January 31, 2018

100 Best Classification Essay Topics for Students in UK

Doesn’t it become too easy when the name of the essay is quite straightforward? A classification essay requires you to simply classify the theme; you may need to categorize people, things or even ideas. While categorising, your subject will represent a broad whole, and you need to organise that in subsequent groups or types. Writing a classification essay means you need to examine this broad concept and classify it in essential segments.

It’s an understandable idea on its face, but there is a chance that you might not realise that classification sometime may not be that easy. You can divide every object and event into several groups as per specific principle. Although while writing an academic paper, you should keep in mind that the classification should always make sense, and principles applied while classifying should apply to all objects of study.

It is always important to pick a good topic and determine a classification principle prior you start writing the classification essay. Some of the best and top class division essay topics are enlisted below to help you to get started. By getting the idea from this list of topics, it will be easier for you to come up with your own ideas. Once you have decided a theme to write a classification essay, you need to explore various prewriting strategies which start with planning how to prepare the first draft.

First, to get going with you essay, decide an impressive topic. In this blog post, you will get more than 100 topics in a variety of academic disciplines. Go through these topics and try to think about something on your own.


  1. What are some types of schizophrenia most common in long-term inmates of correctional homes
  2. What are some common kinds of eating disorder among teenagers these days?
  3. Types of frequent phobias
  4. Different types of obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms
  5. Kinds of the behaviour which you think should not be acceptable in a workplace
  6. What are different types of obsession?
  7. Different kinds of neuro-developmental disorders
  8. Various types of autism spectrum disorder
  9. What are some primary forms of communication disorder frequent in young adults?

Health and nutrition:

  1. Different types of fat burn exercises?
  2. Multiple types of weight loss diets
  3. How to get rid of migraines with different kinds of home remedies
  4. Different ways of quitting smoking
  5. Talk about different self help strategies to recover from depression
  6. Types of vitamins
  7. In which ways people living with arthritis can get joint pain relief?
  8. Discuss different factors that increase the risk of heart disease
  9. Various types of hair loss treatments
  10. Categories of essential vitamins and nutrients
  11. Different types of flat belly exercise that you can try out without disturbing your daily routine


  1. Diverse types of mobile app
  2. What are different types of smart devices?
  3. What are some widely used search engine
  4. What different characteristic traits can be observed among frequent Facebook users


  1. Different types of college major
  2. Multiple kinds of school system in the North UK countries
  3. Ways to pay your college.
  4. What are different kinds of colleges?
  5. Different types of extracurricular activity
  6. Different accommodation options for college students
  7. Various types of study resources which are available on the web
  8. Different types of teaching techniques are popular in elementary schools in the UK

Earth and its history:

  1. What were different species of dinosaurs?
  2. All different types of climate zones
  3. Types of extinct animals
  4. Various kinds of killer whales you have seen documentaries on the discovery channel or animal planet
  5. Describe different types of energy sources
  6. Multiple species of bears
  7. Diverse theories explaining how life started its journey on the Earth


  1. Multiple types of voting systems around the world
  2. How many classifications of political parties can be observed worldwide
  3. Types of international organisations that the UK participates in
  4. Different sort of political strategies used by different political parties globally
  5. Types of strategies used in political debates

Miscellaneous topics:

  1. Different types of Child-parent relationships
  2. Multiple types of management strategies
  3. Different attitudes to sports
  4. Numerous kinds of Advertisements
  5. Various kinds of Christmas gifts
  6. What are distinct personalities that you get to see in Cinema goers
  7. Diverse character traits of Regular Clubbers
  8. How many types of Colleagues you get to meet at a software company
  9. Types of College athletes
  10. Describe different types of College fraternities
  11. How many kinds of Comedians are making a big fortune in recent times?
  12. Diverse facets of giving Compliments
  13. What different types of Computer users you have seen in your class?
  14. Various types of Dancing styles
  15. How different types of Decision-making strategies give you diverse output?
  16. What different types of Discounts we get to see in supermarkets
  17. Kinds of Dormitory rooms
  18. Different types of skilled Drivers
  19. Discuss different Evolution theories
  20. What are the extracurricular activities you can undertake in your college years?
  21. Kinds of Family Dinners
  22. What are the types of Friends you need in life?
  23. Different types of bizarre Halloween costumes
  24. How many kinds of happy couples have you seen in your life?
  25. What are different organisational pattern of different International organisations
  26. Types of Laughter sounds
  27. Types of Lectures that you have been into in your college life
  28. What are some widely popular types of Movie endings
  29. Various kinds of New Year’s parties that one must organise in their lifetime
  30. Parenting styles
  31. Have you ever notices how many types of People are there on the street when it rains cats and dogs?
  32. Types of People queuing at the dentist?
  33. What are some different types of Political Regimes
  34. How many different kinds of Public speakers are out there preaching their ways to achieve goals in life.
  35. What are some unique Reasons (not) to get married
  36. Responses to jokes
  37. Roommates
  38. Sales representatives
  39. Search engines
  40. Shop assistants
  41. Shopping behaviours
  42. Sitcoms
  43. Sources of energy
  44. Sports coaches
  45. What are some various types of Sports fans, you can easily spot during a football match
  46. Different types of Stereotypes that you have faced or know someone who has encountered in his or her life.
  47. Different Stress-coping strategies that help you to cope with academic stress
  48. How Students and their study habits differ?
  49. What are some different types of Students one case easily spot during a class discussion
  50. Types of Students during an exam
  51. Types of Television shows that have made your childhood more fun filled.
  52. What are various types of Tourists that you get to meet while being on a trip
  53. Multiple Types of motivation that you get from different sources.
  54. Types of restaurant decor
  55. What are diverse types of Vacations that help you to rediscover yourself
  56. Ways to resolve a personal conflict

Start Writing the Essay

Now after choosing the title, how to start with writing the essay? You can start off with writing the introductory paragraph. In the opening paragraph, you need to identify classification ideas explicitly. If you have narrowed your subject, then make a distinct start so that your readers become aware of the main idea behind the classification of your subject. Make the core idea clear before you start writing the essay.

  • In your introduction, you should start with providing specific descriptive details to attract the interest of your readers and suggest what the methodical purpose of the essay is. In the final stage of introduction, you need to include a thesis sentence which will clearly identify some main types of approaches which you are about to examine.
  • An ideal introduction should always create certain expectations. And in the body, those expectations should be thoroughly described. A good writer will go on to fulfil all expectation in the body of the essay.

Writing the introduction preciously can seem tough for those, especially who don’t have any experience in writing classification essay. If you too are finding it hard to be able to write your latest classification essay assignments, then you can hire custom writing companies in the UK. These companies are working with expert custom essay writers to offer essay writing and editing services. By utilizing leading paper writing services, you are assured to be able to bag the best score.

Body Paragraphs

You need to begin writing each paragraph with a particular topic sentence that identifies a distinct type and approach. In the body paragraph, you need to describe or illustrate every kind with specific and accurate details. You can arrange your body paragraph in whatever order feels compelling to you.

  • Arrange your body paragraphs in clear and logical way — you can proceed from the least practical approach to the most effective one. Or else you can make a start from the most common type to the least familiar (or the other way around). You need to be sure of the fact that the order of body paragraphs exactly matches the arrangement proposed in the thesis sentence.
  • While writing a classification essay, you need to use a comparison to give a proper shape to the body. In the first and second paragraph, you can use topic sentences to refer to the preceding paragraphs. Likewise in the third body paragraph, you can start with writing clear contrast between different types.
  • While writing comparison or contrast, not only maintain a smooth transition from one paragraph to the next but also keep precise differences between different types and forms. In the body paragraph, you need to maintain the proper contrast. Prior you start talking about the distinction, you need to introduce different types and kinds of the specific topic properly.

Concluding paragraph

  • A conclusion is something that gives a perfect end to everything. It gives you an opportunity of combining everything together. In the concluding section, you can bind all loose ends. You aren’t supposed to introduce any new concept in this part. Offer a final brief comment on each type, and summarize your essay’s value and/or its limitation.
  • In the conclusion part, you can recommend one approach to others and explain why you prefer that particular strategy. Be sure that your conclusion clearly emphasises the purpose of classification.

Remember, after you are done with choosing appropriate essay writing topics, it’s time you start writing the essay which can take long enough. If you are not confident about your writing skill, then hiring assistance from professional essay typers working with top class essay writing agencies in the UK can be helpful. High-class organizations not only offer writing assistance with all types of pieces but also provide editing and proofreading services. You can hire aid from experienced essay editors and proofreaders anytime in the UK to make your essay copies flawless and perfect in the true sense.

Some dos and don’ts to follow while writing classification essay assignments

Essay writing is an obligatory academic assignment; you can’t bypass it by any mean. You need to learn quick tips to write different types of essays. Now many students face issue with writing classification essay as they don’t understand how to limit their essay to a specific word count. So, here you will get a thorough guideline on some dos and don’ts regarding how to write a classification essay.

Many instructors admit about skimming to get an overall idea about the gist of an essay. So while writing a piece, try to stick to guidelines. When an instructor is casually reading your copy, he must feel the curiosity to give it a thorough read. The primary concern of every teacher is whether you have adhered to the guidelines of writing an essay. So you always need to write your essay as per the instruction specified in the instruction booklet.

  • Do include a thesis statement in the end portion of the introduction

It is an essential portion of the opening and should never be neglected. The thesis statement should always be written at the end part of the opening. Introduction written without the thesis statement will never get a proper shape.

  • Do use transitions between paragraphs

Many time students fail to maintain the transition between paragraphs. Your piece should be written smoothly and coherently. It should lead readers from one point to another without giving any jerk. This is why you need to use transitions which are some phrases that will help you connect each idea to previous ones. These phrases act like bridges between paragraphs.

  • Do cite examples

Without examples, your essay will never be credible enough. If you want to state your points clearly, then you must mention cases that can make things more understandable to readers. To make your examples more trustworthy, you need to cite sources of tricky instances.

  • While writing any type of literature ‘do’ always use present tense

Literature reviews in an essay always need to be written in present tense. Experts advise students should always use present tense while writing any literature.

  • Do use advanced vocabulary

You need to aim for a higher score with your assignments, especially with your essay assignment you need to use impressive vocabulary. The aim of the essay is not only to reveal your knowledge about the topic but also to show your ability to choose high-class vocabulary to display your language expertise.

  • Do respond to the prompt of essay

Prompt of the essay is intentional. You need to respond to the prompt of your essay and should always stick to it. If the prompt is complicated and is consisting of several parts, you can start with analyzing the first draft thoroughly to be sure of the fact that you have carefully covered every point of the essay prompt.

  • Do use simple sentences

Simple sentences are best as most of your readers prefer things that can be understood easily. You don’t want to use flowery language to confuse your readers. Writing complicated sentences doesn’t convey that you are good with your writing skills but on the other hand, it may show your inability to deliver information in simple and understandable format. To make a complicated sentence more lucid, you can break it logically. Complicated sentences increase the risk of grammatical errors and syntax or format related mistakes? So always stick to simple sentence if you want to be understood clearly.

  • Do choose proper type, style and format

Format and style of writing an essay work as a storefront. So to make your essay attractive, you can use correct writing format and style. If your piece is written with an impressive arrangement, readers will feel like reading the complete piece. Your professor will always want to see proper writing style and clearly structured essay. In many colleges and Universities in the UK, students get comprehensive style guide on how to write different types of essays.


  • Do choose the proper language

The language and tone of your essay should be as per the type of the piece and the selected topic. The language you use correctly indicates your ability to research and analyze the issue thoroughly. Using proper language is necessary as you need to prove your opinion and explain points clearly.

Depending on choosing the right language you will be able to display the level of language proficiency. You need a thorough knowledge of grammar, syntax and should always develop a rich vocabulary. While working on a particular type of essay, it is important to remember the academic style of writing that particular kind of essay.

  • Do revise, always

Even if you are an ace writer, when it comes to writing essays but revision is must when it comes to presenting a flawless copy. So before you save and submit the final copy of your essay, check the essay thoroughly to cancel out any chance of leaving behind spelling mistakes, incorrect sentence constructions. Apart from language mistakes you also need to keep an eye on other loopholes like whether you have followed all requirements, number of pages, essay structure, etc.

What not to do while writing classification essays

Now that you have learnt what some significant dos are, now you need to know what else you don’t need to do while writing an essay, especially classification essay.

  • Don’t neglect the formatting

No matter what style and formatting requirements are, you should always pay attention to these following points which are paper size, spaces, font size, margins and page numbers.

  • Don’t stack too many clichés in your essay

While writing, avoid using overwhelming clichés, not every bromide can be used in every type of essay. And when your professor wants to see fresh ideas in your piece, stuffing your paper with inappropriate cliché will only decrease the quality of the essay.

  • To detect typos, don’t always rely on spell checkers

Spell checking software and tools are making it easier for us to identify obvious spelling grammatical errors. But these spell checker use back-end algorithms to detect some mistakes which human eye will definitely notice. So even if you are using inline spell check try to take some time out to manually proofread your paper. It is always better to ask someone else to have a fresh look at your essay to correct your paper. Don’t sit to edit your copy, right after writing the paper.

  • Do not plagiarize

It is too obvious to mention that you aren’t supposed to plagiarise your essay. Plagiarism is a definite form of cheating, and on detecting copied content in your paper, your professor might not accept your submission. Plagiarism can be easily identified with the help of plagiarism checking software. So always be honest while writing the essay.

  • Don’t ever start your essay with phrases like ‘in this/ my essay.’

The introduction should always have the glue that will bind your readers’ attention. So by including these expressions, you are most likely to make the opening paragraph sound lame. Writing a compelling introduction and containing a thesis statement is enough to lead readers into the context of your essay topic. So you don’t need to use and this kind of meaningless high school phrase like in my essay I am going to talk about…

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