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MG4101- Operations Strategy Task Answers

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MG4101 Assessment Answers

MG4101- operations strategy by University Of Central Lancashire the main aim of this paper is to provide a conceptual framework as well as an analytical tool for optimizing the key decisions in order to formulate the key strategies of operations. The goal of this unit is to manage the operational processes. The candidates who will participate in this MG4101 assignment solution are those who work in seeking a better understanding of the connection between strategy and operation. It also includes the operational managers, a general manager (general managers are those who interface with the operations), a consultant, and an entrepreneur.

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The main focus of this MG4101 Assessment Answers is on the operational strategy which involves the development and configuration of the resources and processes which are used in designing, producing, distributing, and delivering the goods and the services. Operational strategy is different from the business strategy as well as the corporate strategy. In this, it is less regarding the industries where it has to be chosen a competitive position. But it is more about enabling the execution of the corporate or business strategy. This is how the best value proposition will be delivered.

It is obvious MG4101 Assessment solution operation strategy has to build on a good understanding of the management of day–to–day operations. That is why this course involves both qualitative analyses of the operational processes of a firm along with a quantitative assessment of the operational processes of a firm. Further, if it has to be stated more specifically, then this course consists of the following parts: a) introduction of the operational strategy. In this section, students have to demonstrate their understanding regarding the operational strategy along with what research states about the operational strategy of a firm.

While introducing the concept of the operational strategy of a firm, students are expected to deliver their understanding regarding the concept of the operational strategy. Along with the research and their own idea, they have to present the best understanding regarding their own concept of the operational strategy. Apart from that, in the introduction, students are required to state clearly the aim of the unit. That is why it has been stated clearly about what this unit is going to focus on and what are the objectives of this unit. Students have to mention the main objectives of the unit in the introduction so that it can be easier to understand what their report is going to discuss.

In the second section, students are required to state about the process management, strategy by covering process analysis along with the project management tools. Therefore, from this, it is known that students have to describe what process management is. Then students are required to discuss the process strategy. In order to do so, students are required to cover the process analysis. Apart from that students are required to cover the project management tools in this portion.


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Unit details: -

Location: - The United Kingdom

Study level: - MBA

Unit code: - MG4101

Brief of MG4101 Assessment

The MG4101 Task Solution of the assessment of this MG4101, students are required to perform resource planning plus strategy which includes making decisions on the size of the capacity, timing and types of the capacity such as specialized or flexible. This unit also includes locations such as offshoring and onshoring regarding the selected project. Therefore, from this description of the unit, it is known that students are required to choose an organization of their choice so that they can describe the business activities and analyze the process of service analyses. By choosing an organization, students can analyze the manufacturing process as well so that they can identify what is needed to be done.

In the MG4101 assessment answers, students are required to improve the processes which are involved in the operational strategies. They also need to analyze whether the chosen organization has been successful or not. if the organization has been successful then the students have to identify the reasons because of which, the organization has been successful. If not, then students have to discuss the reasons for which the organization has not been successful. Therefore, it can be stated that, students have to identify the success of the chosen organization along with the reasons, why the organizations have not been successful.

Along with that, students are required to support their discussion with relevant literature. For that, students are required to conduct effective research on the internet medium. There are many sources on the internet such as Wikipedia which are not authentic and relevant for academic purpose. Therefore, students are required to search on those portals which are authentic and reliable such as Google scholar which is reliable for academic research. From the reliable source, students will get the information that can support their account regarding the operational strategy.

In this MG4101 task Answers , students will get the chance to present an account regarding strategic outsourcing along with related issues which are connected to global supply chain as well as corporate social responsibility. Therefore, students are required to get the idea regarding the strategic outsourcing. They are also required to have a detailed understanding regarding the global supply chain. There are issues in global supply chain which students have to analyse first. After that they are required to gain a detailed understanding regarding corporate social responsibilities so that they can produce the analytical report based on the operational strategy.

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Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be summarised that this unit will be based on the cases which have been mentioned above and this unit requires detailed discussion regarding the cases such as operational strategy, global supply chain, corporate business strategy, process management and many more. This MG4101 also requires supplementary lectures for referencing their discussion. This unit also can include illustrations when required for consulting the discussion along with research projects from the instructors so that they can develop a better understanding regarding the topic of the unit. It also needs to mention that both performance skills and knowledge are necessary for this unit.

Weightage of this MG4101- operations strategy in the Semester - medium

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