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Master of Accounting

Question:Write an essay about the Statoil Company.Answer:Statoil is the largest multinational energy company from Norway and it was established in 1972. The main focus of its business is exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Statoil has adopted a more dynamic performance management process and has abolished traditional budgeting since 2005. The management of Statoil has replaced the traditional model of budgeting with an innovative performance management system called “Ambition to Action”.  The Ambition to Action...

  • Published: 04 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 501

Social and Environmental Practices

Question:Evaluate sustainable economic, social and environmental practices and value systems from different disciplinary perspectives.Answer:The Royal Australia Restaurant will be located in the 1548 Fissure Rd, Sidney. The restaurant will be formed aiming to serve a range of healthy as well as tasty food to the citizens of Australia. The restaurant will be of 86 sitting arrangement in two attractive floors providing varieties of home-style dishes to the customer. The business style for this particular restaurant is partnership. It will be formed with an...

  • Published: 04 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 473

Impact In The Overall Communication Process

Question:How the modern mode of communication system puts a positive impact in the overall communication process of the group?Answer:The present assignment will cover certain essential concepts, which includes the notion as well as the synopsis of the key non-electronic communication system and with its practices that majority of the company uses in the overall business communication process, which in return help the company to engage the customers, suppliers, staff members and the public. The second points, which need to analyze, is the overview of...

  • Published: 04 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 462

Marketing and Strategy Analysis

Question:Write a report about the macro environment of the retail industry in Indonesia. Answer:1.      Pestle AnalsisThe political factors influence the retail jeans sector in Indonesia. The political factors include tax systems in the business sector with several reforms and an increased tax rate (Auerbach et al. 2013). The Indonesian government is encouraging the development of entrepreneurship in the medium and small scale enterprises. The political systems comprise of the increase in the export of Indonesia, an i...

  • Published: 04 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 367

Work Life Balance

Question:Based on the above mentioned case study, write an essay entitled “Work-Life Balance” to critically discuss the following questions:1. Do you agree with Juliet Bourke that the use of flexibility has moved away from its original paradigms?2. Critically discuss the implications of excessive working hours on the performance of employees and managers.3. Analyse ways in which employers could facilitate work-life balance during an economic downturn.Answer:Introduction In today’s global market, it is important to have a discussion on the flexibil...

  • Published: 04 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 424

Business Laws Analysis

Question:Write a report about the business law.Answer:Contract LawIssueCedric Inkspot has worked as a talented chemist in a lab named Test Tube City Laboratories. His contract is soon to expire and since he does not want to disrupt his wife and children, he speaks to the chief chemist at the lab who assures him that even after the contract expires, Cedric will not be let off. As a result, Cedric rejects the offer made to him by another rival company. Later due to liquidity problems, the company let go off Cedric even before the contract expired.Law...

  • Published: 04 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 352

Healthy Kids Organization

Question:What should be the action for Healthy Kids Organization?Answer:Action for Healthy Kids strives to prevent obesity in children. It was established in the year 2002 and has its headquarters at Chicago, United States of America (USA). It fights against childhood obesity, physical inactivity and undernourishment by assisting schools to become healthier and better places so that the kids or children can live a healthy life (Phulkerd et al. 2016). It has an association with enthusiastic volunteers such as parents, students, teachers, experts and many ...

  • Published: 03 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 503

Potential Research Objectives

Question:What are the potential research objectives, questions that can address the problem?Justification and potential output of the research project: Why is your chosen project important both theoretically and practically? What are the potential outputs and outcomes of your research? Answer:In today’s world every organisation needs to develop their marketing strategies through the internet marketing strategies. With the help of internet marketing mainly by the help of social media marketing small scale organisation capitalize their market to com...

  • Published: 03 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 469

Amin Sthapit Murder Trial

Question:Discuss the murder of the lover of Geecy Rebucas and the ethical issues revolving around it.Answer:IntroductionThis essay discusses the murder of the lover of Geecy Rebucas and the ethical issues revolving around it. Tadalbag stabbed Amin Sthapit in a fit of rage and court has convicted him of manslaughter and not murder (, 2016). This event can be related with the classical theories, particularly the “Just consequentialism” and “everyday moral judgments”. The events can be split into moral or immoral acts and activities are d...

  • Published: 03 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 434

Microsoft Leading Brands

Question: Write an essay on Microsoft band.Answer: Introduction- Microsoft band is one of the leading brands of the wearable market as it has some sharp features like providing information regarding health and fitness. Microsoft band is also useful for calculating the heart rate and can be used as a microphone also. It also offers some features like a user can check the emails, events on a mobile calendar, and alarm on a digital clock and can also access maps. This information is regarding Microsoft band and its opportunities and threat...

  • Published: 03 Aug, 2017
  • Views: 451

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