September 29, 2017

Wrap Up Your Dissertation With These 5 Perfect Writing Plans

The famous quote of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – A goal without a plan is just a wish source – says about how only having a goal is not enough. The purpose of achieving something without a proper plan does not result into something fruitful. It is evident that to achieve greater things in life, one should have a master plan to act on in order to achieve their purpose in life. This simple quote has greater meaning but for now it can bring the much-needed reality check for you as it seems you are stuck with a dissertation without any proper plan of how to start work on it.

Dissertation is probably the longest writing piece of writing you will ever have to complete. When you get to the point of writing a dissertation, you are almost at the end of an important stage of your education journey. It is probably going to be the most rigorous task that you are about to undertake to complete your course. It might feel like a little daunting and at the start you might feel little panicky, but on completion of the project, you are guaranteed to get so much out of this one project.

What is a dissertation?

The point of your dissertation paper is to give you the opportunity to showcase your skills and capability of conducting research. Before we get any further about how to tackle a big task like writing a dissertation, let us start with one main thing, what is a dissertation? You may found it confusing, but the dissertation is just another research paper. The term is usually used to present the result of independent research work for an undergraduate program. In case you have not planned for it yet, you are most likely to risk your graduation. When you are taking up a huge task like this, you need to make a proper plan about how to complete this 100-200 page long assignment.

Having cold feet already? Frustrated with not finding enough information? Then it is high time that you start to properly plan about how to write dissertation paper. So, it‘s time you stop procrastinating and follow below-stated tips to make writing an impressive dissertation a manageable task.

You need to properly plan what you want to write and what you should avoid. Proper preparation is vital to write a paper thoroughly. Without a methodical planning, you will not be able to map an impeccable dissertation. Here in this post, you will get some ideas about writing an outstanding dissertation. You must go by these tactics if you want to score high score in your dissertation paper.

  • Don’t let others’ fear control your response

While writing a dissertation, you should not be manipulated by others doubts. The majority of students are afraid to undertake any sort of lengthy assignments. Many students get inflicted by others fear. So in order to set up your dissertation properly, first you need to stop overthinking and start making a proper arrangement. If approached correctly, writing a dissertation is a manageable task. Do not get overly influenced by what others have experienced.

  • Having a clear idea about the format would help you in writing the dissertation

Before you even start to think about writing a dissertation, you should get a clear idea about the format. This is one of the primary steps towards planning your write-up. Before you start writing, you better get going with knowing what exactly you are expected to write. Many courses offer seminars to help you with the format of your paper. If you can manage time, it is highly recommended that you attend those seminars in order to know the exact format of writing the dissertation. You need to very careful about what are some special guidelines mentioned. Many programs upload a style guide on expected format of the dissertation. Before start working on your paper, you need to be very sure about you have checked guidelines. You cannot afford to miss out any single requirement while writing your dissertation. While reviewing guidelines try to highlight relevant sections so that you do not face any sort of confusion, later on.

  • Wisely, choose something that interests you

Experts say that choosing something that excites you, makes writing an easy task. While choosing the area of interest, you need to go for something that makes writing the lengthy paper a fun-filled experience for you. Never just for the sake of proving yourself smartest one, choose something about which you do not have any in-depth idea or through knowledge. While choosing your subject area, you must never hurry and choose something about which you need to do a lot of digging to find out relevant information.

Before submitting your paper, try to do as much reading as you can to manage time. Do not take any chance; if you end up choosing a topic, which is wrong for you, you are taking a huge chance with the quality of your dissertation. While selecting a topic for your dissertation, make sure there is enough scope related to that topic and ample of literature to support your thesis question. Experts suggest while choosing a topic, you must initially choose 5-6 topics, then after comparing the availability of sources of information you can select the final one. While choosing your area of interest and then a topic, you need to ask yourself following questions:

  1. Do you have adequate knowledge about the area?
  2. Are you comfortable with writing on this topic?
  3. Does the area or topic is associated with enough scope to conduct an extensive research?

Before you start writing your paper, you need to be well aware of all latest development about that topic. It will help you with finding out the most significant data, and existing scope involves with that subject matter. By reading the most recent development, you will be able to shape your arguments correctly.

  • Outline your dissertation by breaking it into chapters

Once you are set with your topic, it is time to start writing your thesis question. Framing the thesis questions and then by outline your assignments you are making it easier for you to manage the huge task of writing the dissertation. The success of a dissertation depends on how compelling and relevant your research question is. A thesis question is a pivotal point that acts as a backbone of your research paper.

After writing the thesis question, now it is high time for you to set the tone of your dissertation. Next, you need to outline major sections of your dissertation like an introduction, research methodology, data chapters and discussions, etc. Segmenting your dissertation plan as per main chapters would guide you with researching, and you exactly would have the idea of what you need to write in these chapters.

  • Start writing but first set outline of the project

Majority of the students lacks in time management skills and spend too much time in research and gathering information but neglects the writing part. In addition, when at the 11th hour they start writing, it is already too late, and they end up with a half-done or poorly written dissertation.

Now when you are done with segmenting the dissertation in chapters, it is time for you to map out the plan by assigning different deadlines to different tasks. By self-allocating time limits to complete different tasks, you are making the writing process more systematic. Once you have established what you are going to write in every chapter, you must set actual dates for completion of each major milestone or chapters. Never set unrealistic targets, which become next to impossible to reach. Give yourself some practical goals to chase.

Many students who are stuck with writing a dissertation find making plans helpful. So, you are advised to take the time to set a thorough strategic approach. Investing time in planning about how to deal with a dissertation may seem mere waste of time to many, but the knowledge of what you are about to encounter and how to tackle every challenge in your way of completing the dissertation, make writing the paper a lot easier for you. However, strategising your every move before you actually start working on your paper would make writing dissertation enjoyable rather than a dread.

  • Handy checklist is all you need at the 11th hour!

Before you submit your dissertation make sure you have ticked all the below mentioned boxes.

  1. All the guidelines about structure and format of the paper is followed
  2. The paper is well formatted
  3. All necessary chapters are included
  4. List of abbreviation is written properly
  5. You have correctly cited every source
  6. Referencing is done as per specified guideline
  7. The paper is edited and properly proofread
  8. And, check if you have included all the footnotes and endnotes.

Before submitting the dissertation, make sure you have crosschecked all points mentioned above. In case you are not confident, you can ask experts to give your paper the required and expected format. When it comes to the dissertation, you should not take any chance. Whenever you are in doubt, seek professional guidance.

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