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Identity and Access Management and Technology

Question: Discuss about the Identity and Access Management and Technology. Answer: Introduction Technological advancements have made the life of human more easily than in previous days it was. In spite of these advantages of technology, the chances of data theft, malfunctioning of system has not only increased but also these are most common threats to human. Identity Access Management is one of the technological advancements those protect the system or applications from these threats (Everett 2011, p.12). It is also known as IAM. This term is defin...

  • Published: 01 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 31

Amazon Supply Chain Management

Question: Discuss about the Amazon Supply Chain Management. Answer: Introduction Since the development of the internet, there has been a dynamic change in the business operations and the shopping culture of consumers across the globe. In the past years, consumers purchased products through physical stores such as supermarkets and retail shops. However, advancement in technology in the most recent years has led to the emergence of online retail stores where consumers can purchase their products over the internet. The online shopping is continually p...

  • Published: 01 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 93

Economics and Contemporary Issues

Question: Discuss about the Economics and Contemporary Issues. Answer: Introduction In the economics, demand and supply are considered as the most important factors that influence the price of a product. Demand and supply are also measured as the backbone of market economy. Along with this, demand and supply also have an effect on the market equilibrium. Market equilibrium is a situation where the price of a product/service remains the same. In other words, it also can be said that, equilibrium is the price wherever the amount demanded by patrons w...

  • Published: 01 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 33

Law of Negligence

Question: Rebecca sustained serious injuries including a broken leg. She now wishes to sue Michelle in negligence for her losses. Advise Rebecca. Answer: Facts  Michelle and Rebecca were two friends who went to attend a function called “An Evening with Oprah” with Oprah Winfrey. Due to some inconvenience caused at the box office because of some ticketing issue, the performance got postponed by an hour. Because of this delay of the performance, both Michelle and Rebecca thought of passing the time together by drinking wine at some bar. Afte...

  • Published: 01 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 37

Management Science Paradigm Shift

Question: Discuss about the Management Science Paradigm Shift. Answer: Introduction In the academic arena, the studies conducted by the earliest scholars are sometimes subjected to refutation when they fail to address the problems they are deemed to solve. Some of the studies which have been subjected to criticisms and later termed as invalid are theories. The theory is based on someone ideas and notions whereby he or she tries to justify a certain argument using the argumentative ideas. Given the conditions and process by which the justification a...

  • Published: 01 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 44

Early Child Development and Care

Question: Discuss about the Early Child Development and Care. Answer: Introduction The ZPD or Zone of Proximal development is deemed as a variation between what a learner may perform without help to what he may do with assistance. The theory was promulgated by Vygotsky who stated that a child observes the example of an adult and step by step develops skills to perform certain tasks with no help (Vygotsky, 2013). The given case study is of Ruth’s. She hesitates to express her views in class. The following discussion delves into the given situation...

  • Published: 02 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 32

Health and Community Services

Question: Discuss about the Health and Community Services. Answer: Introduction Aged care centers are set up to provide an optimistic role in health and community services (Munn-Giddings and Winter). However, the research project report highlights the need for the ageing homes for the ageing population in Australia. The chain of aged care homes is a competitive environment, which needs to be planned and organized for a business to last in the next 10 years to come. However, this report will validate the local government areas in Australia to study ...

  • Published: 02 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 30

Role of Gibberellic Acid in Plant Growth

Question: Discuss about the Role of Gibberellic Acid in Plant Growth. Answer: Introduction: The primary aim of this experiment is to study the effect of Gibberellic acid ( GA ) application on the growth of the plant (Paul, William, & John, 2010). For this purpose a group plants are set, one group is known as control plants and the other group is known as treatment plants. Here the controls are to be sprayed water whereas the treatment plants are to be sprayed Gibberellic Acid ( GA ). Here, in the two groups, each of the groups contains two pots...

  • Published: 02 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 38

Nutrition and Enjoyable Activity

Question: Discuss about the Nutrition and Enjoyable Activity. Answer: Introduction In health care sectors, teenage health issues are considered as a significant area of concern, as this age group, people belonging from 13-19 years of age, is the future of a nation, a broader society or a local community. Thus, the health issues of teenage are one of the major areas of research and development. Nowadays, several contemporary health issues are affecting the overall growth and development of teenagers. Thus, several legislations and regulations are de...

  • Published: 02 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 30

Creative Accounting Measurement and Behavior

Question: Discuss about the Creative Accounting Measurement and Behavior. Answer: Introduction: In the broad perspective, the “fair value of the asset is the amount for which the asset could be exchanged, or liability settled between knowledgeable, willing parties, in an arm’s length transaction”. Under the accounting standard, Pringle Limited needs to revalue their non-current assets while changing the method of the “straight line method” to “Sum of year’s digital method”. On the other hand, costs which are significantly related to...

  • Published: 02 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 30

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