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100+ Best Presentation Topics

So you aim to be the next Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs or TedX Speaker. Or any other fascinating orator you look at for presentation topics. The key to a successful presentation is to infuse a little something to add to your speech – you surely do not want to bore people to death. A successful presentation requires innumerable crucial elem......

 Bella Phillips | 26 Feb, 2024

Research Paper Help

100+ Research Paper Topic & Ideas

A research paper is nothing but an informative write-up based on the original work of the author. The paper would comprise of self-analysis of the topic concerned, based on extensive research and accumulation of helpful data. A research paper can be of any form. It can be a thesis paper, dissertation or a term paper. However, it is to be noted ......

 Anne Gill | 12 Dec, 2023

Dissertation Writing Help

11 Mistakes that Professors Never Want to See in Dissertation

We are adults now. We make decisions on our own, some change our lives, and some leave us with deep regret. And once the deed is done, it cannot be reversed. There’s the only scope for banging your head on the wall. So taking the right decision at the right time is necessary, especially when you are writing a dissertation. One mistake and......

 Anne Gill | 21 Nov, 2023

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