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Nicole Gibson

United Kingdom, Leeds

Masters in Accounts 


Masters in Accounts from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Professional Skills

I am a Masters in Accounts from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.


After pursuing my Masters in Accounts from the University of Leeds, UK, I have devoted myself to guiding those who seek expert advice on the subject. During my tenure as a Masters student, I have completed countless write-ups like research papers, articles, etc. Thus, after joining my forces with has allowed me the opportunity to polish my skills; delivering the best to the students. I have pursued my Masters in Accounts and practising my skills in the real world. Now, I proudly call myself as a professional dedicated to help the students who are overwhelmed under their academic stress. My role at Charles Taylor Plc and vary distinctly, but knowledge is the similarity between my parts. With a dedication to utilizing my expertise to help those who seek guidance in the subject, I have helped countless students over the past few years. Thus, a medium like has proved its significance as the most effective channel to transfer the power of knowledge.