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MLA Footnotes & Endnotes Guide

If your instructor requests endnotes: Endnotes should be placed on a separate page, after the content of the paper but before the Works Cited page. The page should be titled “Notes,” centered on the page.   MLA Footnotes and Endnotes   The notes themselves should be listed by consecutive numbers that correspond to the......

 Bella Phillips, Published On 10 Aug, 2020 | Updated on 10 Aug, 2023

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Inductive vs Deductive Research Approach

Research and analysis investigate events and entities. They dig deep into the nuances of processes and phenomena surrounding a subject, collating context-specific information and carrying out objective, unbiased, and intellectually-driven analysis. The purpose, focus and objectives of research endeavours vary widely per the different philosophies o......

 Annep Gill, Published On 23 Jun, 2023 | Updated on 07 Nov, 2023

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Driscoll Model of Reflection- Complete Guide

The Driscoll Model of Reflection is a framework or model for carrying out reflective or retrospective analysis. Developed by John Driscoll in 1994, it has been revised twice in 2004 and 2007, is one of the simplest reflective frameworks for reflective writing, and finds prominent application across the nursing domain.  John Driscoll develop......

 Annep Gill, Published On 01 May, 2023 | Updated on 31 Oct, 2023

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Kolb Reflective Cycle -Complete Guide

David Kolb, an American psychologist, professor and education theorist, designed a model reflecting why learning by doing is the most effective method.  The Kolb reflective cycle sheds light on reflective thinking. It focuses on the need to learn through experience. The theory is also termed experiential learning and relies on the simple im......

 Annep Gill, Published On 19 Dec, 2019 | Updated on 22 Nov, 2023

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How to Maintain Balance in Nature?

Have you ever observed how a family runs smoothly? It's because of the balance that prevails in a family. But a family where there is too much chaos, arguments, and one-sided communication has no balance. As a result, such a chaotic family suffers consequences like divorced parents, distances between children, etc.   In the same way, nature ......

 Annep Gill, Published On 30 Sep, 2019 | Updated on 31 Oct, 2023

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