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Harvard Referencing Generator: Cite Away to Glory

A lot of us had skipped the “Introduction to Citing Your Sources” lecture at the beginning of the term. What most didn’t realise back then was that it could cause a real foot-in-mouth situation when the time came. With too many papers to cite for and the list of pending bibliographies piling up, many are left wishing they had attended that class, after all. Luckily for them, has a quick solution – the free Harvard referencing generator.

Here is why you need our Harvard reference generator tool to stay ahead in the game this term.

  • Receive an auto-generated and entirely error-free list of references every time.
  • It is designed by renowned PhD scholars with a world of knowledge.
  • Formatting, structuring, and other academic conventions are on-point.
  • It is a time, effort, and energy-saving option to cite all external sources in your paper.
  • Create citations and list of references for all kinds of papers – from essays to theses.

Finally, it is absolutely free of charge (which saves you loads).

All you need to do is log on to to use the free Harvard referencing generator. Getting a list of references from our Harvard reference too is a great idea. You receive flawless lists of references, your professors are impressed, and you get extra credits points for a well-crafted bibliography. So, it is a win-win for all. You better hurry to make the most of our Harvard citation generator today.

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Harvard Referencing Style Trivia: Facts and Figures

Did you know that the Harvard referencing style originated from an age-old cataloguing system in the Harvard University library? Edward Laurens Mark, officially recognised for bringing about the Harvard style of referencing and citations, is said to have gotten ‘inspiration’ for the style from the university library itself.

Here are a few more fun facts about the Harvard style of referencing.

  • Harvard referencing style is also called the ‘parentheses style’ of referencing for its use of parentheses ‘()’ to mention information regarding sources.
  • In-text citations in Harvard style of referencing only require the author’s name and year of publication.
  • In case of more than one author, the Harvard referencing style requires you to mention the names of all the authors in alphabetical order, separated by commas and conjunction.
  • Harvard referencing style is quite lax when it comes to corporate authors (you can only mention the name of the organisation for reports, i.e., Department of Revenue, etc.)
  • This style of referencing also allows for abbreviations in text for names that have once been mentioned in their full forms.
  • Harvard referencing style also takes into account only the first place mentioned for an external source with multiple publication venues.

While these may be fun to read, citing sources in Harvard style of referencing surely takes the fun out of assignments altogether. Our free Harvard style referencing generator can be your go-to guide in times like those. Keep stress over referencing at bay with our Harvard bibliography generator. Create error-free reference lists and citations at the blink of an eye.

Easier Academic Life with Harvard Reference Generator

So you are done with your paper. As the submission deadline approaches, the only thing left to do is cite your sources and create an extensive list of references. We know it can get pretty tedious in times like these, especially right after you complete writing an entire paper.

We got talking to students all across the globe. Here are a few of the problems they encountered when trying to cite papers in the Harvard style of referencing.

  • In-text citations and lists of references follow two different formats, and are often confusing.
  • Not everyone is adept at remembering the correct order of information for books, journals, articles, websites, and more.
  • Creating a list of references carefully takes up a lot of time and effort on the students’ part.
  • Apart from being time-consuming, students find the process elaborate and tedious as well.
  • Sometimes, students fall behind on the rest of their coursework due to the lengthy process of creating a list of references.
  • Losing out on scores due to minute errors in in-text citations and bibliography has also been a constant issue among students.

Tackling these problems will be a cakewalk when you have our free Harvard reference generator by your side. Get a complete list of harvard references done to perfection before you can say, "Harvard." Sort out referencing woes today.

Simple Guide to Our Free Harvard Referencing Generator

You will get a taste of our huge popularity the moment you look into the #Harvardgenerator tag online. It is THE best Harvard style of referencing generator in the UK that students swear by, and you will too.

The hassle-free interface of our Harvard referencing generator tool allows you to get things done in a much faster and more efficient way. Here’s how it works.

  • Upload the external sources that you need to cite for your papers or essays.
  • Select the referencing style of your choice (in this case, Harvard referencing style).
  • Receive citations and reference list items in the Harvard referencing format in a jiffy.

You can then copy and paste the citations directly on to your paper or essay. Try your hand at free Harvard reference generator today to get ahead on all academic tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions about "Harvard Referencing"

Q. Can you write my dissertation in Harvard reference?

Answer: The experts from are thorough with the guidelines of all referencing styles. You can seek their help whenever you are facing a hard time with referencing. Along with Harvard referencing, the highly skilled writers adhere to the APA, MLA, Chicago, Oxford, Vancouver, etc. referencing styles.

Q. What is Harvard style referencing?

Answer: Harvard is a popular referencing style commonly used by university students. It has two types of referencing: in-text citations found within the main body of the work and reference found at the end of the work with a list of the sources mentioned within the work. 

Q. What is in-text referencing example in Harvard?

Answer: The in-text referencing will be placed next to the text that you have paraphrased or quoted.  As per the Harvard style, your in-text referencing will include the author’s surname and date of publication within brackets.

Example: (Sparks 2002)

Q. What person should a dissertation be written in Harvard style?

Answer: Although many prefer to use the first person in dissertations, there is still debate going on that.  Consider using the singular and plural appropriately when you are writing your dissertation in the first person. For dissertation with one author, avoid using “editorial we” in place of “I”.

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