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TLH302 Assessment Answer

The course code of TLH302 Assessment Answers Strategic Planning for Tourism and Leisure is associated with the University of Sunderland and Management Development Institute of Singapore. It primarily focuses on developing a strategic management plan that is necessary to construct and promote sustainable tourism and leisure and long-term success around the various tourist destinations across the world. The course aims to promote the benefits and advantages of strategic management and planning within the hospitality and tourism industry if implemented.

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The significance of the TLH302 Assessment Solutions grows with the development of tourism as a high contributing sector to the economy of every nation across the world. To ensure that the industry continues to grow in the future at an exponential rate and keeps contributing excessively to the world’s GDP, it needs to ensure that their candidates are fully equipped with the right kind of competencies and skills to develop the industry further. The course in this regard helps to develop skills and competencies. It helps to further the knowledge of new candidates about the various events and activities in this field around the world. Strategic planning in tourism and leisure is also considered an important topic as it helps to improve the tourism and hospitality industry of nations through innovation, creativity and application of advanced technologies.

Tourism and leisure planning is also essential as it helps to satisfy the stakeholders within the industry, ensuring more growth and demand. Candidates who achieve certificates in this course are able to work as tourism workers, business entrepreneurs, and government bodyworkers associated with the hospitality industry in their country. Tourism planning and development course are comprised of several elements which include, but are not limited to; creating and managing public-private partnerships; ensuring sustainable and responsive tourism development; evaluating all the competitors so as to gain competitive advantage; viewing the tourism sector as a demand-driven and interconnected system; clustering of tourism; assessing international cooperation as well as the investment made by the private sector, and the involvement of the government.

The advantage of receiving a degree in Strategic Management Planning for Tourism and Leisure from the University of Sunderland is that the university is connected with more than ten countries and has nearly 18 educational partners that place their students in the middle of everything and helps to provide opportunities that are life-changing for a vibrant and diverse learning community.


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Unit Details

Location: The course is offered at the Management Development Institute of Singapore, an educational partner of the University of Sunderland. It is located in Singapore.

Study level: The study level is designed for undergraduate students to develop their tourism planning skills further.

Unit Code: The unit code is TLH302.

Brief Of Assessment

The university follows a set of rigorous assessment methods that are designed with innovative questioning features that not only test the extrinsic and intrinsic knowledge of students and are also efficient in developing the critical as well as creative thinking of students within this particular course of tourism. The various methods of assessment within this course subject include written assignments in the form of reports and essays so as to develop students’ report writing and communication skills. Written assignments are given to students after the completion of specific units or modules so that their knowledge can be tested as well as further improvements can be made. It is also beneficial for testing the research skills of the students as writing many of the assignments might require research of past, current and future trends so as to form effective strategies and plans.

Other methods of TLH302 assignment solutions include field study visits, fieldwork as well as practical exercises based on the information collected from the field study visits. This assessment method allows the student to gather information and data from the external world from actual world events and activities related to tourism and hospitality. The practical exercises improve their knowledge about how to appropriately apply the theories learnt in class and use them to resolve real-world problems and issues. Practical exercises and fieldwork also helps to increase the skills and competencies of learners such as communication and listening skills, theoretical application, research skills, questioning skills, problem analysis, problem solving, critical thinking skills, innovative and creative thinking, group or collective working and so on.

Students are also requested to attend and complete several seminar presentations, which are prepared through the help of software such as PowerPoint. Seminar presentations may include trends, strategic suggestions and plans, the context of problem solving, and so on, which are designed to improve and develop the presentation skills of the learners as well as their ability to present their visual presentations with correct facts and information. Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible while making the presentation. Seminar presentations may be individual or group, depending upon the total weightage of the assessment. Finally, the last assessment method is a significant project that students are required to complete mostly in groups. The major project will include a critical scenario that needs to be solved by the students by developing effective strategies against it.

It might also be beneficial to note in this regard that the TLH302 Task Answers experts of our company are trained and equipped with the latest information and knowledge about the content of the course. They have successfully helped a significant number of students who faced difficulties in completing their courses. The experts can guide, tutor, support and assist students in all areas of the course and not just in the assessments. They have also been successful in helping students overcome any difficulties in their projects as well as guiding them through complicated areas. The experts are explicitly trained so that they are familiar with the different requirements of the other courses under Tourism and Hospitality so that they are able to direct students properly.

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The Weightage of the TLH302 Course Code in their Semester is 50 percent. 

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