September 15, 2014

6 Assignment Writing Mistakes That Could Cost Precious Grades

When you received the assignments from last week, did it bring down your confidence to see the grade scrawled on top of your paper? Did you expect a better grade? Maybe it is time to pay close attention to what it is that stops you from fetching good grades.

Many students make some common mistakes while writing assignments in college. That, in turn, results in lower grades than what they expected. Since most are unable to identify the areas where they keep going wrong, attaining great grades remain elusive to them. Many end up suffering from self-doubt and depression over poor grades in assignments.

If you do not want to fall prey to phases of self-doubt and confidence issues, make sure you know about the most common assignment writing mistakes. It can help you turn in a better assignment the next time around, and get you the scores you deserve for putting in all the hard work.

6 major assignment writing mistakes that might be affecting your scores

You could be making the following 6 mistakes in your assignments. Read on to find out where you could be going wrong.

  1. Not preparing an outline for the assignment

Most students suffer from the bad grade syndrome for months at an end without realising where they are going wrong. Not having a proper outline before you set about to write your assignment only lengthens the process.

Pro tip: Always jot down a rough outline for your assignment the moment you are done with the background study. Write down a few pointers about what will go where. You will find the assignment writing services task to be super-easy once you make this a habit.

  1. Not linking sentences in assignments

Your assignment needs to be a sign of how well you can think analytically. A test to your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, you must make sure that your assignment speaks out to the professors as a coherent whole.

Pro tip: Always start paragraphs in your assignments with a sentence that briefly explains the idea or argument you are to present. In the end, wrap up each paragraph with a linking sentence to the next one that strings the assignment together, keeping the flow of logic and words intact.

  1. Formatting the wrong way

A major issue plaguing the assignment writing tasks for students, formatting is a tough nut to crack indeed. Not knowing how to design the page layout for your assignment can get you a bad grade.

Pro tip: If you cannot complete the formatting tasks all by yourself, get professional assignment help online. Or else you can also try to learn a few tricks to format your assignments by going through online tutorials and YouTube videos.

  1. Not citing external sources carefully

Omitting the list of references in your assignment is akin to plagiarism in academia. You simply won’t be forgiven for it. Quite often, students either muddle up between two or more citation styles or omit the external sources section altogether, having marks deducted for the same.

Pro tip: Follow the referencing guidelines and collate the names of authors, titles and publication details of all external sources that you mention in your assignment. Any idea, quote or argument that you procure externally has to be given due credit. Follow the specific citation style and guidelines to do the same for your assignment.

  1. Not devoting time to edit and proofread

Turning in assignments without editing and proofreading is not uncommon among college students. Professors often complain that they receive assignments with silly typos and other proofreading errors that could easily be done away with.

Pro tip: Revise your assignments a few days after you finish writing them. This gives you the opportunity to look at it objectively. This way, you can quickly identify the errors and eliminate them.

  1. Turning in assignments past the submission deadline

Missing submission deadlines is quite common among students. The delays range from a few hours to a whole week!

Pro tip: Always draw up a schedule the moment you get notice of your assignment. Stick to the schedule (running a day late is okay, but not more than that), and always aim to finish your assignment at least two to three days before the submission deadline.

Summing it up

Be it a structuring issue or omitting a list of references, students are prone to mistakes in their assignments. Go through the 6 common mistakes made by students while writing their college assignments, and make sure that you do not repeat them in your paper. Identify the areas that need improvement and work on it proactively to ensure that you get the best grades the next time you turn in your assignment. Happy writing!

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