April 25, 2017

10 Last Minute Revision Tips to Get Prepared for Upcoming Exams

So, exams are here! Are you losing sleep over your revision process? One does not need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that you are in neck-deep trouble. Exams are about to get started, and you are burning the midnight oil to get accustomed with the rigorous revision session. In the morning, you are waking up looking like a tired owl. If you can relate to the situation that means you are proceeding with an unplanned review session. On the other hand, some of you might even be thinking that you are done with your study, and revision will not take much time so you are chilling out. You are living under an illusion then; it is time to get back to reality.

Last minute revision and study tips for exam success

It is probably few weeks to go until your exams. It is high time you start your revision. When so little time is left to complete your lessons, you need to take up certain tricks that will make your review session a lot smoother. The trick is to create a plan that will allow you to complete a thorough review before your exams starts.

When you revise your lessons without a proper plan, your days become longer, and your brain becomes bored of going through the same thing repeatedly. Eventually, you start procrastinating, and it is the worst habit that you can pick up. When the 11th hour approaches, you start panicking and complete your revision with haste. Things become all the more chaotic. You lose your confidence and again end up in a messed up situation like it was few days before the exam. To avoid such predicament, you need to start with proper planning.

So let’s get started with the tricks of battling your exam time anxiety.

  1. Start with reviewing your syllabus

Start with considering what is in your syllabus. Don’t start planning your review session without a clear idea of what examiners want to see from you and what do they want to assess through this examination? If you are confident about what your teachers want to see from you then you are half-way there. Make sure that you take the exam with a clear view of what examiners want to assess through that exam. Your preparation for the exam is not complete without getting a clear idea of which portions to emphasis on. You can refer to objectives of each module specified on your college or university’s websites.

  1. Organisation is the key

While doing revision, it is important that you proceed with an organised plan. While making strategies, you need to focus on covering all the key points. You also need a plan to fill the gaps in your preparation. While preparing for the exam, you might have left gaps in your studying. You need to start working on those weaknesses. While organising your revision plan, do not plan in your head. Make some notes on paper. Prepare a review timetable and a checklist. Try to stick to that schedule religiously. Earmark a particular time of the day as your revision time. Make a proper routine of what subject to revise and when.

  1. It’s time to ditch procrastination

Even if many students start with properly planning of revision process, they fail to stick to it because of their bad habit of stocking up things for the last minute. Therefore, you need to ditch procrastination to complete your revision process smoothly. Procrastination makes you less productive, and you end up thinking that you still have time to complete an unfinished work. So, when you think that you are quite ready to take up the exam and need a little brushing up, start with the revision process without wasting time.

  1. Start early

Get going from the moment you are done with the lesson. Until you cram it up, you are not fully prepared for the exam. So, starting the review course early is always beneficial. When you know that you still have time to complete the thorough revision, you get a mental boost, and you do not end up stressed. Starting early will allow you time to relax. So to avoid having a rush at the last time, start early.

  1. Get rid of distraction

You know it better what you are obsessed with. It can be social media site, playing video games, or it can also be too much of television. Therefore, when exam time is here, you need to get rid of all your distraction. It is about your willingness and self-control that you need to avoid getting distracted. So pack up all your interruption and send them to Narnia, only to let them find their way back later on, after your exam. The fewer distractions you have, the more productive you become.

  1. Recapitulation is important

It’s important to recapitulate every lesson that you have already learnt. Recapitulation is important to increase your memory. When you read and learn something, that information creates a series of memories in the brain. However, making that information easily available at the time of need requires practice. Recapitulating a lesson will increase your memory. It will also help you with conceptualisation. Without a proper recapitulation session, you will never be able to score good in exam.

  1. Get a sheet handy

While moving on with your revision session, simultaneously you need to work on a cheat sheet. Write bit size information on that sheet. On the cheat sheet, you can use diagrams, table to remember information, which you are struggling to remember. Writing the cheat sheet itself will help you with revising few things minutes before the exam starts.

  1. Prioritise weak subjects

Revision session is extensive, so while making a plan, you need to give extra time to polish your weak subjects. Keep aside extra time to revise those delicate subjects. Allotting more time for weak subjects can be hard for you as we all have a tendency of concentrating on things with which we are comfortable working on or something which is already known to us. However when you are dealing with multiple subjects, neglecting one of them can have a disproportionate effect on your total score.

  1. Taking break is also important

Do not set aside big chunks of time to get the work done and end up being tired, frustrated and whining about too much of work pressure. When you are preparing a lesson for too long, you end up feeling drained. It is a prominent sign that your brain is tired and you are not taking enough breaks in between. According to science daily website, a study conducted on taking a break and its effect on increasing attention span suggests that people, who allow small diversion once an hour, perform much better than those who work continuously and keep going without taking a break. So increase your productivity, allow yourself little interruption. This will boost up your attention span.

  1. Your phone can help you remembering things

Things that have become impossible for you to remember, you can click pictures of those and set them on your phone’s lock screen. Science says the more we see something, the more our brain loves it. So by doing this, you will be able to remember those things with which you are facing trouble.

Adopt these 10 tricks and experience a productive revision session now!

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