Narcissism and Coach Interpersonal Style

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Discuss about the Narcissism and Coach Interpersonal Style.


Narcissism and Coach Interpersonal Style


The self-determination theory focusses on the development of the ideologies about the self among individual focussing on the development of the ideals among the selves regarding perusing certain issues in the society. The ideology and the mind-set of the people having low self-esteem issues due to the physical form is one of the important reasons of people giving up their pursuits of improvement of their health as seen in the case of Sarah. One of the major issues in the context is the issues that a woman faces while comparing herself to the other people who come to the gymnasium (Matosic et al., 2017). The issue that Sarah faces is with the identification of herself where she cannot perform according to her expectations as she was underperforming in relation with the others.

The psychological aspects that plays a role in the forging of the relations between the people in an environment. The failings of Sarah causes a major issue in her communication with her peers which will also negatively impact her motivation to pursue her weight reduction. The lack of her perseverance in doing what was needed to lose her weight. One of the important perspectives that Sarah feels is that she is incompetent to be in the place. She could not focus on the work at hand as she had led a sedentary lifestyle (Liu, Wang & Ryan, 2015). I will focus on the development of the psychological aspect of the mind-set of Sarah focusing on her development of the various ideas of including positive reinforcement of her behaviour about the various aspects affecting her. According to the Self-determination theory her ideology about the identity of herself has been affected due to the years of redundancy and sedentary approach. In this case the competition makes her more aware of her weakness rather than increasing her focus on working towards her development. I need to make her understand about the changes she needs to make and the gradual development that the workout will bring in her life (Nicholls, 2017). Rather than indulging her with the regular gym members I would like her to train alone for some time and gain her confidence. The positive change in her body I think will help her in working towards better results.

The overall motivation of interacting with the individuals in this case in the way in which Sarah can improve her ideology and be confident about the changers that she wishes to see in herself. Though she has joined reluctantly, I would make her interact with a number of people who were facing same weight issued and underwent extreme physical changes in due time. This will help her in working towards her goals and motivate her in focussing on the overall development of her health. I think her self-consciousness and the lack of motivation are some of the reasons which hinder her development and thereby affect her negatively. In think I would arrange a plan for Sarah to socialize other than focussing on her physical changes so that she feels motivated to come to the gymnasium.


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