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Service and Relationship Marketing for Quality Services

Question: Describe about the Service and Relationship Marketing for Quality Services. Answer: Introduction Service Organization refers to all those organization and companies that are involved in the discharge of service to customers. They provide utility services to the customers. According to my understanding, service organizations are companies that provide intangible products to the customer, which are in the form service. Such organizations have great value and provide important utility and invaluable services to the customers, that assist the...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 111

Mental Health Nursing and Individuals Possessed

Question: Discuss about the Mental Health Nursing and Individuals Possessed. Answer: Introduction Mental health nurses give support to individuals possessed by varied mental state conditions. The work encompasses serving the patient to get over their problem or to return to terms with it so as to have a positive life (John & Jordan, 2011). Mental health problem has been delineating as a silent killer in male gender at the age of 70s in Australia. This is because of the high prevalence and considerable contribution to men’s humanity, and silent si...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 121

Australian Criminal Law for Illegal Drug in Australia

Question:  Australian Criminal Law for Illegal Drug in Australia Answer: 1: As stated in the situation, Vincent (Dane’s Friend) was high on GHB which was a dangerous and also an illegal drug in Australia. He started dancing with Veronique (Dane’s Girlfriend) and begins to kiss her. Veronique was also in the same state as she also had that same drug which Dane only asked her to take saying that it is a party drug. Dane saw that and began to threaten Vincent with a beer bottle saying that he will crack his head if he will touch his girlfriend...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 117

Business Research and Ethics for Dilemma in the Workplace

Question:   Answer: Description I faced an ethical dilemma in the workplace where I was working as the accountant for the organization and my supervisor, Steve asked to submit a dinner bill for reimbursement. Steve told me that the dinner bill was from a meeting which he had with one of the clients of the organization the previous night. The dinner bill included quite a hefty number of transactions including food and alcohol. At the end of the day, Nadia, Steve’s girlfriend came to the office to pick him up. I overheard their conversion while I ...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 115

Critical Thinking in Nursing Education

Question: Discuss about the Critical Thinking in Nursing Education. Answer: Introduction: Critical thinking can learn as the intellectual and disciplined practice of applying skillful analysis in one’s action or belief. In terms of nursing care, critical thinking is important to cope with the changing environment and also the role linked with the complexities of the healthcare system. Creative thinking involves flexibility, innovation, open-mindedness, and adaptability. Creative thinking is a personal trait that should be possessed by a nurse so ...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 124

The Changing Business Environment for The Renault

Question: Discuss about The Changing Business Environment for The Renault. Answer: 1: Carlos Ghosn, the Chief Executive of Nissan, was able to construct the position on the success of a French corporation in order to transform a characteristically Japanese company. Most interestingly, he encountered as much praises as resistance from Japanese citizens when closing Nissan plants in Japan and making the workers redundant, something normally alien to the collective corporate culture of Japan. At that time, all the Japanese were starting to re-evaluate th...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 122

Barchester City Council Car Park System

Question: Discuss about the Barchester City Council Car Park System. Answer: Introduction The aim of this assessment report is to analyze the overall functionality of Barchester City Council Car Park System case study. In this case study, the Barchester City Council wants to introduce a new system in its car parking system. The council wants such a system that will be able to provide services to the daily operations of each car park. For this assessment, Software Development Life Cycle analysis is used for understanding the overall system function...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 397

Absolute and Comparative Trade Advantage

Question: Discuss about the Absolute and Comparative Trade Advantage. Answer: Introduction: It refers to the potential of individual, region, country or organization in terms of producing products or providing services (Schumacher, 2012). The entity which makes use of absolute advantage is capable of generating a product or offering a service with the smaller amount of resource or through integrating a more efficient procedure. For describing the absolute advantage the below two examples are accurate. United States of America generates seven hun...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 143

IT Risk Management and Cloud Computing

Question: Discuss about the IT Risk Management and Cloud Computing. Answer: Introduction: IT landscape has had a massive revolution in the past few years and is still in a constant phase of phase (, 2011). There have been a number of different buzzwords in the field of IT and one such name is Cloud Computing. It refers to the use of a network, most commonly the Internet for execution of services such as access, storage, management and transfer of information. This form of computing was earlier applicable to utility computing with ...

  • Published: 22 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 127

Generation Y Consumer Perception

Question: Discuss about the Generation Y Consumer Perception. Answer: Introduction Generation Y involves the number of population in a nation conceived somewhere around 1977 and 1994 and Its individuals are conceived amid the time when nations could without much of a stretch speak among each other, particularly with the increase in the ease of direct system for a very related similarity that are specially highlighted through an intense joining of realism. The Generation Y can be better separated through three sections, which are: grown-ups with ages ...

  • Published: 21 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 127

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