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Nursing Ethics and Issues

Question: Discuss about the Nursing Ethics and Issues. Answer: Introduction: The report is a reflection on the story of Beth Bowen. It depicts the trials and tribulations faced by a parent due to their child's death caused by medical negligence and violations of ethical principles of medical practice. The story is about five-year-old child, Beth Bowen, the daughter of Sara Dawson and Richard. The couple had three children, and all had spherocytosis. Spherocytosis is a disorder of the blood characterized by the production of RBCs which are sphere-sh...

  • Published: 09 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 107

Approaches to Professional Nursing

Question: Discuss about the Approaches to Professional Nursing. Answer: Introduction: In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, the nursing profession is becoming more aware concerning the need for evaluating and enhancing its practices. As the change is occurring continuously, it is necessary for a nurse to be able to analyze and respond to the new and different challenges in an active manner. “The quality of patient care is ensured through critical reflection”. In this essay, the importance and benefits of critical reflection for ...

  • Published: 09 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 100

Economics for Raising the Tax on Alcohol

Question: Discuss about the Economics for Raising the Tax on Alcohol. Answer: Raising the Tax on Alcohol Is the Most Effective Way to Reduce Alcohol Abuse in Society It is well-known that, in current, alcohol abuse has become a major subject of concern to all over the world. People are taking help of alcohol to reduce stress, tension, and depression that is related their job, family, and daily life. In recent years, the alcohol consumption has been reached at a peak level. Along with this, alcohol consumption has been lead to alcohol abuse & addic...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 96

Early Childhood Education for Teaching Process

Question: Discuss about the Early Childhood Education for Teaching Process. Answer: Lesson Plan Analysis Aim of the Lesson Plan 1: The aim of the Lesson 1 is to excavate the effective teaching process. With the help of effective Lesson Plan, the teaching process can be improved for the children. The paper is trying to depict the use of household things to provide education to the children. Material availability in the classroom is helping the teachers to guide children in effective way. Lesson Plan:1 Focus References (Author...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 97

Auditing and Professional Practice

Question: Discuss about the Auditing and Professional Practice. Answer: Introduction: As rightly put forward by Arens et al. (2012), the cash flow situation as well as arrangement of a particular firm indicates the genuine inflow with the cash outflow of from the corporation. The evaluation of the cash flow analysis can thereby help the management of the business concern to analyze the overall financial condition of the firm.  In addition to this, it also becomes imperative for the corporation to devise the operational as well as the financial str...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 113

Community Planning for Political and Academic Debates

Question: Discuss about the Community Planning for Political and Academic Debates. Answer: Concept of Neo-liberalism: The concept of ‘Neo-liberalism’ has become the locus of a myriad of political and academic debates over the past twenty years. As the term suggests, Neo-liberalism is a revived version of the concept of ‘liberalism’. As a political ideology, liberalism has been missing from all the political discussions only to resurface in its reincarnated form (Corbett and Walker 2013). The theory of liberalism has undergone a metamorphic ...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 83

Introduction to Management for Therapy Service

Question: Discuss about the Introduction to Management for Therapy Service. Answer: Introduction Vision and mission statement of any organization defines the reason for its existence. Stakeholders are the persons, who directly effects or are affected by the operation of organization. Two companies are chosen for this study. One is CSL, which is the Australian blood and serum Products Company (, 2016). Another company is Macquarie Group, which is the popular investment bank in Australia (, 2016). This study is highly focused o...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 89

Database Concepts and framework

Question: Discuss about the Database Concepts and framework. Answer: Entity Relationship Diagram Figure 1: Entity Relationship Diagram (Source: Created by author) Business Rule In a database framework, business guidelines are utilized to depict the characteristics property. Each database framework keeps up the business principle during the time of creating database. For this situation, the business guideline is overseen legitimately. The diagram for Entity relationship is planned by supporting the business database standard. Some supposition m...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 104

Human Activities and Associated Climate Change

Question: Discuss about the Human Activities and Associated Climate Change. Answer: Point a The human activities and associated climate change are one of the potential drivers for exacerbating health impact due to the toxin and air pollution. This mainly affects the vulnerable population include children, pregnant women, and elderly people with chronic health complications (Cooney, 2011). Additionally, the same factor is also responsible for causing disease migration especially in facilitating support for the development of newer pathogenic strains...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 94

Balancing Patient Rights and Employee Rights

Questions: 1. How do patient’s preferences and rights balance against employment non-discrimination policies and laws?   2. How did safety concerns for the employee’s balance against employment non-discrimination policies and laws?   3. Which US laws that you learned about if any, were violated and how?   4. Why in your opinion did Hurley settle both the lawsuit and the EEOC charges?   5. What if any OD interventions would you propose for Hurley and for what purpose?   6. If the “tattoo” had not been visible, would it have changed...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 95

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