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Company and Associations Law


Dsicuss about the Company and Associations Law.


NetComm Wireless Australia

Background of the Company

NetComm Wireless is the first company in Australia that developed the first modem in Australia. Ever since then, the company that was developed by a small team has evolved to become one of the leading global innovators of data communication technologies over time. The company was publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 21st December 1993. Towards the end of 1997, NetComm and Banksia Technologies that was founded by the present CEO and Managing Director, David Stewart and they jointly dominated the Australian Modem Market and thus the two companies merged (, 2016).

NetComm slowly over time expanded into the market of Machine-to-Machine and this followed with a 2008 acquisition of the Call Direct Cellular Solutions which is a specialist developer of 3G wireless data and voice solutions. This also includes security, surveillance, public infrastructure, agribusiness and mining (, 2016). The developmental timeline of NetComm Wireless can be given in the following points:

  • They established the first dial-up modem in 1983;
  • Subsequently, the ASDL modem was developed in 1999;
  • In 2005, the VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter was set up;
  • After that, in 2005, the integrated device combined with ADSL and VoIP was developed;
  • The 21 Mbps router was developed in 2009;
  • In 2012, they developed the outdoor router deployed by Telstra (Australia), Vodafone (Global) and Etisalat (UAE) (, 2016).

Board of Directors

The non-executive director and chairperson of the company is Justin Milne. He is a well-qualified and knowledgeable company director having a number of years experience in serving several different industries (, 2016). From 2002 to 2010, Milne was the MD of Telstra's telecommunications and broadband services. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and MD (Managing Director), David Stewart, was a founder of Banksia Technology Pty Limited. The organization came into existence in 1988 and henceforth he started managing the organization. He still is the largest shareholder of NetComm. The CFO and Executive Director of the company is Ken Sheridan. Before joining NetComm, he has expertise is managing several finance companies previously. Stuart Black is one of the independent and non-executive directors of the organization. He has immense years of experience and expertise in managing financial services, import, bio-technology, agri-business, IT services and import distribution (, 2016). Along with this, Ken Bounty is another independent as well as non-executive director. He holds several offices at present and is one of the nonexecutive directors of NetComm.

Internal Governance Rules

The company apart from relying on the replaceable rules also has a constitution of its own. It maintains its disclosure provisions in the Corporations Act and the ASX listing rules which mean that both civil and criminal liabilities are imposed on the directors and other officers if material information is not given to the market according to listing rule 3.1 (, 2016).

The tenets require representatives of NetComm Wireless to advise the Company Secretary or Managing Director when they get to be mindful of already undisclosed data which may oblige discharge to the business sector under posting principle 3.1. The Managing Director must choose whether or not a declaration or another activity is required and start the declaration or other activity as required (, 2016). The Board of NetComm Wireless considers whether there are any matters requiring exposure in appreciation of every last thing of business that it considers. Furthermore, it takes note of all matters which were uncovered since the last meeting.

Posting standard 3.1 requires "prompt" revelation of any data concerning NetComm Wireless of which NetComm Wireless is or gets to be mindful, that a sensible individual would certainly expect to significantly affect the charge or opinion of shares and different securities of NetComm Wireless (, 2016). Area 674 of the Corporations Act fortifies posting guideline 3.1 by making criminal and common punishments for resistance.

Description of Shareholders

NetComm largely has preferential shareholders and the unpaid calls on shares are made in the Annual General Meetings of NetComm (, 2016).

Last AGM and Agenda

The last Annual General Meeting of NetComm Wireless was held on 18th November 2015 (, 2016).

The following points those were thoroughly discussed at 2015’s Annual General Meeting are enlisted below:

  • To accept as well as judge the Directors' Report, Auditor's Report and Financial Report pertaining to NetComm Wireless Limited up to 30th June, 2015 (ACN 002 490 486).
  • To pass the following resolution if it is found fit and relevant. The advisory resolution is: "That the Company's Remuneration Report for the year ended 30 June 2015 be adopted. A voting exclusion statement applies to this Resolution 1 and is set out in full in the Explanatory Memorandum to this Notice of Annual General Meeting."
  • Approval of issue sharing appreciation rights with Mr. David Stewart for settling them in shares or cash.
  • Approval of issue sharing appreciation rights with Mr. Kenneth Sheridan for settling them with shares or cash (as per resolution 5).
  • To pass the resolution if it is found to be relevant and appropriate unlike any other ordinary resolution. The resolution is: "that, subject to resolution 3 being passed, for the purposes of listing rule 10.14 and section 195(4) of the corporations act, and for all other purposes, Shareholders approve the issue 500,000 share appreciation rights to Mr. Kenneth Sheridan (or his nominee) and the settlement of those share appreciation rights with shares or cash under the company's long-term incentive plan, for the purpose and on the terms set out in the explanatory memorandum accompanying this notice of annual general meeting". Along with this, exclusion to this voting statement is also applied to this declaration or decree 5. It is, therefore, set out for fulfilling the memorandum pertaining to this following notice that was set as per general annual meeting.
  • Shareholders have an opportunity to ask the Chairman relatable questions pertaining to management, operations and business procedures within the organization, at the General Annual Meeting. The Company Auditor is also present during the meeting for asking questions to shareholders and commenting about the overall preparation, content and conduct of the report that has to be submitted by the Auditor.

James Hardie and Director’s Breach of Duties

A case was prosecuted in High Court of Australia regarding Director’s Breach of Duties. It was found out seven previous directors of James Hardie were liable for breaching their duties.  Even more, they also approved that a misleading statement was released to the Australian Stock Exchange related to asbestos compensation fund of the company.

In the year 2001, James Hardie bunch decided to segregate from two of its backups that were tackling important individual damage claims related to asbestos case. It, therefore, established a set-up for paying the asbestos-related ailing sufferers. It also explored certain medical stores that helped in discovering effective healings for these ailments. This step towards the effected people was declared to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) that showed the establishment was "completely subsidized" and had "sufficient assets for meeting expected future cases." The announcement was found misleading and false as the asset nearly had storage of $1.3 billion. After a systematic investigation, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) reported procedures against James Hardie’s executives and officers to the Supreme Court of NSW, 2012).

The High Court has detained James Hardie Industry’s seven directors those shattered their obligations through a deceptive announcement to the stock trade.

The High Court also detained the organization’s secretary and general direction Peter James Saffron, for neglecting his obligations with deliberation and purpose. He was also detained due to supporting the false announcement of providing remuneration store to the asbestos infected (Lamont, 2012).

It has been nearly 11 years since James Hardie got shunted due to its asbestos liabilities into a unique establishment as well as in false announcement of the stock that guaranteed of the complete subsidized of the organization for meeting future claims. "Completely supported" it wasn’t so, and within three years the overall asset was becoming short on cash (, 2016). An open feeling was turned on that showed the demonstration of corporate bastards. James Hardie got migrated to Netherlands, leaving a rapidly abolition pot for the wounded of asbestos-related ailment. It was later seen that the establishment had been underfunded by nearly $1.5 billion.

A great division of general population insult fixated on the chiefs and administrators of the organization - and now the High Court has conveyed the most noteworthy legitimate portion in 10 years in length adventure concerning directorial obligations (Lamont, 2012). The Australian Securities and Investments Commission propelled a common body of evidence against those seven executives of James Hardie and other officers in 2007. In the year 2009, Justice Ian Gzell of the NSW Supreme Court discovered James Hardie's administrator from 2004 to 2007, Meredith Hellicar, and previous non-official chiefs Michael Brown, Michael Gillfillan, Martin Koffel, Dan O'Brien, Greg Terry and Peter Willcox, had ruptured the obligations in supporting a misleading open proclamation. They were even banned from visiting places as organization executives for a pretty long time, and were also fined nearly $30,000 each.

Previouslu, the CEO of James Hardie, Peter Macdonald, was banned for a pretty long time and was also fined with $350,000 for his part in framing the establishment and publicizing it. In December, 2010, the executives requested that judgment where three NSW claim court judges upset the choice, telling that the corporate controller had abandoned to reveal the chiefs that passed a determination at an executive meeting supporting the announcement to the stock trade (Lamont, 2012). The executives were allowed to come back to meeting rooms. ASIC requested against the Court of Appeal choice to the High Court. Taking after today's High Court choice, the case will be transmitted to the NSW Court of Appeal, which will hear a claim by the executives over the first banning and fines orders forced by Justice Gzell (Casson, 2016).

The directors immediately denied the fact that they had endorsed ASX declaration. ASIC, however, depended on minutes of the Board meeting, the day preceding the ASX declaration was made, that alluded to the endorsement and tabling of the declaration as well as to the minutes of the following Board meeting. The minutes of the earlier meeting were received by that time and were marked by the seat similar to a "genuine and right record" (Stuff, 2016). The judge found that the Board had confirmed the declaration of ASX and in doing as such the Chiefs had neglected to release their obligations with due consideration and tirelessness. As a result, the judge forced monetary sentence orders against the Chiefs and also prohibited them from going about as executives of an organization.

Some of these directors offered the choice of appealing to the NSW Court (Lamont, 2012). The Court found that “ASIC didn’t demonstrate its confirmation that the Directors had authorized the ASX statement at a Board meeting the day preceding to the declaration was made and, promote, that in not calling James Hardie's specialist to give proof at the hearing. ASIC had broken its obligation as a regulator to act rationally relating to the behavior of the procedures. The High Court on the final hearing day upset the entire choice of the NSW Court of Appeal. The High Court found that the Board minutes were confirmation of the reality of the matters recorded, i.e. that the draft ASX declaration was tabled and affirmed at the meeting” (, 2016). The High Court likewise initiated that ASIC had acted graciously in the middle of the procedures and the incapability to call up the specialists for giving proof didn’t even brought down ASIC's disagreement regarding what the happenings at the Board meeting. This matter will however, do a turnaround to the Court of Appeal for the consideration of punishments as well as prohibiting of the executives. 

Lessons from the James Hardie Case:

The executives of the recorded businesses should provide assurance and declaration regarding   establishment of a suitable and reported endorsement process. It has to be set up for Board endorsement of ASX declarations and is bound to be fulfilled, before supporting any such declaration, which its substance is exact. 

Therefore, the endorsement of Board minutes is by, and large a standing thing on the plan and is recurrently managed rapidly before the Board "gets serious." Be that as it may, this case demonstrates that it is fundamental for every executives to authentically read and therefore consider the minutes and provide assurance that they are right before supporting those minutes at the subsequent meeting (, 2016). 

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