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Dr. Nadeem Harb

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As a Master of Science in Forensic Auditing from Durham University, I have worked with some of the leading firms in the UK. At present, I am working as a Forensic Accountant with Brimstone Consulting in London. Being a Forensic Accountant, I am responsible for Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation, and Insolvency cases. My role at Brimstone Consulting becomes very crucial as every forensic and auditing file goes for further processing after my approval. I have completed my MSc in Forensic Auditing from Durham University, UK. Other than my contribution here, I am likewise connected with delivering my aptitude in the subject. My role at Brimstone Consulting and are not very similar, but the comparability exists in the subject. Being a Forensic Audit officer, I am responsible for monitoring and controlling the finance sector to ensure healthy income. Be that as it may, with, I have practised my phenomenal learning of the subject to provide the students with expert assistance. In these three successful years with, I have been benefiting those who seek my expertise in the subject. Possessing a rich knowledge in the subject has allowed me to deliver numerous assignments, examine papers, essays, papers, and a lot more. Therefore, collaborating with has provided me with a chance to use my aptitude for the advantages of the students.