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Josh Doherty

United Kingdom, Bedford

PhD in Mechanical Engineering


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Professional Skills

Senior Mechanical Engineer at Alliance Consulting, UK


Being a Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, I have a rich experience of working with some of the leading mechanical firms. Currently, I am a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Alliance Consulting, UK. As a senior/principle mechanical engineer, my job here is to lead the optomechanical design and development of sealed laser products, from components and assemblies up to full laser systems. Other than my contribution here, I am likewise connected with delivering my aptitude in the subject. My role at Alliance Consulting and at are not very similar, but the comparability exists in the subject. Being a principle mechanical engineer, I am responsible for directing the technical activities of the mechanical engineering section by making crucial decisions. Be that as it may, with, I have practised my phenomenal learning of the subject to provide the students with expert assistance. In these five successful years with, I have been benefiting those who seek my expertise in the subject. Possessing a rich knowledge in the subject has allowed me to deliver numerous assignments, examine papers, essays, papers, and a lot more. Therefore, joining forces with has provided me with a chance to use my aptitude for the advantages of the students. After conquering my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Cardiff University, I have successfully obliged the students who seek my aptitude in the subject. During my tenure as a PhD student at the at Cardiff, I have finished endless research papers, proposal, articles, and so on. Following the trend, as a researcher, a significant amount of my works got distributed and are accessible for the students in the college library. My dedication to the subject has significantly contributed than my scholastic achievement. Contemporary to this, joining forces with has allowed me to share my expertise all around. I appreciate for furnishing the experts like me with a huge platform to support the students. Thus, every student looking for my mastery in mechanical engineering can seek my help at After seeking after my PhD, I have been working with probably the most prestigious mechanical industries in the UK. Being a specialist in mechanical engineering, I have worked for the shared advantage of the association and my self-awareness. Today, I see my work getting distributed and accessible for the students in the school library. Be that as it may, the administrations of has helped me fundamentally to expand the scope of my mastery.