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MOD003319 Business Finance Assignment

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MOD003319 Assessment Answers

The MOD003319 assignment answer  belongs to Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom. The subject of business finance refers to the funding system which is availed by various business owners for meeting their needs and the funding comprises of top up funds for operating business operations, obtaining business funds for buying or purchasing the capital assets for the business and also dealing with a sudden cash crunch which can be faced by the business organisation. The subject helps in understanding the student about the process of business finance and the various types of financial resources which will be helpful in improving the business.  The subject will help in understanding various forms of business finance which includes bank loans, government loans, the type of financing that is present in the country, the private company loans which are available for the companies or the start-up, the loan repayment basis and lastly the implementation of proper strategy for successful running of the business.

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The MOD003319 assignment solution will help the student in understanding the definition and the process of business finance which means the credit and funds which needs to be employed in the business as it is the foundation of any business.  The student will be able to understand the finance requirements and the area of use which includes purchase of assets, raw materials, goods and many other flows of economic activities which will help in advancing the business in various areas. The student of MOD003319 assessment answers will also understand that business finance includes those activities that are more concerned with the acquisition and conversation of the capital funds which is required for meeting the financial needs and improving the overall objective of a business enterprise.  The subject will also help the student in identifying the various kinds of products along with the circulation and generation of the products for services in order to fulfill the needs of the society. The subject will help the student in understanding the fact that the capital contributed by any businessman for establishing the business must be adequately meeting the financial need of the business and in case of short funding proper generation of funding needs to be met in order to fulfill the need which is essential for reaching a specific goal and maintaining the business in a proper way which will help in long term sustainability within the society and improving the product quality. The student will also understand the importance of the fundamental necessity of the business which needs to be brought or analysed with the help of finance capital.

The MOD003319 assessment solution will help the student in understanding the necessities of the business which can be further classified into a fixed capital requirement, a working capital requirement, diversification and technology upgrading. The fixed capital requirement is essential during the beginning or starting point of any business where money is required for buying fixed assets such as plant, building, missionary and other necessities which will help in starting up a successful business. The student will also understand the importance of working capital requirement as a business needs funds for its day-to-day activity and this type of capital is required for purchasing any kind of raw materials along with fulfilling the taxes or rents or the paid wages which will be required for successful running of the business.

The MOD003319 task solution will also help the student in understanding the importance of proper funding for upgrading the technology as it will help in increasing the productivity within the short period of time by maintaining its quality.  the subject will also help the student in understanding the importance of Business Finance in any business as it will act as the most effective tool for bridging the gap between the cell and the production and the student will be able to understand that Business Finance is required for meeting certain in contingencies or any kind of unexpected problems which may arise from the business. The student will also understand the importance of Finance in promotion of sales and also to increase the opportunities which will help in long term sustainability of the business. The subject will also help the student in understanding the importance of financial planning as it is the first function of any management which will help in determining the company and the ventures and the plan which is required for improving their productivity or to establish a proper product which will help in growing eventually.


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The student of MOD003319 task answers will also understand the importance of financial planning with the help of the subject which helps in ensuring the availability of the funds especially in the major area and implementing long term goals for the company, it also helps in estimating the time and source which can be a changing factor for any business venture as delivering fund at right time and at right place is crucial for business development and which can be achieved through proper financial planning. The objective will also help in addressing the generation of capital structure and avoiding any kind of unnecessary fund as shortage of funds can also be addressed through proper planning by reducing the cost in other areas.

Unit Details

Location- United Kingdom

Study level- Undergraduate

Unit code- MOD003319

Brief Of The MOD003319 Assessment

The MOD003319 assessment is divided into reports and case analysis where the students are provided with proper assignment related to cash flow and profit and how differently both the processes need to be implemented in successful business funding and improving the business capacity. The assessment also focuses upon proper capital flow and its related areas of inventory and payable amount by understanding the importance of proper working capital which affects the cash flow in the business. The assignment will focus upon  application of the concept in the company and showing how the financial result will be managed which will be illustrated by hypothetical numbers and the answers will help the student in understanding the proper management of business finance for improving the stability of the business and lastly the assignment is also focused on for undertaking various steps which will help in a successful implementation of business funding in various areas through better working capital management.

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Weightage Of The MOD003319

The total credit point for this course is 210 points and an overall 70% of the course grade is essential for successfully completing the same.

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