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IMAT5103 Assessment Answers

This IMAT5103 assessment answers database systems and design by De Montfort University will particularly help the students analyse what the aspect of process designing consists of that is the overall architecture, components and interfaces for a system which meets the needs and wants of the end-users. The course will be Mentored & Guided by Industry experts having the first-hand experience with designing, developing and maintaining scalable systems.

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The IMAT5103 assessment solutions database systems and design will be taught with the help of real-world examples and hands-on lab sessions using AWS components. The course is arranged in a very systematic manner that will actually help in analysing and understanding the needs and wants of the future industry and will automatically help the students get a better market position in the job industry. Through this course students will have a clear understanding of the overall process of system design and how it can be implemented in workplace setting. It will help the students learn more efficiently and understand the concepts from the most basic to advanced level. It is very important to keep in mind that one should understanding the basics of this IMAT5103 assignment solutions database systems and design so that when these students would enter the real world of profession they will have all the required knowledge of how the organization functions, what actually goes in help the organization to retain its talent and how it can further build its talent as well as ensure proper funding for the business. The reason to build this course for both the undergraduate as well as in the post graduate level is that the intensity and the gravity of discussion would be different for these two levels. The aspect of system designs is actually very vital when it comes to organization’s overall success, hence for the undergraduate level the discussion will actually be entry level and very basic while for the master’s level the course structure will be more critical in nature.  Hence the aim of this course is to provide specific clarity to the students how business accounting is quite distinct in comparison to other types of formal and informal accounting and how its specificities are important to be taken into concern for its success

Unit Details:

Location:: United Kingdom

Study level: Graduation and Post Graduation Level

Unit Code: IMAT5103 database systems and design


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In academics, global business encompasses the study of international business. Students learn how to think about business in a global context, meaning that they learn about everything from different cultures to the management of multinational businesses and expansion into international territory. Therefore the IMAT5103 assignment answers database systems and design unit is designed in a very strategic manner that will ultimately help the business organizations as well as the business professionals understand these concepts vividly and with absolute clarity.  Students will get a clear concept of what global strategy for business constitutes of. A global strategy is one that a company takes when it wants to compete and expand in the global market. In other words, global strategy business pursue when they wish to expand internationally.

The IMAT5103 task solutions database systems and design unit is planned in a very systematic manner that will help the students meet the need of learning and developing different computer systems programs and business software. As the course in itself is quite challenging hence the units are designed keeping in mind the beginner level needs and wants. The tools that the students will learn in this course are system design tools which include: Context Diagrams, E-R Diagrams and Flow Chart. Context Diagrams is the first graphic that is produced using structured technique is the context diagram. E-R Diagram is a graphic illustration used to display object or events within a system and their relationships to one another.

Brief of Assessment:

The IMAT5103 task answers database systems and design is meant to help the students clearly understand the possibilities and challenges associated with the overall concept of corporate global business strategy. Pursuing this course the students can easily different between the challenges and opportunities that international and national business brings along. Along with this, this unit will also discuss about the necessity of how delivering an effective business presentation is also a very important part of ensuring a successful corporate accounting plan. Lastly the unit will also discuss about the concept of crisis communication and how important it is for the business organization to include a proper crisis communication plan in their business communication setting. For better understanding of this particular unit students will be assigned with different group projects along with period class room discussions. The students in this course unit will be marked upon their theoretical knowledge along with practical exposure and their understanding of the concepts.

The focus would be on developing a holistic assessment structure that will enable the students to completely understand the different concepts and aspects related to business communication and how it can be practically implemented in a real business setting. These guest lecture sessions are arranged for helping the students look beyond the realms of books and help them in proper understanding of the real business scenario. There is also a study guide provided in the course unit to help the students understand how they can improve their understanding of this course concept. This study guide will also help the students understand the chronology that needs to be maintained for the course so that the subject is understood in a better manner. The course material is presented in the most simplified manner so that students who are not from the human resource background can also easily opt for this graduation degree course without facing any major challenge.

Weightage Of The Course :

This is a full-time degree IMAT5103 database systems and design which will actually demand the students to secure more than 60% marks in order to enable them pass the semester and qualify for the next semester. The practical examination carries more than 30% weightage while the theoretical examination holds the rest 70% and for allowing the students to quality for the next semester it is actually important for them to at least secure the basic pass marks that confirm them for the eligibility criteria of the university. This is a full-time course proposed by the university which demands the students to regularly attend the lectures and secure the basic percentage of grades to get promoted to the next semester in each academic year.

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