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MOD003507 Principles & Practices Of Marketing

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MOD003507 Assignment Solutions

This  MOD003507 assignment answers by Anglia Ruskin University London as principles and practices of marketing, students would be able to attract or target number of customers to the organizational facilities and products and this could be also determined as one of the major component of the organizational growth. Hence, after successful completion of this course module on MOD003507 assignment solutions: principles and practices of marketing, the students would be able to learn the different concepts and ideas involved in marketing and help them explore and enhance their way of thinking towards the development of the organization and themselves in the long run and at a professional level. The prime objective of MOD003507: principles and practices of marketing is to deliver and describe the use marketing abilities and knowledge that are implemented in reaching the desired objectives and aims of the organization. There are several models and theories associated with marketing that could allow and assist the organization in analyzing and implementing the required strategies and stay ahead from competitors while operating in the business environment.

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Brief Of MOD003507 Assessment

This course unit on MOD003507 assessment answers: principles and practices of marketing, students will be able to explain how organziations and marketplaces identifies and addresses the wants and needs of the customers by developing or creating opportunities for the exchanging of services, products and experiences. They will also be able to explain the differences between marketing, advertising, branding and sales and recognize or identify the daily marketing activities and actions. Students will also be able to identify and define the entire concept of customer lifetime value and explain why customer relationship building is central purpose or objective of marketing as a whole. In addition to this, students will also be able to describe how the understanding of marketing could make individuals more informed as both participants and customers in the society or the surrounding derive from different marketing activities and actions.

Therefore, it is imperative for students to go through this course module on MOD003507 assessment solution: principles and practices of marketing as it would also allow them to define marketing in a better way, Describe how different types of organizations, such as nonprofits, consumer product (B2C) firms and business-to-business (B2B) organizations, use marketing, Describe the marketing mix Explain how organizations use the marketing mix (often called the four Ps) to market to their target customers. Explain the role of a marketing plan as a guiding document for marketing activities. Therefore, students could effectively use these techniques and skills or knowledge in their professional lives and can deliver better solution to the organization.

Unit details

Location: Anglia Ruskin University London

Study level: Undergraduate

Unit code: MOD003507


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However, the prime objective of the MOD003507 task answers is to provide students with a broad introduction to marketing concepts, help them in understanding the elements and the factors that influence marketing decisions, and focus attention on the vital role of marketing in today’s global economy. The specific objectives for student learning under this broad goal are:

1. to comprehend how companies identify customers and their wants or needs.

2. To understand marketing decisions, based upon the combination of product, price, promotion, and distribution elements. In this course, students would study consumer and industrial markets and understand the value of the marketing mix in the marketing planning process.

3. To comprehend marketing is carried out by an organization to address the needs of domestic and international buyers, both households and businesses, within the bounds of ethics and the legal environment.

4. To apply key frameworks and methods, and establish analytical skills to solve marketing problems.

5. To offer you students with a firm foundation in marketing theory and marketing lexicon.

6. Another course objective is to relate the influence of marketing and its integration with their own major or field of interest.

In simple words, upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Use a vocabulary of marketing terms correctly.

2. Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate a marketing program from consumer and marketing practitioner viewpoints, including consideration of ethical implications.

3. Communicate clearly, within an organized fashion, the concepts of marketing in both oral and written work.

4. Demonstrate a better understanding of how marketing fits with the other business disciplines within an organization.

Hence, it is expected from the students pursuing this occur module on MOD003507 task Solutions: principles and practices of marketing that they read the textbook section first and accordingly prepare summary of key concepts.  This would enable the stud nets in reviewing the materials in a better manner. Students will also be encouraged to prepare slides, presentations, and will participate in various interactive exercises that would help them in understanding and applying concepts more successfully and easily. These activities and actions would also increasing the overall communication skills of the students and make them better versions of themselves in the long run.

 Therefore, it is imperative for the students to clear their doubts then and there in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and miscomprehension regarding any subject or topic during the learning process. students would also be awarded with bonus awards after successful completion of their course module on MOD003507: principles and practices of marketing that in turn would encourage them in performing better and more professionally during the entire course on MOD003507 assignment help : principles and practices of marketing. As a whole students will be able to identify the business situation and accordingly deliver corrective solutions.

Weightage Of The MOD003507 Assessment

Weightage: this course unit on MOD003507 principles and practices of marketing is entirely based on discoing the practice and principle of marketing to the students in depth. It is a course unit that helps students understand that one part exchange products or services from other party that helps in developing association or links with them. it is imperative for an organization to identify and understand this process as it helps in developing and forming a better relationship with buyers and also enable them to fulfill; their needs and requirements in a better way.

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