January 16, 2018

150 Amazing Critical Essay Topic Ideas That Might Change Your Life


Many students assume that writing a critical essay is all about pointing out what’s wrong with the given subject (novel, prose, poetry, a piece of art, drama, movie, etc). But it is not. It is entirely a different story when you actually write a critical essay. Criticising the subject is not entirely the purpose of the essay. As a matter of fact, you can write a critical essay that entirely validates all ideas and concepts presented by the author.

But this is neither the entire purpose of writing a critical essay. The main motive of crafting a critical piece is to do an objective analysis of the given topic and explore its strong and weak points. If unfortunately, you have not been allotted with critical analysis essay topics, then you pick one.

You have endless choices of good critical essay topics in front you. You just use your head and select the one critical thinking essay topic that is close to your heart. Sounds simple? Yes. But sadly that is the part where students falter the most. They choose some critical essay topics ideas that they fancy, but immediately lose interest or feel trapped in it.

So being a reputed essay help provider in the UK, we think this is our responsibility to help students with selecting an appropriate and good critical thinking essay topics. So, here you have a long critical analysis essay topics’ list that potentially get you some innovative ideas for paper writing.

List Of Critical Thinking Essay Topics

  1. Write a review of the book ‘story of Christianity’
  2. Craft a position essay on the role of censorship in music
  3. Select any work of Hesiod, Homer and Herodotus and write a critical review while comparing their work
  4. Critically analyze the effects of Facebook on human psychology
  5. Is job satisfaction positively proportionate to employee turnover rate?
  6. How does globalisation influence government policies? Write an analytical review
  7. Critically analyse how cyber bullying can affect someone’s mental health
  8. Write an analysis of UK’s new Welfare System Project and its potential affect on UK residents
  9. When a genius author delivers a not-so-great work
  10. What are the problems our society mainly faces? How to overcome them?
  11. Should there be stricter prohibition and law for cyber anonymity and identity theft?
  12. What influences one book or a movie holds in your life?
  13. How has the idea of God been evolved?
  14. Your favourite character in a book
  15. A story from a book that you are going to cherish for life
  16. Write a critical essay on how child education has changed
  17. Do you think education should be free? State your reasons
  18. Share your point of view of life as a puzzle
  19. Can a book or poem mean something that author never meant for it to mean?
  20. Critically analyze the experience of reading a printed book and an e-book
  21. Write a book review on Ulysses
  22. How personal fashion affect someone’s identity?
  23. Critically analyze the increased rate of child abuse
  24. What roles do television, radio and other means of electronic media play in our life?
  25. Do you feel country life is better than the city life? State your reasons
  26. Does technology make our life easier? Or Make us lazier?
  27. Critical analysis of your life so far
  28. Discuss the life of those artists who was taken away in their early ages
  29. Explore August Wilson’s Play, Fences
  30. Do you think technology has a role to play in the increased depression and anxiety of people
  31. Do you think video games can increase the concentration in children?
  32. How education and technology go hand in hand?
  33. Do think technology has impacted the religion? How?
  34. Does modern technology make life easier or life was better was when the technology was simpler
  35. What are the effects of overuse of technology in real life
  36. Critically analyze what changes took place in society due to technology
  37. Write a critical essay on the Nature of Slacktivism
  38. Critically evaluate the role of nature in American art
  39. Write the role of nature in the evolvement of the human being from difference aspects
  40. Analyze the pattern of decision making of nature
  41. Does love really exist? Critically evaluate all aspects of life
  42. How we can find alternative to safe drinking water as we will soon run out of it
  43. Analyse the views of Machiavelli on human nature
  44. Critically evaluate one of the best work of Pablo Picasso
  45. Reasons why food containing calories are not the only reasons for obesity
  46. Build a correlation between health and meat consumption
  47. Write a critical essay on ‘The Old Guitarists’ by Pablo Picasso
  48. Does globalisation affect terrorism in any way? State your reasons.
  49. The role of nurses in medical science
  50. Health care provider and faith diversity
  51. Critically analyse the evolution that took place in modern art
  52. The titration of acids and bases
  53. State your views on the anthropology of structural violence in disease epidemic
  54. What should be the government’s contribution towards space research
  55. Should government force the manufacturer to take some initiatives to save the environment? State your reasons
  56. Write a critical paper on how doping affected the reputation of Olympics
  57. How should Paralympics be more encouraged?
  58. Analyze the benefits of indoor games
  59. Do you think betting on cricket changes anything in the game?
  60. Create a correlation between different gender roles
  61. What are the factors that lead to juvenile delinquency?
  62. Your take on ex-convicts re-entering the society again
  63. Critically analyse the credibility of the Wikipedia in comparison with encyclopaedia Britannica
  64. Synthesizes the ways to improve the mental health of people
  65. Does science has adverse effects on life? Write a critical evaluation
  66. Critically analyze the character of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter series
  67. State according to you what are best ways to achieve results in supply chain management
  68. Critically analyze why abortion should or should not be legalised
  69. How cancer has become a epidemic
  70. Analyze the future of Google in 10 years from now
  71. Write a position essay on the role of an engineer in value chain
  72. How Instagram photo or video sharing has changed the way we look or understand food
  73. Critically evaluate the principle of everydayness and the historical time
  74. Write a critical essay on the government regulation on fast food and junk food
  75. What elements are the most important in Chinese religious culture?
  76. What are effects of stress on employees and their performance altogether?
  77. Critically analyze the effects of food colouring on our health
  78. Do casteism and corruption go hand in hand?
  79. Write a comparative analysis of economic development of three developing countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Togo)
  80. Analyze the health conditions of the patients suffering from womb cancer over 10 years
  81. Synthesize the Chinese food custom and various symbolism in it
  82. Critically synthesize the role of corruption in our society
  83. The future and past of oil industry
  84. What is your definition of creating an ideal society? Shares your ideologies
  85. What should be government’s take reducing the chances obesity in college students?
  86. The role of modern art in our society
  87. What the main risk factors of lung cancer? How they can be avoided?
  88. What lead to the failure in health communication between health workers and patients
  89. Analysis of a toy industry analysis
  90. What is the economic status of UK? Write a critical review.
  91. Critically analyze globalization as the biggest economic phenomenon
  92. Critically evaluate the health conditions of Latino immigrants in America.
  93. Should government ban the lottery industry?
  94. Who is the economic superpower? And why?
  95. Do you think junk food should have more taxes compared to the usual food? Why?
  96. Industry analysis report of a IT sector in UK
  97. The growth of automobile industry in Sweden
  98. Write a critical report on economic growth of the UK
  99. How growth of an industry affect the students are dreaming about joining it?
  100. Who do think is the best virtual learning or traditional learning? Write a critical review
  101. Dependence of a human being on the nature
  102. Do you think China is a new superpower of the world? Why?
  103. Write a paper on Economic recession that shook the foundation of economy
  104. How countries should be dealing with economic challenges?
  105. How politics contribute to the nature?
  106. What steps should be taken to create a literacy environment?
  107. Capitalism and global environment. How they are connected?
  108. How much diseases affect the environment? And how it is going to change in time?
  109. How environment and economic growth are correlated to one another?
  110. Criticize economic nationalism and economic liberalism
  111. Critically analyse what brought Greece to Bankruptcy
  112. Do you think society has become increasingly narcissistic? State your reasons
  113. Should feminism be encouraged on social media sites?
  114. What happens to the morals of the society when all resources run out?
  115. Critically analyse the climax of one of your favourite literary piece
  116. Analyse why the author has chosen allegory in his work
  117. Synthesize one scene from Shakespeare’s play
  118. Critically examine the mood of the novel ‘Jane Eyre’.
  119. Analyse the character of Tiny Tim in Dicken’s The Christmas Carol
  120. Critically analyse a classic movie and its remake
  121. Put up a critical analysis of Spider Man and Amazing Spider Man based on the same comic book character
  122. Write an critical analysis of the SAW series
  123. Critically decide what makes good summer movie?
  124. Pick a ‘dumb’ comedy movie and analyse considering its plot, characters, mood
  125. Write a critical analysis of a movie that has won the best film award
  126. Synthesize the cultural value of the pyramids of Giza
  127. Analyse the effects of deforestation of tropical forests on the environment
  128. Do you think fossil fuels can be replaced? How?
  129. What is the impact of technology on health care industry?
  130. Analyse what are the best places in the world to visit and why
  131. Critically find the ways to minimise the expenses while travelling
  132. Write a critical essay on your experience deep down the sea
  133. Synthesize opinions about how religion can influence morality
  134. Critically analyse the Christian opinion on same-sex marriage
  135. Critically synthesize the changes when someone becomes vegetarian from non-vegetarian
  136. Analyse the economic development of UK since 1950
  137. Effectiveness of moral lesson present in the children story books today
  138. How secondary characters influence the protagonists of your favourite literary piece?
  139. Describe the recurring concept in TV shows and movies today
  140. Write a critical review on a comedy movie you have watched recently
  141. Critically analyse a high school movie and find out what makes it interesting in front of the audience
  142. Examine the long-lasting effects of colonialism that exist in our society even today
  143. Critically analyse what will be the effects of legalising marijuana in some states in USA
  144. Pick one social media topic that has been making headlines recently and discuss its possible ways to resolve it
  145. Describe how social media plays a role in dissolving or instigating social issues of today
  146. Discuss the history of USA while using a realist aspect
  147. Choose a cultural enriched country and discuss its strengths and weaknesses
  148. Critically analyse a historic documentary that you have watched recently
  149. Examine if capitalism and environmentalism are compatible for each other
  150. Critically discuss how historic figures are described and portrayed in movies.

So here you have 150 potential choices of critical essay topics for college students from which you can select. But you need to make sure you pick the best suited topics for critical essay that compliments your ideologies, intellect and knowledge. To make the course little easier for you, we provide most effective suggestions for choosing topics for critical analysis essay.

Choosing Critical Writing Essay Topics: All You Need To Know

Pick an essay topic for critical thinking that you can handle. Many students choose some fancy and sophisticated critical essay thesis topics on which they have little idea. Eventually, it leads them to poor analysis and subjective criticism that undermines the purpose of writing a critical essay.

So below are some tips provided by our professional essay writer to zero down an appropriate critical period essay topic that brings out your skills and abilities:

  • Keep it simple. Do not make the critical issue essay topics complex so that it sounds fancy.
  • Pick a critical theory essay topic on which you have at least little idea about. Do not choose critical thinking essay topics ideas that are alien to you.
  • Brainstorm for critical essay example topics. Is the topic interesting? What excites you the most to research? Fine and effective points to help in the long run.
  • Choose topics for a critical analysis essay that seem interesting to you. It does not have to be something you love, but at least like.
  • Consult with your examiner before you finalize the critical analysis of essay topics from the lot.
  • Narrow down your search by adding terms like critical care essay topics, or critical essay literature topics. Who does not love a piece where specific concern has been targeted?
  • Be realistic while selecting critical reflection essay topics. What sources are available? Are those timely and relevant? There’s no point coming up with an idea that fascinates but is dated.
  • Trafficking critical essay topic ideas on the other hand are relevant and target the current issues. Be picky with your choices.
  • Before finalizing one top critical review essay topic, you check what sort of evidence, information and data are available to you. If it is not sufficient, you might have to drop the idea and go for another one.

Hope everything has sorted for you. Now selecting a critical response essay topic for critical writing would not be an unachievable task for you. Use any of the critical thinking essay topics examples from the long list assembled by our expert paper writers or take inspiration to create a new and unique for you.

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