October 19, 2019

40+ Human Rights Essay Topics To Fetch You A Guaranteed A+

You go to school for the necessary education. Once you graduate, you can choose the career of your preference and enjoy it throughout the rest of your life. Similarly, you have the choice to complain at the police station if you get assaulted by anyone. All this freedom is entitled to each individual in the United Kingdom only due to the advent of basic human rights. And as a member of society, it is very important for you to learn everything about these rights. Once you are aware of these human rights, you can see if you can exercise them freely or not. You can also protect yourself or anyone else from any violation of these rights.

Your professor may ask you to work on different human rights essay topics for the semester. Through these essays, professors generally assess you on the basis of your research, knowledge and critical analysis skills. Moreover, they want you to know everything about human rights before you begin your career in the real world.

We have assembled some of the unique human rights essay topics for you in this blog. Give it a read and hopefully, you will get an idea of what topic to choose for the essay.

40+ Human Rights Essay Topics That Will Impress Your Professors Right Away

Human rights have always been a controversial issue for people all over the world. One generation can have an entirely different perspective of human rights as compared to the views of other generations regarding the same. A human rights issue can already have some established meanings to it and it is up to you whether you will follow the established meaning or you will form your own point of view.

Take African American slavery for an example. This is clearly a violation of human rights if you look at it from a contemporary perspective. However, the people in Civil war era didn’t consider this practise wrong. The same thing goes with Gay marriages and Homosexuality. These contemporary topics already have an established meaning among people. But, that doesn’t mean these can never be considered as basic human rights. You need to have a balanced understanding of this discipline to come to a conclusion regarding that.

Now let’s have a look at some of the most diverse topics for students studying human rights.

1. The Nuclear Holocaust and revisionist history

2. The Chinese Exclusion Act

3. Police brutality in the United Kingdom

4. Violation of the global mental health treatment

5. Analyse the US policies on refugees

6. What are the transgender rights in Europe?

7. Can abolition of the death penalty be considered as a human rights issue?

8. How is the popularity of social media affecting human rights in the conflict zones?

9. Did the issues of torture at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center impact the credibility of human rights in the United States?

10. How does the use of mobile devices influence the application of human rights? Do mobile devices help people realise the significance of their human rights better?

11. Describe human rights when it comes to trafficking in developed and developing countries.

12. Name the countries that have the worst freedom of press records and compare that with their other records of human rights.

13. Where do you think the indigenous people face severe infringements on their human rights?

14. How can a woman’s reproductive healths issues be entitled as one of the human rights issues?

15. How can the ethnic minority groups in Southeast Asia consider the process of owning lands as their basic human right?

16. What happens to the human rights of a poverty-stricken region?

17. How do the human rights of the manufacturing workers make any sense after globalisation in the manufacturing sector?

18. How does the UN Refugee Program improve the welfare of the refugees?

19. Describe the most serious human rights issue in post-Apartheid South Africa.

20. Say a group of refugees has been relocated to other countries such as the United States. How do you think human rights will affect them?

21. How did the interaction of the Japanese and Chinese in the Second World War affect the human rights issues of both the countries?

22. Analyse the reasons for and consequences of the LGBT movement.

23. Pen down your views on the Chattel Slavery in colonial America.

24. What is the connection between the roots of racism and basic human rights in the United Kingdom?

25. Basic human rights issues on modern race relations such as NYPD, Ferguson and George Zimmerman.

26. Describe the civil rights movement: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

27. What are your views on the revolt of the Cockroach People such as the Acosta and the Chicano experience?

28. Communism and the pursuit of political equality

29. Human rights also indicate that an individual has the right to stay silent. Describe how this affects one who is accused.

30.  Analysis of the Zapatista Movement in Chiapas

31. The thin line between human rights and safety: The Patriot Act

32. Discuss the violation of human rights of women in some parts of the Middle East.

33. North Korea has often been accused of violating human rights constantly. How do you think the first World countries plan to deal with it?

34. Say an organisation uses sweatshop labour in foreign countries. Do you think they are morally guilty of violating human rights in that case?

35.  Is it okay for people to deny human rights on the basis of gender, religion and sexuality? – Discuss.

36. All of us know that education is a basic human right. Which countries tend to violate this right? How does it affect everyone else in that region?

37. Write a human rights and justice essay profiling a court case on Homosexuality.

38. Castro regime tends to violate human rights on a regular basis. Do you think if they renew their relations with Cuba, things may get better?

39.Should prisoners of war be entitled to basic human rights?

40. Many people flee when they feel their human rights are being violated. Who do you think they should turn to in such situations?

41. Discuss the human rights history of the early 20th century.

42. How can you help someone who is being denied the basic human rights?

43. Disability right in the United States is under attack: Comment

44. Analyse the evolution of human rights from ancient times to the age of globalisation.

45. The Confederate Flag: Symbol of Oppression or Heritage?

46. What are your views on the modern labour movement and human rights?

47. Should immigrants be entitled to more human rights?

Hopefully, now you have enough ideas for your human rights paper. The next task for you to do is a lot of research. Get hold of credible and relevant books, journals, websites and blogs to fill your paper with interesting facts. Create an outline and narrow down the areas to focus on to make the task easier.

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