December 21, 2016

Strike a Balance between Christmas Holidays and Studies With These 10 Simple Yet Effective Tips

It’s that time of the year when the entire world is soaked in the festive spirit. The air is filled with carols. Churches are in the last lap of preparation. Colorful lights and decorative items adore each household. Gifts are flying fast off the shelves. Everyone is enjoying the much-awaited Christmas vacations, except for students.

The reason: many of them have their exams due; while the remaining are gearing up for university and college admissions. So naturally, they are in a dilemma:

‘Should I be studying for exams/preparing for college admissions? But I also have gifts to buy, rooms to decorate, a whole lot of relatives to catch up with, and even get some much-needed sleep. How will I manage all this?

You are no ‘superman’. But frankly speaking, you don’t have to be one. You are smart enough to understand your responsibilities. You only need some tweaking in your daily schedule. And that’s it.

Don’t worry! We here to help you out. Take a look at how you can manage your time to fulfil all the obligations with family and friends, and even study during the holiday season.

  1. Discover your productive hours:

Earning the title of ‘productive’ may sound impressive, but productivity decreases once you have clocked more than 50 hours in a week. So working in your ‘best hours’ is much better than working for longer hours. Identify a systematic pattern in your work, like when you feel energetic and excited about projects or when you are alert. It can be the first half of the day or after the midnight. It depends on you.

  1. Maintain a routine:

It is little difficult to study over the Christmas holidays because relatives and friends pay unexpected visits or you get sudden ‘duty calls’ from the family. The best way to strike a balance is picking up certain hours for studying. Once you discover the productive hours, you can easily set a particular time for studying every day. It would be wise if you let your family members know about it, so that they can give you the space you need it. In case, you have too many things on your plate, you can hire professionals for accomplishing tasks. Assignment assistance would be a good idea in this case.

  1. Have a study companion:

It is tricky to concentrate when all your family members getting on with shopping and decorating houses, clicking photographs and tagging you on social media. You are tempted to join all the activities around you, but you have academic responsibilities as well. What you can do is invite one of your friends or pay a visit to his or her house. You don’t need to study together. You can discuss what you have learned so far or how difficult the topic was, let you friend share his or her experience with you. It is just a discussion, but it can be immensely helpful. If all your friends are busy, you can try assignment experts. As they are available round the clock, they can be contacted any time of the day from anywhere.

  1. Carry study material while travelling:

Let’s say, you are going to visit your family or one of your relatives. You are likely to get a few hours while travelling. Many use these hours for reading. You should do the same, but not story books this time. You should carry textbooks and revise what you have learned so far. The best way to test your learned knowledge is to solve subject-related problems. In this manner, you get to know how much you need to work on the particular subject and topic. It is better than staring out of the window and wasting time.

  1. Do not miss the fun:

Just because you have some work for school and university, it does not mean you need to hide yourself in the bundle of books or lock yourself in a room. Christmas is the only time, when you get to see all family members join their hands to celebrate the biggest festival. So if you miss this, you may need to wait for one whole year. So quit studying all day. As mentioned earlier, set a particular hours studying and that’s it. Then you can go on with household chores that are imposed on you due to Christmas, like babysit for relatives’ children for free or peeling potatoes with relatives or likewise. If you think family responsibilities are restraining you from completing academic tasks, you can avail “college assignment help for assistance.


  1. Change the place for studying:

It is Christmas time! So it is natural to see hustle-bustle around you. Even if you lock yourself in the room, you can hear your aunt’s dog barking from the garden. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to concentrate. Studying in such distracted situation consumes more time than the usual. So you need to consider changing the place for studying. You can choose a remote corner of your house. But there is no guarantee that children would not come playing. So it is better that you get out of the house. The idea is to go somewhere else and study. Many students carry their laptops and study in a coffee stop because they feel undisturbed. You can go to a local library if it is not closed for the holidays. The idea is to concentrate. So it depends on you in which situation and atmosphere you feel productive and focused.

  1. Maintain a planner:

Planning is the only key to success. The more organized and planned you are, the fewer struggles you face while completing tasks. So when you squeeze study hours in the holiday, you need to keep track of how much you achieved and how close you got to the desired results. In order to do so, you need to maintain a to-do-list. It can be done on a daily basis or weekly basis. All you have to do is writing down the things that you need to be accomplished at the end of the day or week or even month. Before starting the day’s work, write down the things on a piece of a paper. When you accomplish each of one of them, just tick it off from the list. When you see a list of completed tasks, you eventually get motivated.

  1. Take out time for revision:

If you think studying a new concept each day would help you preparing for exams, then you are wrong. You need to revise what you have learned so far. Otherwise, it skips your mind over time. To restore it in your memory for longer period of time, you need to revise the study material. The best way do it is take up mock test. You need to come up with a set of questions maintaining the pattern of exam and allocate time to solve the question paper. Do not take more time than it is allocated just because there is no one to supervise. After answering all the question, mark your paper according to the grading system followed by your university or college.

  1. Stay on the ground:

There is no early morning class or seminars to attend. So naturally, there are several hours to spare. But it is reality, Christmas holidays do have a way of stealing time. So if you think, you would write a short essay each day or get done three books in one week, you need to reconsider the plan. Setting goals is the perfect way to getting things done appropriately. But it has to be realistic. The reason is when you fail to meet unrealistic goals, you end up feeling de-motivated and stressed. So it is advised that you should set realistic goals that can be achieved. Let’s think Christmas holidays are busy as normal college days, so give yourself the amount of work that you usually achieve. Of course, you should add more things than usual, but at intervals.

  1. Take regular breaks:

Even you are a seasoned student, you cannot study all day. You need to take your mind off the study after some time. So it is better you switch gears frequently. If you have planned for studying for three hours in the morning, you need to add a 20-minute break in every one or one and half hour. During the breaks, you can rejoin your family if you are home and participate in chores. When the 20-minute break is over, come back to the study. Our mind needs occasional breaks in order to stay alert and productive. Taking regular breaks helps you stay focused on the task.

Do not grumble that you have to study and your family and friends get to enjoy their Christmas holidays. Take it as a challenge and reward yourself when you successfully complete it. assists in completing all due tasks when you are busy enjoying Christmas holidays

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