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Best Way To Write An Mba Assignment

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Defining the MBA course:

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is considered as a very valued and prestigious degree which helps the pursuant sharpen his/her business development and management skills. The history of this curriculum dates back to 1908 when The Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration was the first to start an MBA program. It consisted of all total 13 faculty members among which 33 were regular students and 47 accounted to special students. In the advancing years, the business school only witnessed unprecedented growth in its number of students as well as in its operations and rightfully claimed how popular the course had become among the young aspirants or individuals. Master of Business Administration imparts an individual with the necessary knowledge of how to successfully manage, lead, organise and adapt to a variety of business environments. MBA equips an individual with both theoretical knowledge as well as exposes him to a practical business environment and challenges. MBA basically aspires an individual to transform his/her raw potentials for achieving greater opportunities. Masters of Business Administration include several core curriculum subjects like accounting, economics, marketing and operations along with certain elective courses as well. MBA is considered as one of the most popular and internationally recognised professional degree in the world, with more than 250 MBA programs available across the globe in varied languages however the predominant language still remains to be English.

Program details and duration

Masters of Business Administration is generally a full-time program which is of a two years duration. There are part-time MBA programs and distance learning MBA programs as well. The duration and frequency of the classes differ in all these programs. The MBA programs are designed in such a manner which will incorporate lectures, case studies, team projects as well as practical learning. The program will also include soft skills training such as leadership and negotiation as well as hard skill training like spreadsheet and project management. There is an entrance exam to pursue this course. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the most prominent entrance exam used for admission in MBA programs. There also exists an MBA admission consulting service team, which is responsible for counselling the MBA applicants and enhancing their chances of getting admission to their desired business school.

Content of the Program:

The course comprises of knowledge of core subjects as well as ensures equal industrial exposure to the pursuant.  After the completion of the first year of the curriculum, the students seek internships. Internship exposes the student to real work setting conditions.  The degree requires a lot of MBA assignments, reports as well as MBA dissertations to be prepared by the student throughout the academic years. Thus it is very necessary for any student to understand the MBA level assignment format and other requirements of these projects so that they are well written and is apt to serve the necessary academic purpose. Thus the following part of the write up will significantly concentrate on certain aspects of writing MBA assignment solutions.

How to Write a Good Assignment for MBA?

Students often seek assignment help for MBA as they struggle to look past the complexity of the task. These assignments help the individuals to gear up and take responsibilities for becoming future managers. These assignments not only focus on certain core subjects of discussion but also emphasise the problem-solving skills, analysing skills and managerial skills of the students.  Thus the necessary steps include:

  • Ascertaining the central theme or idea of the assignment:

The student’s first and foremost important responsibility is to identify the main or central theme of the project. This is very necessary to remain on the right track. For instance, if the marketing professor has given a marketing plan assignment for MBA, the student must extend a closer look at the topic and devise a proper structure regarding the possible areas of research. Like: assessing the brand vision of the chosen organisation, the brand position of the selected organisation in the market, consumer’s relationship with the brand and its future prospects. Once the theme of discussion is clear to the student, it will enable him/her to proceed in a systematic and sound manner.

  • Proper structuring of the assignment content:

Making sub-points on relevant, informative paragraphs in the assignment is considered important because unnecessarily long sentences and text tend to spoil the readability of the text. Instead, the student is expected to include relevant charts, diagrams, graphs and varied other pictorial presentation of data which will help him/her present the research methodology of assignment for MBA in a more comprehensive manner.

  • Including relevant examples is important:

Whenever a student mentions a given theory or law pertaining to his/her field of study or topic, it is also beneficial to support it with necessary and relevant examples to show the practical implication of the proposed theory or law. MBA being a professional course requires the pursuant to incorporate real-life problem-solving strategy which can only be highlighted when he/she cites examples in his assignment. If you cannot decide how to use examples in MBA assignments, you can refer to some sample assignments for MBA students. By studying the example of an MBA assignment, you can learn the right use of data and facts to support an argument in the content.

  • Critical Analysis must be incorporated:

The student needs to understand the gravity which is associated with an MBA assignment – be it a strategic management MBA assignment or an assignment for MBA students on the evolution of management theories. Thus incorporating theories, laws and encrypts from books and journals are not enough. The students must include critical viewpoint regarding the topic, that would help him/her better establish his/her point and also portray how strong are his analytical skills which are considered one of the prime importance for a pursuing manager. Thus critical analysis help to better substantiate the assignment and also portrays the effort undertaken by the student in a detailed analysis of the topic.

  • One should not forget to provide an impressive introduction in the beginning as well as a conclusion in the end:

while the maximum emphasis is laid on the primary content or the body of the assignment that must incorporate the essential attributes of the topic, one must also provide no less emphasis in designing an appropriate introduction and a justified conclusion to the assignment. An impressive intro will not only help the student to capture the required attention of the student but also ensure that the topic has been well understood by the student and will be justified in the rightful manner. According to a standard MBA assignment template, an appropriate intro must include:

Short and meaningful sentence, must not just aim to repeat the very title of the project, must include a personal touch for the reader to better address the situation as well as make the read interesting and appealing.

Another very important aspect of an assignment is its conclusion. It has often been observed that students put the least effort in this section which is indeed a grave mistake on their part.

Conclusion is aimed to justify the whole content of the assignment and wrap up the whole assignment and its main argument. You can refer to the samples of MBA assignments to learn how to present the different sections of the MBA (APA style) assignment format.

The primary points that the conclusion will hold include:  the main problems that have been addressed in the assignment, the required solution which has been framed keeping in mind the main crisis. It can also emphasise the future scope of the project, which can be undertaken in the long run to justify the topic in a more in-depth manner. You can find the right use of such details in MBA assignment format examples.

Masters of Business Administration course prepares individuals and gives them wide market exposure to varied types of careers. The most preferred career choices include business analyst or strategist, entrepreneur, marketing associate or manager, product analysis or strategist, operations analyst. International MBA programs are continuously acquiring brand value along Asia. Since 967, publications have ranked MBA using varied methods. However, media has raised several questions regarding the actual value and recognition of these business school programs after the hug financial crisis of 2007-2010.

However, the changing trends and business scenario have compelled students to pursue such professional courses like MBA, which will equip the future generation with practical business skills to deal with a real-life managerial crisis. There are various honour societies which provide prestigious recognition for exclusive achievements of the MBA pursuant. These honour societies include: Beta Gamma Sigma where the students need to be in the top 20% of their business school rank, Financial Management Association which requires the students to at least have an overall 3.5 GPA in finance and finance-related courses, Delta Mu Delta which requires the student to be among the top 20% of their program’s class and T10 where the membership requires the student to score among the top 10% in the national comprehensive MBA exam. So, whether you study at the London Business School or the Wharton MBA program, writing assignment is something that you need to master at any cost.

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