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Advanced Encryption Standard Network Security


Discuss about the Advanced Encryption Standard Network Security.



In this paragraph, comparison between three data encryption standards for WiMAX networks will be provided.

The first standard is AES (Advanced Encryption standard) with 128 bit key. It is a symmetric block cipher and it is chosen by the United States government for protection of classified information (Heron, 2009). AES is comprised of three block ciphers which are AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256. The function of each cipher is to encrypt and decrypt data in blocks of 128 bits. The cryptographic keys that are used are 192, 128 and 256 bits.

The next encryption standard is RSA (Rivest, Shamir and Adleman) with 1024 bit key. This is basically a cryptosystem made for public key encryption. It is mainly used for securing sensitive data over networks that are not secured ("What is RSA algorithm (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman)? - Definition from", 2018). Two different mathematically linked keys where one is public and the other one is private are used in asymmetric cryptography which is also known as public key cryptography. In this encryption standard, both the keys can be used to encrypt a message.  

The 3rd standard is 3-DES (triple digital encryption standard). A type of computerized cryptography where in each data block, block cipher algorithms are applied there times. Key size can be increased in this standard for ensuring additional security. 64 bits of data is contained in each block. Bundle keys are another name for the three keys with 56 bits per key.  

Traffic coordination in wireless medium and methods to prevent collision.

In a shared wireless medium, to coordinate traffic between nodes properly MAC (Media access layer) is used. This layer is one of two sub layers which make up data link layer of the OSI model ("What is MAC Layer? Webopedia Definition", 2018). The main function of this layer is to move data packets between NIC (Network information Card) to another shared channel. The sub layer that is Media access control uses some protocols for ensuring signal sent form distinct channels must not collide with each other. CSMA (Carrier sense multiple access) is a protocol for media access control layer which is basically used for collision detection and avoidance. In this protocol, before transmitting on a shared medium verifies the absence of other traffic. Here, a transmitter before initiating a transmission determines whether another transmission is in progress and uses a carrier sense mechanism for that.  After that the transmitter tries to detect presence of carrier signal before trying to transmit. When a carrier is sensed, then a node will wait for already happening transmission to complete. There are variation of this protocols present and these are collision resolution, collision detection and collision avoidance technique. 

Internet of things is a common term nowadays when every application utilizes this concept. For cars to coffee machine internet of things is everywhere. The concept that is ‘energy harvest’ offers advantages to improvement and development of Internet of things. This energy harvest is a critical component for creating mobile and autonomous applications which will be able to operate for a longer period of time without the need for recharging the battery. Additionally it will help to cut the cost by delaying replacement for the battery (Waldock, 2017). The setup of energy harvesting system is not very complex. Ambient energy is converted to harvested power by energy harvesting transducer. After this the, PSU (Power management unit) transforms the harvested power into a form of usable power. In the energy harvesting power generation design, energy storage forms a critical component. Here, the storage will be used as an energy buffer. The buffer will collect power requirements of sensor node. For the most effective design, there is a need to estimate how much power could be harvested from the energy that is available. Light energy would be available in case of a photovoltaic system. Additionally, a thermoelectric harvester could also be developed. The most important thing is to select a harvester type based on available energy.


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