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Management Accounting: Transfer Pricing Practice

Question: Discuss about the Management Accounting for Transfer Pricing Practice. Answer: Introduction  Transfer pricing is a tool set by the management for the purpose of calculating the price which is required to sale goods among its own divisions or branches in the same country or may be in another country. The important feature is that the decentralized firms to operate as responsible profit centres through Cost, Profit, Revenue, Investment motives. The idea of transfer pricing is to reduce the bad decisions and make the optimal decisi...

  • Published: 06 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 34

Strategic Information Systems: Financial Transactions

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Information Systems for Financial Transactions. Answer: Introduction Computers play an integral part in today's modern life by practically running almost everything. A computer runs programs that allow for smooth management of financial transactions. These programs significantly vary in scope; some of them are for more than just bookkeeping while others are designed to control the whole financial activities and operations of businesses.  Computers help companies to efficiently use their resources thus...

  • Published: 06 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 23

Leadership Skills of an Engineer

Question: Discuss about the Leadership Skills of an Engineer. Answer: Introduction Farr and Brazil (2009, p. 3) have listed the three major publications in the field of engineering education in the last 50 years: The Grinter Report, The Green Report and Educating the Engineer of 2020. Out of the three reports, the authors show that there is an emphasis on leadership skills in the Green report. In addition, in the Educating the Engineer of 2020 report by National Academy of Engineering [NAE] (cited in Farr & Brazil 2009), it is recommended ...

  • Published: 06 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 38

Impairment Loss: Cash Flow

Question: Discuss about the Impairment Loss for Cash Flow. Answer: Introduction Impairment loss refers to the reduction in the carrying value of a particular asset exceeding the cash flow expected in future which is undisclosed in nature. Here, it is important to note that the net carrying value is the acquisition cost of an asset less depreciation. In this context, Rennekamp et al. (2014) stated that impairment takes place when a company abandons or sells an asset as the concerned asset is no longer useful to the company. In other words, impairm...

  • Published: 06 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 36

Application of IoT in Healthcare and Manufacturing

Question: Discuss about the Application of IoT in Healthcare and Manufacturing. Answer: Introduction There is a small organization in Melbourne that has an interest in the application of IoT devices in the different fields. They are doing research on the IoT devices and analyzing the current market trend in which field the IoT devices are used mostly (Golovatchev et al., 2016). The evolution of the technology in Internet of things is the main aim of the organization. The organization focuses on the development of new IoT technologies that coul...

  • Published: 06 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 37

Accounting Information Systems : Business Intelligence

Question: Discuss about the Accounting Information Systems for Business Intelligence. Answer: 1:What is Business Intelligence (BI)? Business intelligence is used to analyse data, it is a technology driven approach for presenting illegal information and help the business managers, corporate executives and the end users to take the business related decision efficiently (Chen, Chiang & Storey, 2012). The business intelligence consists of a set of tools, methods and application programs that helps the business organization to analyse, run queries a...

  • Published: 06 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 30

Introduction to Management in Every Organization

Question: Discuss about the Introduction to Management in Every Organization. Answer: Introduction Every organization, either big or small has some policies or strategies that help them grow and develop in the competitive market. However, it is important that the organization should carry out constant evaluation of the business and its standings in the market. It would help the organization to understand the current position of the organization amongst the competition with its competitors. In addition to this, it is also important that the company ...

  • Published: 07 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 33

Accounting Financial Analysis Report for Ethical Concern

Question: Discuss about the Accounting Financial Analysis Report for Ethical Concern. Answer: Ethical Issue The main ethical concern is seen in not disclosing the information for drawing of funds from the capital account. In the given case, Craig has bought a new house from the shared capital account of both his and Michelle. It is not ethical to withdraw funds from the capital account without informing of the drawing activities to all the partners of the business. Moreover, Craig consider withdrawing funds from the salary he receives or from his s...

  • Published: 07 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 25

Mood Disorder in Mental Health

Question: Discuss about the Mood Disorder in Mental Health. Answer: Introduction According to Shea et al, (1992), depression is a serious mood disorder that affects the mental health. Adverse situations such as financial troubles, emotional heartbreaks including death of a person, loss of the loved one, and loss of any other belongings are some of the reasons because of which a person fall victim of depression. As discussed by Friedman et al, (2004), there can be no specific concrete reason for depression. Sudden changes in the day-to-day lifestyle...

  • Published: 07 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 34

Business Ownership Structure

Question: Discuss about the Business Ownership Structure. Answer: 1. Issue Hilary is a famous mountain climber and has derived the following income. $ 10,000 by providing the copyright of her story to the local newspaper with whom she had an agreement. $ 5,000 by providing the Mitchell Library with the manuscript of the story she has written about her life. $ 2,000 by providing the Mitchell Library with the expedition photographs that had been clicked during her previous expeditions. The central concern in wake of the above facts is to dete...

  • Published: 07 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 34

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