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Harvey Martin

United Kingdom, London

MBA in Accounting


Sr. Senior Accountant

Professional Skills

senior accountant, MBA in Accounting


Occupation   After pursuing an MBA in accounting, I have worked with some of the leading IT firms in the UK. At present, I am working with Allen & Overy in London. As a senior accountant here, my job is to monitor and maintain all the records required to balance the accounts. I have rich experience with some of the leading firms in the accounting industry. Other than my role here, I am also associated with providing my expertise in the subject. My role at Allen & Overy and at are meant to be poles apart, but the similarity lies within the subject. As the senior manager of Accounts at Allen & Overy, I am responsible for monitoring and keeping track of the employee’s account within the organisation. But wit, I practice my excellent knowledge of the subject to cater to those who seek professional help. My alliance with has been helping the needful students for the past three years. Possessing a vast knowledge in accounting has allowed me to deliver numerous assignments, research papers, essays, dissertations, and much more. With a platform like, subject experts like me get an opportunity to utilise our expertise for the benefits of the students.   Professional Skills   Being a Master of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Warwick, UK, I have successfully catered to those who seek my expertise in the subject. During my tenure as an MBA student at the University of Warwick, I have completed countless research papers, thesis, articles, etc. Thus, being a scholar at the university, most of my works got published and are available for the students in the university library. My superior command over the subject has contributed significantly to my academic success. Therefore, collaborating with has allowed me to share my expertise globally. I am genuinely thankful to for providing the experts like me with a huge platform to help the students. Thus, every student seeking my expertise in accounting can avail my services at   Experience   After pursuing my MBA, I have been working with some of the most renowned IT firms in the UK. Being an expert in accounts, I have worked for the mutual benefit of the organisation and my personal growth. Today, I see my work getting published and available for the students in the college library. But the services of has helped me significantly to increase the range of my expertise.