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MG410 Assessment answers

The main aim of this MG410 career viewpoint by Bucking hamshire New University is to present a report that can highlight the career development of students. This MG410 assignment solution  has been also set for producing a viewpoint which is related to enter the corporate world. it is known that business world is highly competitive. Therefore, students are required to have the necessary skills plus knowledge. Without them they will not be eligible for the job roles. Skills and knowledge are also necessary so that it becomes attractive to the employers to provide the chance to the new joiners. Skills and knowledge also highlight them to the employers. This unit requires both primary as well as secondary data which students have to gather from research. These data will be used for the extra and additional support plus knowledge.

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This MG410 Assessment Answers also requires an evaluation of the decisions which will be made by the students in order to complete this unit. Therefore, the job title is already future proof and this aspect of the unit is also going to be discussed in this unit.

This MG410 Assessment solution  describes that students have to first present an introduction of the topic which is career viewpoint. Students to present what they know about career viewpoint. Then they have to research about this topic on the internet medium. In addition to that, students also can use their lecture material, course materials and other resources as well in order to get a detailed understanding regarding the topic. After that, students will discuss about the what career viewpoint is and how it is related to the career of students. Then in the next section, they have to analyse the topic on the basis of its advantages and disadvantages. For this also, students can use all the resources that they can access. Students are encouraged to use only the authentic and reliable academic sources for their analysis.

In the next section, MG410 task solution students have to discuss about the methodology that they are going to use for this unit. As stated previously, both primary and secondary sources are eligible for this unit. Therefore, students have to discuss about both the primary and secondary sources of data. Then, students are required to present general trends which are affecting the selected industry or the selected profession. Therefore, for this section, students are required select an industry in which they are aiming to get a job later. Or they have to select a profession which they are intended to work later. After that, students have to research about the general trends which are influential for the selected profession and industry. For this research, they can choose any authentic and reliable source on internet. Or, they can use their study material, and other resources such as lecture notes or books.

In the next section, students are required describe the skills as well as knowledge along with the competencies which are required for getting a job in a preferred industry or company. In the next section, students are required to evaluate the analysis they have made on the previous sections. Based on the analysis, they have to evaluate the positive as well as negative sides of their accounts on the career development. Students have to state why they have chosen a certain profession or a certain industry for job. The reasons of their preference have to be well stated in this section. After that, they have to also state why they have not chosen the other professions or other industries so that their choice of selection can get a proper justification.


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In the next section, MG410 assignment help anwsers students are required to develop some recommendation and suggestion that they will learn from this account, based on which they will be able to prepare themselves for the future journey to a well - established career. In the last section, students are required to provide a conclusion which will include the recommendation. After that, students have to provide a list of bibliography which will include all the references they have used throughout their assignment. All the used references will be provided according to a specific style and format such as APA or Harvard or others.

Unit Detail:

Location: - The United Kingdom

Study level: - Graduation

Unit code: - MG410

Brief Of MG410 Assessment:

in this assignment, students will be assessed based on their ability to gain a detailed understanding regarding the concept of career viewpoint. Students will be assessed based on their depth of the knowledge regarding what are needed to get a proper job on the corporate world. students will be also assessed based on their ability to identify the skills and knowledge which are required to get the promotion on the job on the corporate industry. Therefore, it can be stated that based on the ability to identify the proper skills and knowledge, students will be assessed because these will help them to prosper in their career. In the career viewpoint, skills and knowledge are the main things and that is why, students are put pressure in this unit to identify and use proper and skills and knowledge.

Students will be also assessed based on the analytical ability regarding the trends on the corporate world which can affect their profession of the business. Students have to use both primary as well as secondary data. Therefore, students will be assessed based on their ability to conduct the primary and secondary research. Their understanding will also be assessed in this unit. They will be marked based on their ability to present the data in relation to the main account. After that students will be assessed based on their ability to evaluate the complete analytical account. Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be summarised that in this unit, students are not only required to gain the theoretical knowledge regarding the main topic which is career viewpoint bit also they have to acquire the practical skills in order to successfully complete this unit and the assessment.

Weightage of this MG410 Course Code in the Semester - medium

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