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Creative Destruction and Sharing Economy

Question: Discuss about the Creative Destruction and Sharing Economy. Answer: Introduction: Uber Technologies Inc. is engaged with transportation networking in over 570 cities. At present the company has able to establish a strong position in the global market (, 2017). However, it is facing enormous amount of legal issues and service competitive issues. Being in the service industry, the organization has invented mobile app for flawless booking through internet. The most attractive feature of Uber has been “upfront pricing”, which the ...

  • Published: 01 Sep, 2018
  • Views: 115

Traditional Customer Service Calls and Surveys

Question: Discuss about the Traditional Customer Service Calls and Surveys. Answer: Introduction: The two characteristics of the traditional and the convergent approaches to marketing communication entails that in both there is relaying and sending of information from the marketer. The sender and the receiver of information engage in an open discussion concerning the product under discussion. The traditional differs from the convergent in that the devices such as the media and graphic papers such as brochures are not incorporated in marketing. The us...

  • Published: 31 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 135

Development and Validation of Instrument

Question: Discuss about the Development and Validation of Instrument. Answer: Introduction: Fast track couriers aim at expanding the delivery routes of the organization beyond regional New South Wales in the upcoming three years. The organization has limited its services within the boundaries of New South Wales, which has resulted in the reduction of profits an customers. The current profit generated by the firm is $1.9 million, whereas the estimated amount was $3.2 million. With the implementation of better expansion plans, the company would be ab...

  • Published: 30 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 104

System Architecture and Key Technologies

Question: Discuss about the System Architecture and Key Technologies. Answer: Introduction RetailCo. is a supermarket retail chain that has a specific system architecture. The business operations of the company runs according to the order of the components related to the system architecture. As per the IEEE standard 42010:2011, system architecture is characterized as "crucial ideas or properties of a framework in its condition exemplified in its components, connections, and in the standards of its plan and advancement". Past system architecture dev...

  • Published: 29 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 117

Depreciation Methods and Life Cycle Costing

Question: Discuss about the Depreciation Methods and Life Cycle Costing. Answer: Introduction: The present report specifies the business plan of the cafe; which is a franchise of an international coffeehouse chain Aroma Cafe. A business plan can be said as documented set of business goals, financial forecast and other defined objectives which have been aimed to attain over a specified time (Farrell, (2016). All the details relating to cafe such as legal aspects; available financing options, the importance of accounting, needed plant and machinery a...

  • Published: 28 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 111

Bureau of Statistics Economic Conditions

Question: Discuss about the Bureau of Statistics Economic Conditions. Answer: Introduction: Investing in the stock market is no doubt a risky business. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the stock market and its trends and also requires daily awareness of the highs and lows of financial markets globally. It goes without saying financial markets are unstable and possess a huge risk to anyone especially to a newcomer who is not familiar with the ups and downs and the signs of turmoil in the market. There are certain instruments which are re...

  • Published: 24 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 148

Reliability Engineering Modeling and Analysis

Question: Discuss about the Reliability Engineering Modeling and Analysis. Answer: Introduction Managing ethical risk is very important in managing accidents in all industries. This is especially important in the gas and oil industry where there are very many risks involved in the business. It is very important for management of companies in the gas and oil industry to put in place safety and disaster mitigation measures that help to reduce the outcome of risk in case it occurs. Ethics refers to a set of rules, procedures and practices that govern ...

  • Published: 23 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 113

Connectivity in Aquatic Ecosystems

Question: Discuss about the Connectivity in Aquatic Ecosystems. Answer: Introduction History of management is as old as 3000 years when ancient architectures like Egyptian pyramids were constructed. Such huge complex structures show somewhere there is planning, coordination, direction, execution in the project that made such enormous structures possible. However, it is only in the beginning of the 20th century that management emerged as subject, developed and taught in various scenarios and schools. Management approaches developed during that time ...

  • Published: 22 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 131

Communication and Ethics in Society

Question: Discuss about the Communication and Ethics in Society. Answer: Introduction: The current dilemma that is being faced by Sally was that Han being a public web develop within the state government department was handed the responsibility of developing tourism website by his manager I.T sally. However, it was noticed that the website at times provided news on court cases that were under suppression order in Australia and led to huge sum of embarrassment to the government department. To address the issues Thomas white methodology were adopted ...

  • Published: 21 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 164

Solving Problems and Managing Compliance

Question: Discuss about the Solving Problems and Managing Compliance. Answer: Introduction To become a great lawyer, there are various preparations that one needs to make as soon as one steps into the law school. These developments require one to come up with their problem solving techniques that allows one to be unique and to get the clients satisfaction. Problem-solving is the informed method application. The new layer must be able to adopt a systemic approach that entails prior and proper planning, extensive background reading as well as the for...

  • Published: 20 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 117

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