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Corporate Social Accountability


Discuss about the Corporate Social Accountability.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way of doing business sustainably in economic, environmental and social setting. It manifests itself in voluntary actions that go beyond legal requirements. The number of companies in Australia with CSR practices is growing significantly, but one wonders if they are convinced of their positive impact on profitability or perhaps just doing imaging (Corporate governance, 2004). Companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) are evaluated with the Index Sustainability and Social Responsibility (SSRIs), which measures its commitment to the environment, society and interest groups, business ethics and corporate governance (Hilb, 2005).

Measures of corporate Social Responsibility
It is common for small and medium enterprises have a short-term pressure to show immediate results, which contrasts with some CSR practices (Hunnicutt, 2009).Some entrepreneurs and businesses in Australia believe that CSR is expensive and not profitable,however, National Australian Bank (NAB) creativity and attitude has done a lot, without the need for limiting resources. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) identifies five sources of business in CSR in National Australian Bank (NAB) and other corporates:

1. Operational efficiency: waste reduction, sale of recyclable products, among others.

2. Risk Reduction: long stay care for the environment, anti-corruption practices, among others.

3. Recruitment and retention: more productivity by attracting honest, participatory, cheerful talent, as well as reducing its rotation.

4. Protection of sources of raw materials in the long-term supplier development and improvement of conditions of price and payment.

5. Growth of demand: customer attraction and loyalty, as well as compliance with the requirements of large buyers.

Current Report on CSR in companies
Attention should be paid to the growing preference - in Australia and the whole world, mainly - to buy products from companies distinguished by their CSR. Companies require their suppliers CSR certifications and customers rule out ethical practices to minimize risks and ensure its procurement (Joerges and Petersmann, 2006).

The lack of CSR projects also limits the fact that National Australian Bank (NAB) is more proactive in implementing this concept. It is critical that all areas of the company involved in the creation and implementation of CSR initiatives.
Some associations designing projects and invite companies to jointly develop, which has a formative impact on those involved, it fosters a sense of belonging and strengthen the social fabric of our society, in contrast to a mere annual contribution to a social program. An example is National Australian Bank (NAB) that promotes CSR in both the areas where it financial and banking activities are conducted and its employees in improving their education through scholarships.
In this sense, there are institutions that fail to capture the needs of intensive inputs labor, training and supervision of the quality of products or services offered by a third party and also to finance their projects, help participants, mostly people low income, to earn extra income without neglecting their families.
Scope of social responsibility in National Australian Bank (NAB)
The dynamics of the Australian market with its neoliberal tendencies and the great need to remain or survive in a complex system with unequal relations, where ethics and morality are largely ignored.  The concept of justice and other relevant aspects of principles and values ​​have become less important , making the concept of social responsibility neglected especially in business. With Australian business  eagerness to grow and stay, most businesses have irregular rules seeking to wrest market your competition and become more profitable, making commercial practice is valid, so it affects or impact something or someone (Parrillo, 2008).

A lot of mining companies acutely affect the communities setting in economic social and environmental aspects.  NAB in Australia has created systems to give back to the society through funding in foundations and social awareness in corporate social responsibility.
"The end justifies the means" Machiavellian maxim that prevails today in business management, because otherwise, the risk of losing market run which leads to many companies like National Australian Bank (NAB) not engaging in corporate social responsibility.
This way of thinking validates negative and harmful actions under irresponsible acts, such as, "if I do I cannot create jobs", "is the only way to be profitable and that provides tax benefits that serve all", "pretexts the goal is survive at all costs "." in the current situation and according to market dynamics business year, every action is validated, "

Focus on generating "Profit" (sales, profitability and other) in the short term, leads to action by the employer coldly without limit in making their decisions, devoid of any ethical and responsible vision, and even without measuring the negative consequences for their own business, simply because of the approach and scheme of decision.

Highlights in Corporate Social Responsibility Mistakes

Although this work starkly presents the negative realities, does not indicate that everything is bad, but for the purpose of the issue of social responsibility, it is prudent to mention such situations, at first glance, appear to be more competition for government , police, parents, the church itself and not the company, apparently (Visser, 2007).
What is absolutely clear is that whoever is responsible, these issues affect the individual as such, to family groups, society in general, as well as company and is reflected in the results of its financial year. National Australian Bank (NAB) company posts billions in profits, it is only good to apportion some of the profits to the society.
So become priority attention from all concerned, and which as previously stated, by act or omission, are responsible, and among them, the company represented in its directors.
The responsibility of the company in the current problems
Companies are partakers of the responsibility for some of these effects, or all, of their policies or lack of them, for their management systems and a series of customs and business vices that away from a responsible action that measure the consequence of their actions. No liability or responsibility is part of the culture of a company.
This time businesses will not do more precisely on issues related to pollution of resources; because on this matter left over literature sources that help illustrate the extent of the problem. I care about how the effect of responsibility socially and culturally.

What benefits people getting the necessary support for your family income if the work environment affects you emotionally? What's in the job position if he takes off his familiar position? Did not he had thought of that?
Working conditions often develop in high voltage states, which create stress and even depression, affecting the welfare and health of the person. The  good is not done, the stage is not constructive, it becomes destructive.
It is also common to see companies in some abuse of authority, backed by the power humiliation, affecting self-esteem, generating resentment and pain. Leaves a lot to say about the problems currently live what I call the antithesis of what we are, because although our country is a democratic state and that is what we want to teach and maintain, generally within companies you live it opposites live in a democracy, or autocracy.

All people do not respond equally to a stimulus, therefore we must take care of the issue thereof, the environment, how to communicate, how to send and others that are part of the occupational hygiene if they are expected to create conditions favorable for the welfare of people and to improve the climate towards productivity (Visser, 2007).

Pretexts in Social Responsibilities

Regarding this issue of social responsibility we find a series of dangerous pretexts that are part of today's culture and finally accommodate financial interests of some companies or businesses, making them feel that they are acting under rules under law or morally. Among these pretexts of our business and social culture we can score some of them:

Social-Environmental Responsibility

Businesses are all responsible for their actions and their consequences. When we talk about corporate social responsibility we are referring to the responsibility that companies have to assume with the consequences of their actions, which are not always of the same type but depend on what the effects are and who or what harm.

Common Mistakes in CSR

The following are mistakes and errors found in planning and execution of CSR;

Do not make a diagnosis of the situation.

Actions are chosen, targets are raised, indicators are identified without conducting a preliminary study to show us the true reality of the enterprise or SME. The project or Sustainability Report must always adapt and correspond with reality..

Lack of planning.

You need to plan we will implement, how, when and with whom. objectives, actions, coordination, actividaes ... in short, everything you need to carry out our task CSR must be created.

Inexperience in Corporate Social Responsibility

A common mistake is not knowing the scope in which the company is to be introduced. It is therefore important to ask for advice, or even consider hiring external services.

 Shortage or inadequacy of the available budget.

This is one of the main consequences of the lack of planning. Both the draft CSR as memory must be adapted to the workplace, and therefore the budget available and necessary.

isolated actions.

The actions are to be planned and carried out must be included in a comprehensive project. When it is pointed out in "integral", is referring to the various areas of CSR, employees, departments of the company, and the rest of the community.

Poor coordination.

CSR must be present and must relate to both internal staff and external, the rest of the community, suppliers, etc.

Projects inflexible.

A CSR project is good for all businesses, nor can perform in general. The actions proposed must be flexible, and adapted locally to reality.

Inadequate systematization of information.

It is important that the drafting and analysis of the information collected, especially in phases as diagnosis, are available for consultation. In this way, better know the reality and prevent errors and confusions.

Lack of evaluation.

NAB must assess all targets and indicators, to detect and correct errors if necessary.

Lack of a plan for external and internal communication.

Keeping staff informed the company and the community, is the best strategy image. a transparent image is transmitted, and increases confidence.

Main Issues Facing CSR in Australian Business

Responsibility for the workplace: following companies, above all, what we find are people. Measures to reconcile work and family, offer courses and training, reducing overtime or maintain a cordial and respectful treatment in all aspects are corporately responsible (Zu, 2009).

Now we see National Australian Bank (NAB) limited reform its social department to improve its work in the society. Additionally, there is the procedure of how this is put into practice by companies internationally recognized for their good practices. It may from today look with new eyes the brands you choose!
Businesses have the following responsibilities in regards with the social corporate responsibilities;
Environmental Responsibility: all business activities have an impact on the environment. From obtaining raw materials to the distribution of products, through manufacturing like in mining companies such as National Australian Bank (NAB). To be responsible environmental level should be optimized as much as possible the resources used and try to minimize the impact, for example, energy saving measures.

Community Responsibility: companies are framed in a social and community environment that can benefit from their activity if they become aware of their importance. If companies contribute to the positive development of the communities where they are located, the company also benefits: improved public image, his community prestige increases and their immediate social environment becomes a solid ally. National Australian Bank (NAB) give back to the community through social awareness like scholarship and other social ammmenities like hospitals.

Responsibility for the market: customers and clients are one of the actors most directly affected by the activity of enterprises. It is the responsibility of companies to maintain standards of quality in its products and services, providing transparency policies for the market to have a full guarantee it.

Social Responsibility

Among the taboo and demagoguery, is mere compliance with tax regulations, or a simple mention of the lack of presence in tax havens, were enough to put a tick in the box dedicated to fiscal policy. However fiscal options followed by some governments and multinational companies, has led to a situation that society has deemed unacceptable.
OECD governments prepare standards
First, adapt their internal to be able to meet new reporting requirements quickly and reliable processes. Second, prepare an appropriate speech to give due response to growing questions from the NGOs and other economic, departments or Corporate Social Responsibility Investor Relations, agents about the tax policy followed and tax contribution in each country. This is in case with mineral companies like National Australian Bank (NAB) mineral companies.

Case Study: Cole Mining in Bangladesh

Barapukuria coal mining in Bangladesh is an example of a corporate social responsibility in accounting that shows a negative corporate social responsibility practices. The biggest coal mining company in the country, it should be responsible in making a big impact to the country and more significantly the coal mining area. However, the company is not doing enough for corporate social responsibity especially in the environmental and social impact of the community. The company should do more significantly in the area of environment and the social awareness on effect of environmental pollution due to coal.

Socially Mistakes in CSR

The following are the socially mistakes in corporate social responsibility

Weak goals- if the goals of the social responsibility are not sustainable, the coprpoate social responsibility is bound to fail

Priorities that are disordered- the triple bottom line principle recognize that CSR and profits are interconnected and the weighted in financial performance. If the priorities are disordered the CSR is bound to fail.

Unreachable targets- overstreaching targets means that csr sometimes is taken too far. It is a noble idea but when overstreached will lead to discouragements.

Short term thinking- ideally, social corporate responsibility is meant for the long term use. However, a company with a short term mentality does not benefit the community as much.

Under-reporting- limiting the communication in the performance of the sustainability of the CSR to communicate any challenges and progress. Messages should be consistent all around the media.


Although this work starkly presents the negative realities, it does not indicate that everything is bad. However, for the purpose of the issue of social responsibility, it is prudent to mention such situations at first glance. They appear to be more competition for government , police, parents, the church itself and not the company, apparently. What is absolutely clear is that whoever is responsible, these issues affect the individual as such, to family groups, society in general, as well as  National Australian Bank (NAB) group limited and is reflected in the results of its financial year (Zu, 2009). Australian businesses should be encouraged to give more to the society that have helped in their growth just ike the contribution done by National Australian Bank (NAB). Corporate social responsibility is a primary issue in this companys social accountability and helps to reform an otherwise broken social system.


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Zu, L. (2009). Corporate social responsibility, corporate restructuring and firm's performance. Berlin: Springer. is a reputable, genuine and recognized leader in the domain of providing dissertation writing services. We provide students with a unique platform where they can get connected with PhD qualified experts and receive best quality dissertation writing help. Our dissertation writing professionals are committed to helping students write exceptional research-based paper within the deadline provided. Our expertly written dissertations help students acquire their final degree and desired grades.

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