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Ferrero Group Operates and Business


Write an essay on Ferrero group.


Ferrero group operates its business by manufacturing as well as marketing of spreads, bakery products, mints, food and beverage products as well as drinks along with snacks. The company exhibits a significant amount of control over the customers with the help of maximum level of transparent business activities as well as excellent quality. The company believes that the long lasting relationship generated by the trust of their customer is the bane of the actual success of the company (Torres-Moreno et al., 2012). The major targeted customer base of the company is young people of all over the world. The young people will be focused on the nutritional breakfast as well as calories resistant product. In addition to that, the company also focuses on the older people by the appearance of the products. Moreover, the customers are highly attracted towards the products of Ferrero Group through a reasonable price for the product (Ferrero Group, 2016). 

After analyzing the microenvironment of the food and beverage market, it can be identified that the major competitors in the food and beverage market are Hershey’s, Mars Incorporated, Kraft Foods as well as Nestle Ltd. The Nestle Ltd is still considered as the most popular food and beverage manufacturer in all over the world (De Pelsmaeker et al., 2015). In addition to that, Mars Incorporated is another crucial US originated food and beverage companies which are highly reputed in respect to manufacturing as well as selling a higher range of food and beverage products. In addition to the above mentioned companies, the Kraft foods, as well as Hershey's, is renowned for its generous market share. In addition to that, there are various other companies which have been consumed 40% of total sales from a very early age (Torres-Moreno et al., 2012).

Ferrero group immensely put the emphasis on the marketing objectives which are supposed to allow the company securing the loyalty of the customers along with attracting the unconvinced customers. The competitive advantages, as well as core competencies of the company, deeply rotate around several attributes such as taste, customer satisfaction as well as quality (De Pelsmaeker et al., 2015). The company has grasped the premium confectionery product position within the whole food and beverage market. It can be said that the high price of products associated with the significant quality has ensured the respective position for the company. 

 Added to the above disclosure the micro-environment analysis of the food and beverage market has also been able to reveal that the customer has an impressive level of awareness regarding the brand (López-Calleja et al., 2015). The company has a distinct capability to adopt with the political revolution of the marketing process. Moreover, the company has been able to meet the demand of the customer with a continuous ease. In addition, the company has been able to implement the technological innovation for the quality product provision. In the same context, it is also observed that the company is strongly dependent on their suppliers. These crucial factors have enabled the company to control various market factors effectively in order to gain the competitor advantage (Ferrero Group, 2016)

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