MKTG611 Marketing Management Assignment Answers

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MKTG611 Assignment Answers

The MKTG611 assignment answers coursework help in addressing the implementation and designing the best combination of marketing efforts for carrying out the strategy of the firm in the target markets. This course aims to develop in students the ability to apply marketing tools and analytic concepts to decisions such as branding, segmentation, targeting, promotion, pricing, and distribution. Lectures, case write-ups, comprehensive final exams, case discussions, and student presentations are used throughout the course to achieve its objectives. The two main objectives of this course include helping the students to understand how the organization benefits by delivering and creating values that are superior to the customer as well as other stakeholders. It further helps students to develop analytical skills, learn a framework and apply decision tools that will discipline the approach to marketing activities. The student who has completed this course will be able to make sound decisions about segmentation, positioning, and targeting. Focus on methods of assessing market potential, focusing on the appropriate resources in comparison to competitors, and understanding customer service. It further helps in positioning and re-positioning the brand and in leveraging and measuring brand equity.

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The student will be able to set prices that will reflect and capitalize on the values of the customer and capture the appropriate firm values. The student will be able to conceptualize a distribution channel and optimize the ways in which the retailers, distributors, as well as other intermediaries, deliver services, information, and information to customers. The students will be able to create effective content, promote planning, integrated marketing, and assess the attribution for customer behavior changes. Throughout the course, the students will be encouraged to defend and make marketing decisions in a stylized real-world problem situation through incomplete information.

Furthermore, the MKTG611 assessment solution course will encourage the students to improve their communication skills and group problem-solving skills through assignments and discussions. Furthermore, the course will make cross-functional connections among marketing as well as other business areas. The skills the student will acquire through the course will be helpful irrespective of the geography and industry in which they have decided to pursue their career. This course is associated with the Wharton University of Pennsylvania.

Important Unit Details

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Study level: Postgraduate

Unit code: MKTG611

University: University Of Pennsylvania

Brief Of Evaluation

The homepage of the course is on Canvas, and this canvas page will be used for communication and for distributing documents like the practice problem, assignment instructions, lecture slides, assignment instructions, etc. The readings that are required include the 5 cases and the marketing primer that is available on the canvas page. Lucas Paul is the teaching assistant (TA) for this course, and he will review the case thesis topics and lectures and help with the grading. The MKTG611 assessment answers have four components, which include class attendance and participation, four short case assignments, an American Well DTC group assignment, and a final examination.


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Class participation and attendance (15%)

In lectures and case discussions, constructive participation builds on the discussion flow, and a good participant is a good listener. Good comments will depend on analysis instead of opinion. For discussions of the case, be prepared to discuss the MKTG611 assignment solution and reactions to other case issues. For lecture sessions, the student can use the Marketing Primer as a guide for the basic issues that will be discussed. The student must feel free to address the gaps and offer insights in class as appropriate. Attendance is required for every class session. However, if the student is unable to attend the classes, they can email the tutor in advance of the relevant session. Two or more unexcused absences will be marked with a zero for attendance and class participation.

Four short case assignments (15% total)

Individual short case assignments will be done and must be completed to be prepared for in-class case discussions. These need to be uploaded by 9:00 am PT on Canvas on the day of the case discussion. Students might discuss the assignment with others, but the student should be sure that the assignment help is to be submitted individually, reflecting their thoughts. It will have a similar format to the final exam, so the student can use each assignment as exam preparation. Further instruction will be made available on the canvas.

Group Assignment for American Well DTC (20%)

The assignment will be completed as a team, and every team will submit one assignment and be assigned the same grade. It must be uploaded on Canvas by 9:00 am PT and further instructions will be made available on Canvas.

Final Examination (50%)

It will be an in-class exam, and the student will be allowed to use a "cheat sheet." Details will be discussed in class, and the grades will be posted online. In the case of re-evaluating the score, the student needs to contact the educator by email one week after the exam results have been posted.

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Policy On Using Outside Sources Of Information

Students are requested not to use outside information while preparing to write my assignments unless they are being instructed to. Outside information sources include the mass media, the Internet, the library, and people who are outside of the student’s learning team. The case documents are designed to be self-contained for exercise purposes. The students are not intended to feel burdensome with additional background research. However, such background research is "not allowed" in the assignment reports. And the students are required to work with the case facts only. Overall, the course will help in addressing the implementation and designing the best combination of marketing efforts for carrying out the strategy of the firm in the target markets.

What Is The Weightage Of MKTG611 Course Code In Their Semester?

The components of the final course grade and their weightings are 4 short case assignments being done individually, which will consist of 15% of the marks. The class participation and attendance will be 15%, followed by 15%. The first is the DTC group assignment consisting of 20%, and the last is the final examination that will have 50% of the assignment. Thus, the weightage of the course is high.

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