June 22, 2020

How to Use PEEL Method in Essay Writing?

PEEL Paragraph Method

Have you heard about the PEEL paragraph writing method before? Well, it has nothing to do with the fruit skins. PEEL is an acronym that stands for Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link. This PEEL method is a technique used by essay writers to help structure paragraphs more effectively. PEEL paragraph writing approach allows the writer to present a single clear and focused argument that links back to the thesis statement or topic question. Ideally, an essay writer should dedicate each body paragraph of the essay to one aspect of the argument. With the PEEL method, it gets easier for the writers to deliver a more comprehensive essay.

Understanding the PEEL Paragraph Method

If you want your essay to have clarity of arguments along with cohesive content, you can use the PEEL method while drafting the essay. Here’s what each element of “PEEL” signifies:

  • Point:

As per the PEEL method, the first sentence you write in a paragraph must state your point. It should introduce the topic you are about to discuss and should give the readers a clear idea of the paragraph you are about to write. This the reason why the first sentence of a paragraph is often referred to as a topic sentence.

  • Evidence/examples:

Next, the PEEL approach advises you to support your points with authentic evidence and examples. You need to write one or two sentences, following the topic sentence, offering evidence to expand upon and support the point you made. Evidence can be in the form of facts, statistics, quotes from credible sources, research findings, or a primary text.

  • Explanation:

In this section, you need to demonstrate your understanding by providing an explanation in more detail about how and why your evidence supports your point. With the explanation, you need to interpret your evidence to the readers.

  • Link:

The last part of this method is about reinforcing your original point or linking the content to the next paragraph. The link can offer a seamless transition to the next topic or paragraph.

This approach can be quite useful if you carefully plan the whole essay from the beginning. However, if you have not written an essay in PEEL paragraph writing method, you can use these following tips to make the optimum use of the PEEL method.

PEEL Paragraph Checklist

Having knowledge of the principle behind drafting a comprehensive paragraph is a lot simpler than using it practically. Here’s what you can do to implement PEEL paragraph writing method in your essay.

  • Plan your essay properly:

Even though this point seems pretty basic, a lot of students don’t plan their essays through, which is why they often struggle to deliver well-structured paragraphs in the essay. Plan what you want to write in each paragraph, what is going to be your argument, and how you want to present your argument. Once you have a clear plan, you can start developing the paragraphs.

  • Write the topic sentence:

Now, you need to take your idea and introduce it to the readers succinctly in a sentence. The sentence should address the question and should offer you the opportunity to develop the idea in further detail by providing examples. Avoid using pronouns like “I” or “me” while writing the essay, unless it is a personal essay.

  • Pick the best example:

The topic sentence won’t add any value to your essay if you cannot support it with authentic evidence. While conducting the research, you are most likely to find several examples and evidence that can support your topic sentence. It is recommended to pick the one that offers a deeper understanding of the issue.

  • Incorporate the example into a full sentence:

While presenting the example in your PEEL paragraph, you need to make sure that the sentence carries most information. You need to put it in a way that it does not seem out of context for the readers. The idea is to make sure your readers understand what this example is about.

  • Explain your example:

While you explain an example, you need to clarify a few things, such as the importance of choosing the example, the meaning the example is conveying, and how it is being conveyed. You may need two or more sentences to explain the whole thing.

  • Write the linking statement:

Finally, you need to write a sentence that connects the paragraph with your wider argument or a concluding statement that summarises the argument you have made. If the paragraph is a part of a larger essay, you should try to write the linking statement to summarise the content and idea you have presented and then frame it in the context of the broader argument you are trying to make.

  • Proofread the paragraph:

Now that you are done drafting the paragraph using the PEEL method, it is time to use your proofreading skills to ensure all the details in your paragraph are where they are supposed to be. If you feel any of the elements of the PEEL paragraph can be presented better, do it and give it another read before moving to the next paragraph.

Hopefully, now you have a decent idea about the application of PEEL paragraph writing method. However, if you still don’t feel confident about writing your essay in this method, you can ask for professional assistance.

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