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Discursive and Institutional Construction

Question: Discuss about the Discursive and Institutional Construction. Answer: Introduction: Australian Bureau of statistics has defined homelessness as the condition when an individual does not have proper accommodation system. To shed more light, an individual can only be termed to suffer from homelessness when he lives in a dwelling that is inadequate or has no tenure (Chamberlain et al., 2014). They can be also considered homeless when their initial tenure is short and cannot be extended or does not allow such individuals to have control or enj...

  • Published: 03 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 515

SWOT Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Question: Discuss about the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Answer: Introduction: Competition has always stayed as the core to success as well as failure of an organization belonging from an industry. The organizations through their very own strategy tend to achieve their desired positions within their industries and competitive advantage is the ability of the organizations for gaining their seeking position via the attributes and available resources (Wagner and Hollenbeck 2014). However, each and every organization faces threats and chal...

  • Published: 04 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 594

Civil Service and National Learning Corporation

Question: Discuss about the Civil Service and National Learning Corporation. Answer: Introduction: Trackman A/s refers to a Danish technology company that designs, manufactures and sells 3D ball flight measurement equipment for sport. Trackman A/S company started creating a system for tracking the golf ball in 2003 which they called a Trackman or a Trackman radar. The unit is used by the sport professionals to analyse the golf swings and at the same time find out the efficiencies of the club impact (Coates, 2015, p. 312). The trackman radar t...

  • Published: 05 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 450

Consumer Attitude Formation and Behavior

Question: Discuss about the Consumer Attitude Formation and Behavior. Answer: Introduction Making public awareness is very important in our day to day lives. To be successful in creating consciousness, the most suitable awareness creation approaches must be used. Awareness campaigners must be sure that the method they are using is appropriate and thus help take the intended message home. This paper analyses a case study of awareness creation. Various types of learning can be used in education and awareness campaign. One of them is environmental pu...

  • Published: 06 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 533

Video Games and Cognition Management

Question: Discuss about the Video Games and Cognition Management. Answer: Introduction Different parts of the brain can be used to influence different cognition abilities. In most cases, those who play video games demonstrate an increased performance in skills associated with cognition. Previously, research had focused on the effects of video games on cognition, but nowadays the effects seem to vary depending on the genre of the game (IOS Press, 2017). This information would be beneficial in the treatment of specific disorders. This essay analyses ...

  • Published: 08 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 523

Business Intelligence Tools and Integrating

Question: Discuss about the Business Intelligence Tools and Integrating. Answer: Introduction: The banking industry has undergone an immense change in the past decade and specifically in terms of operations and service. If we stress upon the banking industry, the apt example is that of ANZ Bank in Australia where the  presence of huge data needs processing and hence, big data is one of the major steps towards the development of data as the banks can ascertain the transaction of the client and its behaviour leading to a boost in the profitabili...

  • Published: 09 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 437

Competition and Consumer Commission

Question: Discuss about the Competition and Consumer Commission. Answer: This case is in relation to the breach of section 18 and 29(I) (m) of the Australian Consumer Law which is a part of Schedule 2 of the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)[1]. This case has been selected as it demonstrates what conduct can be regarded as a misleading and false conduct and what penalties may the court impose in relation to such conduct on the wrongdoer. This is also a very recent case. Background In this case it had been agreed by the respondent ...

  • Published: 10 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 442

Major Components of Business Communication

Question: Discuss about the Major Components of Business Communication. Answer: Introduction: Globalization is on the rise hence there is more need for different people to do business with the Chinese. Language is vital in bridging international relationship. Expectations on culture and etiquette in the language are more necessary. Prakash Sethi (2014) asserts that increasing understandings of the Chinese business culture, their social etiquette aid in averting miscommunication and misunderstanding. An important rule in understanding and applying t...

  • Published: 11 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 625

Confidentiality and Sharing Genetic System

Question: Discuss about the Confidentiality and Sharing Genetic System. Answer: Introduction: One of the significant duties of medical practitioners is to enhance patient confidentiality at all times. Conventionally, it necessitates health experts to ensure that patients’ individualize or personal information is kept secret unless patients give consent (Lin & Tsai, 2011). Confidential documents of patients like theatre lists ought to be discarded more appropriately by paper shredding to conceal information. This paper endeavors to critically ...

  • Published: 12 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 575

Companies of Tehran Stock Exchange

Question: Discuss about the Companies of Tehran Stock Exchange. Answer: Introduction: A trial balance is a statement which is prepared with taking the closing balance of the different ledger accounts where the debit total balance matches the credit total balance. In simple words, a trial balance uses closing balance of different ledger accounts which have debit or credit balances and the statement tallies. If the statement does not tally then there may be certain errors in the statement. The main use of a trial balance is to check the mathematical ...

  • Published: 15 Apr, 2019
  • Views: 631

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