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UGB009 Business Management Assignment

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UGB009 Assignment Solutions

The unit on UGB009 Assignment Answer business management of University Of Sunderland, students will also be to identify and understand accounting for business, foundations or basic of business management, intercultural; competences in business and law for business managers. Students will also be able to develop an understanding of basic principles of marketing and identify the techniques of sustainable business management as a whole.

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Students undertaking this course on UGB009  Assessment answer business management would be assessed using variety of forms including essays, reports, and portfolios, individual as well as group presentations that would be individually assessed by the course modulator or coordinator. Students will also have to undertake variety of research proposals and exams for the successful completion of this course unit on UGB009: business management. Majority of the assessments tend to be concentrated on employability this tend to be based on real case studies, project work and other employability-focused activities as well. In addition to this, most units of UGB009: business management also include elements of individual as well as group work in order to reflect the type of work undertaken in business and management.

Unit Details

Location: University Of Sunderland

Study level: Under graduate or Bachelors.

Unit code: UGB009

Brief Of UGB009 Assessment

This UGB009 assignment solution tasks also concentrates on tasks that establishes vocational skills. Underpinned by subject knowledge, needing higher levels of cognition in the after years of the course as a whole. Assessment becomes more nuanced and more demanding in Levels five & six with the expectation that students will be increasingly able to create their own subject specific knowledge. On completing this course on UGB009: business management, students will be well placed to develop their respective careers into the following areas that include human resources, e business, operations, project management, general management and starting a business as well. this course unit on UGB009: business management would also help the students in helping them develop their understanding for the post graduate study and attain other courses in business administration, business and management, human resource management, project management and other research degrees as a whole.


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If any student wants to change the future of business and make a global impact in the society, then this course unit on UGB009 Assessment solution business management would help them in transforming their thinking, develop the entire enterprise and leadership skills and make them able to learn how to adopt and respond to the changes existing in the business environment. Whether any student wants to strike out in business on their own, or work with international companies, start ups or not for profit organisations, this course gives the students the ability as well as expertise to accelerate their career in the long run. Students also gain the digital and entrepreneurial skills required for succeeding in any contemporary business, establishing more innovative and creative solutions to real world complexities. Working with live clients including organizations such as Google, Adobe, PD Ports and Hayes Recruitment, will help students in exploring how all functions of a business integrate, developing their respective academic along with practical know how to a better extent.

This course module on UGB009 task answer business management will encourage and inspire students to think about entering the workplace once they have completed their studies. The module is delivered as an interactive learning experience which will enable students to develop an enterprising mind-set and help to identify some of the skills and attributes you already possess. The module content on UGB009: business management will inspire and encourage the students to begin to think about his or her personal career aspirations, whilst addressing potential gaps linked to their knowledge, skills and experience. Students will be inspired or encouraged to think in an enterprising fashion; learn new approaches to adapt and enhance your individual style. Students will have the opportunity to work independently and as a member of a group by participating in personal challenges and group projects, and will learn to understand the importance of networking. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to hear from and to question experienced external practitioners.

In a world of relentless and fast paced change the most important question for any company is ‘are we agile?’ In other words students will be able to deal with new situations and changes quickly and successfully. For many the answer is no. In this module students will learn how to get to yes through the greatest resource available: people. Students will also develop knowledge and understanding of why much of management is no longer fit for purpose (management 1.0), and how a new alternative is emerging (management 2.0) is an alternative fit for the 21st century. Students develop an understanding of the main issues affecting international business in the global economy and explore topics including globalization, trade, economic growth and development. Students focus specifically on examining these topics across different cultures. As the module progresses you become able to differentiate cultural variations and the impact of cultural difference on individuals and key organisations. Students also have the opportunity to study a culture of their choice in depth. This course module on UGB009 business management aims to convey an understanding of the diversity of available technologies and approaches to exploiting new business opportunities through the use of advanced contemporary technologies and help students with e-marketing.        

Weightage Of The UGB009  In The Semester

Weightage: this course unit on UGB009 assignment help business management will help in developing the knowledge in people, financial. Marketing and operations management. This course unit is also helpful in enhancing and developing the own management skills of the students with a better emphasis on work based learning as students are allowed to apply theory to practice. It also covers entrepreneurship and setting up a new business, ideal if the ambition of the student is to set up on their own. The university also supports every step of the way that students take and offers a merit scholarship for over three academic years, which is awarded to the students who are capable of demonstrating high-level of academic achievement through scoring 112 UCAS tariff points or more.

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