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Since Master of Science (MS) in Nursing

Pr. Ayyub Wasem

United Kingdom, London

MS in Nursing


Master of Science (MS) in Nursing

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Master of Science (MS) in Nursing


Being a Master of Science in Nursing from the Imperial College London, I am a highly experienced Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Nurse Specialist at National Health Services (NHS) Jobs, London. My responsibility here is very critical, as I am responsible for delivering high quality specialist care and support to patients.    About Me I have completed my MS in Nursing from the Imperial College London, UK. Apart from my services here, I am also associated with delivering my excellence in the subject. My role at National Health Services (NHS) and independent, but the comparability exist in the subject. Here, I am responsible for running nurse-led clinics, domiciliary reviews, co-ordination of treatment pathways and patient education programmes. Be that as it may, with, I have practised my excellence of the subject to provide the students with unmatched assistance. In my journey with, I have managed to help numerous students with my expertise in the subject. Possessing a rich knowledge in the subject has allowed me to deliver numerous assignments, examine papers, essays, and much more. Therefore, collaborating with has allowed me an opportunity to use my excellence for the advantages of the students.