: Introduction Accounting is the mechanism of recording, categorizing and analyzing transactions to demonstrate true reflection of financial outcomes of operations within a particular period.  It allows creating records and communicating financial information in a systematic manner, thereby ascertaining surpluses or deficits, evaluating the financial performance and presenting of information to all the related and interested parties. The authorized standards are followed...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 105

Target Market and The Segment

Question:Explain Target market and the segment and positioning.Answer:IntroductionThe demand for the organic food has increased rapidly in the past decade on a global basis. The organic foods are those foodstuffs that are shaped by the techniques that fulfill with the standards of organic farming. The total value of the organic food industry in Australia in the year 2012 was estimated around $1.27 million. The organic farm industry in Australia persists to control a comparatively small percentage of overall market value while rising over gr...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 62

The Economic Theory

Question:Identify the relevant context of the posting and the assumptions used.Determine the relevant economic theory and any diagrams needed to illustrate that theory.Apply the relevant theory to explore the economic concepts in the article/blog post.Indicate, where relevant, whether you feel you have gained any insights that may be relevant to your professional practice. Answer:Identification of the relevant context of the blog and the associated assumptionsThe first article titled “ If you thought the consumer price index appropriately enumerate...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 66

Developing and Communicating a Vision

Question:• What are the strengths of your assessment item?• How could your assessment item be improved?• What comments do you think the marker will make about your assessment item?• How would you score your assessment item, based on the criteria?Answer:Developing and Communicating a VisionVision gives a description of some future state or achievement that an organization or an individual wants to accomplish. For a vision to accomplish its intended objectives such as focusing, clarifying and inspiring work, it needs to be shared. Besides, ...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 69

Australian business : Law

Question:Demonstrate   a   working   knowledge   and understanding of the principles of Australian business law within the context of the prescribed readings.Identify and analyse relevant facts, problems and legal issues from a given scenario and develop an argument in response, discussing available options in the context of business law.Answer:When it comes to business activities, individuals, corporate and business houses are required to obey the applicable rules and regulations stipulated by the ...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 71

Human Security versus Traditional Security

Question:Explain Human Security versus Traditional Security: Should the west intervene in Syria? Why/why not?Answer:Introduction:The crisis in Syria is never ending and so is the debate related to the intervention of the West in the security and other related matters of Syria. Regularly, active and variety of arguments are carried on by the pro activists regarding the matter of Western disturbances. Some discussions are very legitimate and hold true values of discussion while the others shows some kind of diplomatic approach towards their vie...

  • Published: 19 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 66

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