March 1, 2021

101 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics to Impress Your Professor

Proposal Essay Topics

The aim of a proposal essay should be to share an idea with the readers, along with a detailed solution to a problem to convince the reader that your plan is a feasible and effective one. As you can already understand, the task of writing a proposal essay calls for a lot of research. The topic you choose also plays a vital role in convincing the readers about the efficacy of the proposed action plan. So, you need to consider several things before you select a proposal essay topic that will spark the interest of the readers.

If you cannot think of a proposal essay idea, we have brought you a list of some great topics. Read on to see which topic excites you.

120 Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas For You

We have segregated the proposal essay ideas according to disciplines and genres to help you find an ideal topic quickly. Take a look at some unique topics to write your essay on. Here we go!

 Practical Proposal Essay Topics for Students

  1. A plan with the steps to create a well-rounded curriculum for middle and high school students
  2. A plan that states the measures that can be taken to reduce the use of alcohol among adolescents
  3. A plan for parents to encourage children to indulge in more extracurricular activities
  4. How can schools counsel kids with divorced parents to build successful lives and have healthy relationships?
  5. How can parents train children to deal with bullying in school?
  6. A plan for parents to protect their children from peer pressure
  7. How can parents teach their children to be more responsible?
  8. How can you improve the life quality of a child with ADHD?
  9. How can teachers establish a balance between engaging students and letting them overtake their authority among their peers?
  10. What is the best way to improve the involvement of parents in a child’s education?

Proposal Essay Topics on Animals and Ecology

  1. A plan for pet owners to adopt environmentally friendly options
  2. Write an essay on the little things everyone can do regularly to battle global warming.
  3. A proposal to use wind as the most efficient source of energy
  4. An action plan for preserving the forests in Australia from fires
  5. The most effective solution to stop and reverse the effects of land degradation
  6. A proposal to use forest conservation as a preventive measure for biodiversity issues
  7. An action plan that states how to reduce the damage inflicted on the environment by dams
  8. How can casual veganism be used to manage food resources for a growing population?
  9. A plan that states why it is essential to educate students about the environment to prevent ecological catastrophes
  10. How can Australia promote the use of bicycles for short journeys?

Business Proposal Argument Topics

  1. A plan for small businesses to quickly recover from economic crises.
  2. Why should we prefer to buy from local farmers over the international grocery chains?
  3. A proposal to use paid internships to eradicate youth unemployment
  4. How to reduce the rates of underemployment in Australia?
  5. A plan to understand and abide by customers’ rights
  6. How can small businesses create an ethical policy?
  7. How can volunteer work at college boost a graduate’s CV?
  8. An elaborate plan to use social media to create more jobs innovatively
  9. A rescue plan for small businesses to survive national riots
  10. A plan to start a seamless channel to give feedback about valuable employees

Proposal Essay Topics about Education

  1. A plan to improve the effectiveness of language courses for overseas students in Australia
  2. A concrete plan for teachers to prevent bullying of young adults in schools
  3. A proposal with the best solutions for inculcating the habit of reading in preschool
  4. Why should parents and teachers let students learn from their mistakes?
  5. How can Australia rectify the controversial practice of grading?
  6. An elaborate plan for teachers to offer psychological support for students
  7. An action plan on how parents and teachers can talk to kids about taboo topics
  8. The reasons to not allow smartphones in schools and a plan to stop students
  9. An elaborate plan with self-esteem boosting practices for teachers and students
  10. How can we use class activities to motivate students and get them involved?

Social Issues Proposal Essay Topics

  1. How can we use cleaning drives to engage citizens in keeping their surroundings clean?
  2. A plan to make kids and young adults socially more responsible
  3. What activities can we take on to promote subcultures?
  4. A plan to use book exchange programs around the city to promote the habit of reading
  5. How can you help a friend who is a victim of alcohol or drug addiction?
  6. How to talk to your social connections if they are guilty of body shaming others?
  7. How can people preserve their national identity amid globalisation?
  8. A proposal for laws against hate-crime to stop violence against minorities
  9. How can cyber-bullying alerts be used to decrease the incidence of online harassment?
  10. How can frat parties in college be fun while safe?

Proposal Essay Topics on Sports

  1. How paying college athletes can blend in education, athletics, and business?
  2. A plan for coaches to encourage athletes to up their performance on the field
  3. A detailed plan that states what can coaches and players who have lost a game say to the media
  4. A plan that asserts why the use of steroids should be legalised instead of prohibiting it
  5. How can the media cover sports on television to motivate youngsters to take up sports?
  6. How can players prepare themselves for possible injuries and inability to play?
  7. How can we prohibit hunting of all forms?
  8. Should extreme activities for entertainment be banned?
  9. A plan that elaborates on the benefits that daily exercise can bring to adolescents’ mood
  10. Why should experienced cybersport gamers be considered professional athletes?

Healthcare and Medicine Proposal Essay Topics

  1. A plan for the government to cover uninsured citizens using income-related payments
  2. What kind of programs can be given to doctors and nurses to improve the relationship between physicians and patients?
  3. A plan stating why pharmaceutical companies should share updated findings at initial stages with the public to reduce R&D expenditures
  4. A detailed proposal for a program that will bring in more male nurses into the healthcare industry
  5. How can governments provide paid but affordable healthcare for all the citizens of a country?
  6. In the light of the pandemic, chalk out a plan for doctors to visit patients on house calls.
  7. An elaborate plan with the steps that the government of a country should take to reduce the costs of life-saving medicines
  8. Discuss strategies that will ensure that doctors and medical facilities will be aware of the medical history of incapacitated patients.
  9. A proposal on how to build shift-away hospitals along with the area required and the level of care and sanitation to cater to COVID patients
  10. A proposal for medical apps and tools to help doctors treat patients virtually thoroughly and seamlessly

Controversial Proposal Essay Topics

  1. One day machines will take over humankind. What steps should be taken to limit the evolution of technology?
  2. Should AI be allowed to replace human workers and artists?
  3. How can people adapt to working in a virtual world during a pandemic?
  4. COVID 19 Scare – is it a scam? Justify the conspiracy theories around it.
  5. Should teens have jobs? Create an action plan that will help teens balance work and academics.
  6. Which one language should be made the official language of Earth and why?
  7. Racism is a matter of one’s upbringing – how to ensure young minds do not have thoughts of racial discrimination?
  8. Marijuana should be legalised. How can the consumption be limited after it is legalised?
  9. A plan to build the perfect economic system that is most relevant in these times of a pandemic
  10. How can youngsters serve in the defence system of a country while giving time to their passion?

Proposal-Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How can we create and publish books without using paper?
  2. Discuss a plan to introduce student-led learning in schools.
  3. A plan that stresses on the importance of recess for middle and high school students
  4. Make a compelling case on switching classes and streams for elementary students like high schoolers do.
  5. Should emotional support animals be allowed in offices and schools? If yes, how can it be done without causing others problem?
  6. Should students under 10 be given sex education classes? How can it be done tactfully?
  7. An elaborate plan that states the grounds on which students can evaluate teachers accurately
  8. A plan that explains how we can reduce water waste at an individual level
  9. Death penalty for rapists – put across arguments for the motion along with a plan that states how it can be done rightfully.
  10. Should children be given the right to choose the parent they want to stay with? How can it be done seamlessly?

Research Proposal Essay Topics

  1. How to end the debate on cultural profiling and stereotyping?
  2. Discuss how extreme patriotism hampers the reputation of a country in the international arena and how it can be curbed.
  3. The process of cultural accommodation: What should you do and what you shouldn’t do when in a foreign culture?
  4. A plan that asserts the importance of learning national history on its role in shaping modern society
  5. Discuss what could have been the possible outcomes in the second world war if the losing side had won.
  6. A factual analysis of a holy text: Compare the historical facts with the events given in the religious book.
  7. Is a person’s personality predetermined by his or her genetic heritage? If no, what can be done to alter personal traits?
  8. A detailed plan with strategies to manage patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  9. A proposal that states the importance of the role of artists in youngsters’ life
  10. How can rap music be used to influence the behaviour of modern teenagers to improve the society?

Political Proposal Essay Topics

  1. What can be done by the governing body of a country to avoid another economic crisis?
  2. A detailed plan to make the electoral system of a country more effective
  3. What measures can Australia take to prevent the interference of other countries and parties in the elections?
  4. An elaborate plan to improve the espionage law so that it does not violate free speech
  5. A plan for the government to be able to handle illegal immigration better
  6. How can the government make Welfare and Social Security programs more effective?
  7. What measures can the Australian government take to ensure better conditions for veterans?
  8. How can offenders be allowed to exercise their voting rights even when in prison or on probation?
  9. An action plan for the government with directives to lower the national debt
  10. What can be done by the government to reduce electoral and campaigning costs?

Funny Proposal Essay Topics

  1. A plan on how teenagers can reject love advances and dates without ghosting someone
  2. A plan to build an app that would prevent youngsters from running into objects while walking and texting
  3. Discuss the best way to communicate with aliens in case of an invasion.
  4. The hangover is a severe sickness. How can it be treated properly?
  5. How can you get your cat to love you more?
  6. Time is a fictional notion. How can we survive without time?
  7. Travelling is a worthless form of egoistic hedonism – A plan that states what could be done to make travelling less materialistic.
  8. A detailed proposal to cancel holiday celebrations and family gatherings
  9. Superheroes exist and hide among us. Create an action plan to expose superheroes.
  10. There is a parallel dimension inside our planet – create a plan to maintain both the dimensions.

Do you feel spoilt for choice? If you are baffled and cannot choose just one topic from this fantastic list, we have some tips to help you zero down on THE proposal essay topic.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Proposal Essay Topic

To start with, understand the audience for whom you will be writing. Also, do not select an issue because it is trending. Always make sure that you are passionate about the matter in question. This way, you will be more enthusiastic while working on your proposal essay. Plus, you will be able to cut down on research time when working on a topic that you are already aware of.

In the end, remember that the proposal essay topic you take should fulfil a purpose. Do not suggest a plan that has been offered several times in the past. Present new information to win appreciation.

If you are still having trouble drafting a compelling proposal essay, feel free to delegate the task to professional essay writers for a quick boost.

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