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Address Customer Needs the Real Assets


Describe about the Address Customer Needs the Real Assets.


Consumers are the real assets of any organization, and retaining them should be one of the important goals of the firm. One single instance of a bad consumer service may lead to the loss of a potential client. Hence, it is important to handle the consumers more effectively and positively (Chung and Han 2016). There are ample examples of a poor quality consumer service, four of which are discussed below:
Once a consumer walks in a showroom, it is the responsibility of the working staffs to greet him. However, it often happens that although the consumer enters the showroom, each employee remains indifferent, and does not acknowledge the presence of the consumer. The consumer should always feel himself to be valued, failing which he may fail to develop a positive relation with the organization (Kim and Watada 2014).
A consumer may not behave consistently all the time, and in case he is discontent with the service or the product, he may express grudge. In such situation, the working staffs need to retain their composure. However, at times, the working staffs start retorting with abusive words, and misbehave with the clients.
Time is an important factor for anyone, and the consumer is no exception here. It often happens that a consumer has been waiting in a showroom to avail the service, and yet not a single employee comes up on the scene, to help him out in availing the service.
Courtesy is an important aspect of good consumer care service. However, nowadays, the employees have become forgetful about these commonplace niceties and as such they are professional while dealing with the consumers. The omission of words such as “Please” or “Thank you”, while communicating with the employees, may leave him feel unwanted (Oliver 2015).
It is absolutely important for the employees to strengthen their consumer skills. It is important to develop the communicative skills for the purpose of interacting with the consumers. It is highly important to treat each customer politely, and to make him feel valued. Again, it is also advisable that when a consumer enters the showroom, the employees should invest all their time and attention to help him out. Socializing with his co-employees, or remaining engaged in his own work, may leave the employee discontent. Even if a consumer is complaining, his feedback and negative response should be salvaged and turned into an opportunity of improving service, rather than yelling back at him (Solomon 2014).
It is important to ensure that the consumers will not encounter such poor consumer service in future. Hence, for this reason, the working staffs will be provided soft skill as well as interpersonal communication skill development training, meant for grooming their professional and interactive skills. The employees will also be asked to participate in the professional seminars and conferences. Further, consumers will be asked to rate and evaluate the customer service of each employee (Yang 2012).
Before providing customer service training to the employees, it is important to identify and understand the consumer needs. It can be understood that the working staffs do not possess sufficient knowledge about courtesy, nor are they proficient in establishing communication with the customers. Hence, soft skill as well as communication training is to be provided to each of the employees. Apart from professional trainers training the employees at periodic intervals, the experienced employees will also be assigned with the duty of training the fresh or inefficient employees. Further, the employees will be trained to learn and develop the skills of listening, patience as well as work ethics. Apart from the training sessions, the organization will also conduct telephonic survey, or an email survey to get an insight into the rate of consumer satisfaction, so that it can be understood to what extent the implementation of the training methods, are helping the consumers improve their behavioral skills (Lewis 2013).

It can be clearly understood that the consumer, who is otherwise the real asset for nay organization, was not being treated in a desirable manner. There is no gain stating the fact, that each organization if willing to sustain itself in future must pay proper heed to the needs as well as the expectations of the consumers. An organization is able to leave a positive impact on the consumer not only through the quality of the product sold, but also through the quality of the service offered to the consumer, before or after the sale of the product (Yang 2012).


The importance of workplace documentation in an organization cannot be overemphasized. The workplace documentation explains the rules, regulations and ethics of an organization in a written form. The organization at hand should have a hard copy of the Do’s and Don’ts of a customer service. Further, the employees seemed absolutely clueless about the demands and requirements of the consumer. The employees should have books, or papers providing overview of the products getting sold. Again, workplace documentation is also important because it helps an organization keep the details of each and every incident that is happening in an organization. However, the most important function of documentation is that it helps the managers or the owners communicate effectively, the important messages as well as the instructions to the concerned employees. In this case, the organization apparently did not have any documentation, stating and explaining the guidelines for workplace ethics. Hence, in absence of any manual guide, the employees behaved in whatsoever way they liked. With the implementation of  employee documentation, the working staffs will tend to be more cautious and alert, while behaving or dealing with the consumers. Undoubtedly, the instructions must have been orally communicated to the employees, but it is only through written communication, does an organization succeed in passing a strong message to its employees. The employee handbooks can effectively solve the problems, such as misbehavior and indifference towards consumers, or even it can be successfully employed for the purpose of resolving workplace disputes. The workplace documentation is an effective way of communicating the work rules and business policies to each of the employees (Hart et al. 2014).

4: Customer Service Liaison Manager

Bizops Store, Kingston

Dear Ma’am,

It is with great regret we acknowledge that we have received your letter. We owe you our apology for having you encountered a poor customer service at our showroom. We would like to apologize to you for the undesirable and absolutely objectionable treatment that you received from the employees of our store.

First of all, I am personally apologizing for the inconvenience you faced at our store. I would like to ensure that now that we have received your complaint, we would try everything in our hand to ensure that such things do not repeat in future. I would like to thank you for having identified the employee, and having mentioned her name to us. We would like to inform you that we have already taken effective step against the working staffs involved, and we are ensuring that such things do not happen on part of our staffs in future.

I would like you to know that we value each of our consumers, and the vision of our organization is to let our customers avail the best products as well as the service of our organization. Having said that, I would request you that you are free to provide us with any kind of feedback in future. We look forwards to your co-operation, as we are eager to continue serving you.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs. Dorothy Burton

2965 Diamond Gully Road

Kingston ACT

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Yang, Y.F., 2012. Studies of transformational leadership in the consumer service workgroup: cooperative conflict resolution and the mediating roles of job satisfaction and change commitment. Psychological reports, 111(2). provides homework help from K-12 and beyond. Our homework writing services cover a vast range of subjects and can help students with their essays, projects, book reports and more. We have more than 3000 highly qualified homework writing helpers on our team to make sure students get only the best.

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