November 11, 2019

Essentials of Writing an Appendix with Illustrations

Writing an Appendix with Illustrations

The appendix is a supplementary part of an assignment that a reader may use for a reference section. It may also contain information on the extra details involved in the writing process. But, the formatting requirements of the appendix need to be fulfilled to provide authentic professional content. If you are searching for the most appropriate guide to writing an appendix, then you have arrived at the right place.

But, before we delve into the format of the appendix, you need to know what to incorporate in the appendix.


1. Collection of Content for Appendix

The appendix provides a space to include extra raw details that you have come across while researching for your assignment. You might include the sources from where you have gained insightful information using the proper citation style. You can also include sample calculations for demonstration, especially if it’s a research paper.

2. Visual Representations

You might have heard about the significance of the audio-visual effect. People usually retain visual information for a prolonged period. Thus, if you incorporate graphs, charts or tables in the appendix section, it adds essence to your paper.

3. Mentioning About Research Instruments

Other than highlighting the sources, calculations and graphs in your appendix, you must also add the instruments that were required to conduct the experiment or research. You can add quotes, screenshots of emails or notes to make the content unique.
Now, that you have an idea on the content that needs to be specified in the appendix section, let us shift the focus to the correct format of an appendix. The form has been defined in the section below.


  1. Title of the appendix

The title of the appendix should be articulate and mentioned at the top of the page. However, if you have multiple appendices, then you must maintain the right order using numbers (preferably, Roman numbers) or letters. For instance, you might use ‘Appendix A’ or ‘Appendix I’.

Be careful while incorporating the appendices. Make sure that you start a new appendix on a new page with a separate title and relevant content under it. Otherwise, the professor might not be able to distinguish between the appendices.

An example has been provided below to further illustrate the aspect mentioned above.

Title of the appendix

2. Numbering the content

Once you are clear with the title, start numbering the content in each appendix. Maintain perfect alignment. For instance, if you have started with a set of questions in the essay, then you must insert the questions in the first part of the appendix.

Similarly, if you have specified mathematical measurements in the last segment, then you should highlight the calculations in the previous appendix as well. The estimations might be intricate or simple. But, do not provide any lengthy calculation.

Take a look at the example mentioned below to get an idea on the aspects mentioned above.

Numbering the content


3. Placement of the Appendix

Even if you have learnt about the content and the format of the appendix, it is essential that you know the correct placement. Take the requirements of the professor into consideration. If he prefers a different sequencing of the appendix, then you have to stick to his suggestion.

4. Revision

Once you draft the entire appendix, revise the content to check for the anomalies. The essential checklist is below.

  • Is the appendix articulate?

You need to be sure that your appendix is direct and precise. The content should not be lengthy. Moreover, the appendix should not contain irrelevant information that does not concern your research topic. You can ask the others to help you if you feel you are overlooking mistakes. For professional assistance, you can take help from online academic editors.

  • Does the content have any grammatical error?

Trivial grammatical errors can bring down the overall quality of your content. You may lose valuable marks assignments. So, check for the inconsistencies and the sentence construction before you submit the final copy.

  • Is the Information Provided Authentic?

Last but not least, check whether the information that you have provided in the form of graphs, tables or charts is authentic or not. The sites should be genuine from where you actually get the information.

Once the revision process is complete, you are ready to submit your assignment with the perfect appendix. Make sure you have included relevant content in the appendix and followed the appropriate outline.
But, if you do not have the time to conduct extensive research work and pull off the assignment all by yourself, consider taking online help from assignment help websites.

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