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M001CRB Assessment Answers

The course M001CRB assignment solution is taught in Coventry University which is situated in United Kingdom. It mainly focuses on M001CRB Global Professional Development where the students are provided a strong base of management. Global professional development helps in building the skills and sharpening ideas to satisfy customers and apply proper research strategies which can be applied to consultancies.

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The M001CRB assignment answer brings forward a range of techniques and tools which can be used to sustain in the professional world. Studying the strategies of global professional development one can be assisted in building expertise and appropriate experience to perform at their optimum using the best available resources to drive an organization.  This area of expertise can contribute a lot in individual and team success if the methods and strategies are used correctly. This course is known to provide guidance as to which strategy will be fit for the organizational structure and problem. Several problem solving strategies are also involved which can help in increasing the rate of organizational development. According to the requirement of the industry and the students studying the course, few steps of assessment are decided. Every assessment comes with marking criteria which can help the student channelize his or her learning to focus on the topic that is required. The marking criterion comes with a list of requirement that is viewed by the faculty to see the impact of their teaching on the student. The learning methods are indeed important. However, the learning will have to be processed and implemented in the right way so that the students can go out in the real world and make use of the learning. The assessments are designed in a way to evaluate the student’s personal development as well the ideas which are required to help an organization grow.

Unit Detail

The M001CRB assessment answers was designed keeping in mind that by the time the students submit their dissertation, they should be gaining enough knowledge which they will be able to implement. The learning outcome of the course indicates that the students will be efficient enough to identify the needs of the clients which will help them to develop appropriate research strategies for consultancy intervention.

The M001CRB task solution contains a detailed study on the usage of several management expert tools and techniques which can help an individual to capture the market and grow his or her business. It has the ability to enhance the skills which can help the student to study the relationship between strategic management, leadership and various leadership styles. This can help the students to know the ethical and approaches based on value which can support the growth of an organization.


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The M001CRB task answers thus focuses on showing students the various leadership styles and principles which are followed by companies around the world and how do they impact the growth of the company or organization. These skills and strategically designed module is then assessed and evaluate to see how the students have interested it in their own ways to direct an organization. On graduating, they will be involved in the professional world where they will be needed to use these skills and leaning on a daily basis. A great base of management and organizational structure can help the students to identify any loophole or problems that are being faced by the company or organization.

Location: Coventry, United Kingdom

Study Level: Masters level

Unit Code :M001CRB

Brief Of The Assessment

The structure of this M001CRB Global Professional Development is extremely organized and it was designed keeping in mind that the students should be able to be engaged with the course contents at all times. To involve the students the course assessments are disintegrated in several units which can effectively reduce the pressure on the students as the portion that will be required to study consists of a small part of the content. By studying in small portions on a regular basis, it prepares the students to be ready for the final assessment which carries the maximum number of marks. As it is master’s level course, the students are expected to submit a dissertation at the end of the year which requires a detailed study of a case where the methods and strategies that are taught will be implemented.

The research skills will also be assessed in this process of completing the dissertation. Other than this the course consists of various small assessments which come with their marking criteria. The marking criteria help to maintain a checklist which observes the ability to analyze the strategic position of the company. It is noticed if the student is capable of identifying the recommendations to address the issue. An implementation strategy that is chosen by the student has to be explained to notice the effect of the learning that the students have managed to gather with the help of the course content. The last element in the criteria is the most important one which involves self refection to deeply understand the impact of the learning and how that is being implemented in the world outside for their benefit and for the visible desired impact on the company.

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Weightage Of The Module    

The M001CRB Global Professional Development has several assignments and tests which involve arguments, case studies and comparisons of strategies which are essential to understand the principles and theories of management. This course provides 10 credits which are awarded on successfully submitting all the required assessments and assignments. The master’s level course also requires submitting a dissertation paper to evaluate the creative management methods that are being used by the students.

The faculty is seen to have put in a lot of thought to understand the ways which can help the students absorb the theories and methods taught so that they can be put to practical use. The assessments are mainly to notice the level of understanding and strategies taken by the students which can allow them to enhance their learning and apply these in the real professional world. It is used to track their pace of development which can be individualistic or in a way that can have a positive impact on the company they will be working with in the future.

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