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Isabel Naylor

United Kingdom, London

Masters of MSc in Economics


I am an MSc in Economics from Cardiff University, United Kingdom.

Professional Skills

Masters of Science in Economics from Cardiff University,


I have completed my Masters of Science in Economics from Cardiff University, UK. Despite my role here, I am a highly qualified expert at After pursuing my Masters in Economics from Cardiff University, UK, I have devoted myself to guiding those who seek expert advice on the subject. During my college days, I have submitted countless write-ups like research papers, articles, etc. Even today, my write-ups get published in school magazines or available to the students in the college library. Thus, after joining my forces with has allowed me the opportunity to polish my skills; delivering the best to the students. After pursuing my MSc in Economics, I can proudly call myself as a professional dedicated to help the students who are overwhelmed under their academic stress. My role at Deliveroo and vary distinctly, but knowledge is the similarity between my parts. Thus, a medium like has proved its significance as the most effective channel to transfer the power of education.