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Health psychology is a branch of psychology focuses on the cognitive, behavioural, emotional, psychological and social factors that affect and involve a scientific inquiry in the analysis, course, prevention and effect of physical health, illness of person. The core concepts of health psychology include brain, homeostasis, health, coping stress, psychneuroimmunolgy, social support, personality, disease and self healing.

The applications to health psychology involve adjustment to chronic disease, physician-patient communication; uncertainty, variability and resource allocation to health care; expressive writing and emotional upheavals; aging and health. These are the few topics discussed in much detail in the assignments provided.

It all seems a bit complicated to understand and there are certain topics which create a bit of problem for students of health psychology, for instance topics like biopsychosocial interactions, human psychoneuroimmunology, the placebo effect, or the placebo response, successful ageing, genetic testing and survey on coping instruments, psychosomatic and physical disorders and case studies involved in health psychology.

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