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Leon Sharp

United Kingdom, Leeds

MS in Statistics


Statistician, teaching

Professional Skills

Statistician, teaching


Occupation    Currently, I am a Statistician at St George’s, University of London. After completing my MS in Statistics, I have been practising in the field for around five years. Being one of the scholar students at the University of Leeds, I have always been a step ahead of others. At St George’s, University of London, I have been teaching statistics for over a decade. Before here, I have also worked with some of the big leagues of the UK statistical organisations. But my role here comes with great responsibility and proves to be hounding. Providing students with a quality education is a highly sensitive responsibility as it decides their future. Unlike other IT jobs, teaching becomes much more complicated as it determines the fate of the students. Apart from my role here, I am also associated with for over a couple of years. As of my personal experience, I can state that a platform like is a perfect platform to deliver my expertise to the students. For over a couple of years, I have rescued thousands of students from their adversities with the help of With my expertise in statistics, I have experiences in writing assignments, research papers, essays, dissertations, and much more. Therefore, a platform like has allowed me to help countless students who seek professional help in statistics.   Professional Skills   Being a Master of Science in Statistics from the University of Leeds, UK, I have successfully catered to those who seek my expertise in the subject. While pursuing my MS in Statistics, I have written various research papers, thesis, articles, etc. Moreover, most of my works are published and available for the students in the college library. My achievements there have allowed me to be considered as one of the alumni members of the university. My excellent command over the subject helped me to earn a scholarship entry in the university. Thus, after joining forces with have allowed me to deliver excellence to those who seek my expertise. A platform like this works for the mutual benefit of the expert as well as the students.   Experience    After completing my MS, I pursued my career as a professor in Statistics. Today, being an expert of the subject, I have been delivering my expertise to thousands of students through Together, we have successfully rescued numerous students from their adversities by providing them with the best professional knowledge.