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Fulfillment Order Process Model


Write an essay on Fulfillment Order Process Model under Swim Lane Approach.


Swim Lane Approach is a type of visual technique to describe the process flow of any specific work flow. It is generally used for drafting flowcharts or process diagrams. The technique helps to explain the job responsibilities for the sub-processes within a specific business process.
Under Sim Lane approach the flow charts are created by dividing the chart into parallel horizontal lanes. Each lane use to represent a specific person or group with particular job responsibilities. The vertical lanes represent the specific sub processes of the overall business process (Grobelna and Grobelna 2015).
The following chart is presented to describe the fulfillment order process, as described in the case study, under Swim Lane Approach:-
Scope of Improvement:-
There are few areas in the fulfillment order process of Tapzeem, where the company may give some additional focus to improve the overall process. Some of the areas are described below:-
1)      Direct Order for Existing Clients:-
The orders of the existing clients are directly sent to the warehouse for dispatch. The orders of the existing clients should also be sent to the credit control clerk to check the outstanding amount and the payment details of the client.
The company should fixed a maximum limit of outstanding and apply rules for payment. If the outstanding amount of any client is over the limit, then its order should not processed and rejected (Prett and García 2013).
2)      Quality Control:-
The case study do not mention about any quality inspection of the dispatching goods. The company deals with pharmaceutical drugs. Hence, it is very necessary to check the quality of products.
The supervisor should also check the quality of the material along with the quantity before dispatching the same to the clients.
3)      Distribution of the Invoices:-
The sales invoice is directly send to the clients by the sales ledger clerk. The sales team is not included in this process.
For better control, the sales team should also be provided with one copy of the invoices. The sales persons handle the clients directly. If they are provided with the copy of invoice, they would also get updated with order status. Moreover, they can follow up with the clients for the payments also.
4)      Return of Orders:-
The orders, which are incomplete are rejected and sent back to the clients. The orders can be incomplete for various reasons.
When the orders are rejected for incompleteness, then the company should give the client a time-period, within which the client can complete the order form and re-produce it to the company. If they are rejected just for small mistakes, that can create negative impact on the clients (Crocker et al. 2012).
a)      Implementation of Reengineering Process within Organization:-
Re-engineering process within an organization is commonly known as Business Process Re-engineering. It is basically business management strategy, which provides assistance for analyzing the and designing the work flow structure and business process of an organization. It gives more emphasis on the objectives of the organization and the relation between the processes and the objectives, and recreate the processes, which can serve the objectives with more realistic approach rather than to follow the general traditional methods (Childe et al. 2013).
The business organizations implement re-engineering process for various purposes. The purposes are explained below:-
-          Altercations in the work group, especially in the executive part
-          Conversion of single job into multidimensional task
-          Changes in the job responsibility of the staffs
-          Making the staffs more flexible
-          Altercations in the performance indicators and salaries for the output of the staffs
-          Changing the promotion factor from activity-based to capability-centric
-          Changing the role of managers from supervisor to leader or guide
-          Changing the hierarchy structure of the organization to the actual level (Arai and Sun 2012)
b)     Methods of Re-engineering Process:-
The various  types of Business Process Re-engineering are mentioned below:-
a)      Hammer & Champy Method:-
-          Advantages :  The Hammer/Champy model use to focus on identification and selection of the key factors of the processes.
-          Disadvantages:- This model is based on the general aspects of the businesses. It is not very effective for specific activity-related processes (Model 2013).
b)     Davenport :-
-          Advantages: This model use to set the project according to vision and goal set at primary stage.
-          Disadvantages:- Davenport model use to apply information technology for redesigning the processes. On unavailability of the It resources this model became ineffective (Natarajan 2014).
c)      Manganelli/Klein:-
-          Advantages:- It gives more priority on the technical & social structure of the organization.
-          Disadvantage:- This method is applicable for the technological & social increment within an organization. Other aspects of the organization are not so much affected by the implementation of the process.
d)     KODAK:-
-          Advantages:- This method is more effective for changing the management (Hustič 2013).
-          Disadvantages:- As the method use to change the management structure, the risks related to managerial staffs and knowledge gets higher.reference List:-
Arai, K. and Sun, Y.J., 2012. Effects of business process re-engineering: BPR for local government information systems. Science, 3(4)
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Hustič, I., 2013. The use of balanced scorecard and the cognitions of Dialectical Systems Theory as an opportunity for innovative renewal of company operations. Global Journal of Management And Business Research, 13(3)
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