January 13, 2017

Struggling With Studies and Juggling Between Subjects Abroad? Here’s Help…

Every student dreams of going abroad for pursuing higher studies. But honestly, it doesn’t take much time for this beautiful dream to transform into a nightmare once you reach your destination. Especially, when you have to overcome the barrier of academic difficulties. You seriously feel like a fish out of water, don’t you? It can get really frustrating. But why fear when we are here to help you in your times of academic distress abroad?

Let’s divide this blog into two halves –

  • What are the academic difficulties faced by international students?
  • How can they be handled, tackled and finally overcome?

How International Students can Overcome Academic Difficulties

  1. Language Issues

The first problem that students face is the obstacle of language. They find it difficult to converse with classmates and participate in classroom discussions. They are also not able to follow what the professors are teaching, especially due to their accent. It can be a real pain.


If you want to overcome language barrier, you can express the fact to your professor that you are not being able to catch and cope up due to his accent. Feel free to ask him to explain once again. Also, try to learn the language with the help of a special class, course or program, and by asking classmates for some assistance.

  1. Academic Challenges

Sometimes, students are expected to attend classes of subjects other than what they have chosen or are comfortable in. They have to keep an open mind which most of them find difficult to do. New subjects pose new challenges which become an issue.


Students have to get out of their comfort zones and be unbiased to learn the new and additional subjects. They initially have to force themselves to be attentive in class, and it then comes naturally. Once again, they must ask for help from the professors, or classmates, especially those who are expert in that particular subject. Who knows some of them may be excellent and competent assignment writers who may provide you with useful assignment help? Students must remember that this extra learning will help them to re-discover themselves and will also keep various options open for them as they will be able to explore many fields in future.

  1. Missing Home

A sad or depressed mindset due to everything being new and leaving home can lead to a deficit in concentration while studying and consequently, deterioration of grades. Imagine dealing with something like that!


The key is to mix with everyone and mingle with like-minded people. Once you make friends, you can involve yourself in activities like group studies and recreational activities together. Your newly made friends may also provide you with some college assignment writing help. This will keep you happy, and you will be able to concentrate more, both in class and on your studies which will lead to improved grades.

  1. Health Problems

They say, health is wealth. If you lack good health, everything else doesn’t seem good and is simply fruitless. But once you leave home to study abroad, home-cooked food is out of your reach. That’s when you start binging on junk and outside food almost daily and the rate of your tendency to fall ill shoots high up. If you’re not well, you land up missing classes and don’t even feel like indulging in self-study. This hampers your chance to stay ahead or for that matter, even remain at par with the teaching pace in class.


Make it a point to hit the gym every day (free college gym facility) and also take a daily walk. If you’re not getting oil-free food, try to lessen the quantity of the oily stuff. Get free consultation by the nutritionists and dieticians of your college. If you lead a healthy-hearty life, you will be happy and will be able to cope with study stress.

  1. Budget Management

Money flows out of the pockets like water. Management of budget is difficult irrespective of the fact whether you spend a lot or not. You have to shed ample money for necessary things too. And you finally realize one day that all your money is over and you have to bother your parents again. Moreover, if you take special classes or tuitions, you have to shell out more money. Your finances go for a toss.


Why don’t you take up a part-time job or give tuitions for earning some extra bucks? Also, manage your budget and finances by maintaining a log of what you’re spending on, why and when, and is it really necessary or urgent.

  1. Culture Differences

Culture shock is a huge problem among international students. It takes most students an extremely long time to adjust and accept the culture of students abroad. Due to this massive difference in cultures, international students are reluctant to mix.


Always keep in mind that they are also human beings like you, so there’s no harm in mixing and gelling with them. The more you mingle, the more you get to know and understand them. Work more and more on your English as it is the most universally spoken language. The culture difference will then be a cultural delight.

Everything is so new, that it feels like it’s no longer you. No worries. We have already pointed out your problems and provided the solutions. Remember, we can only help but ultimately it is you who can change your life for the better.


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