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Decision Support System


Describe about the decision support system. 



The report is describing about the decision support system. The decision support system manages the very large data which is not easy to handle manually. The decision support system decreases the employee’s work and gives accurate results. It is the best managing tool for the top management. 

Decision Support System 

The decision support system works on large data very accurately. There are two types of decision support systems-

  1. Programming
  2. Non-programming 

It helps in taking difficult decision by comparing the large data very easily. That is why, It the very popular now a days.

(Marsden R. 2015) 

Aptness of Decision Support System 

The decision support system is the most suitable tool for the large database businesses and it is very popular in top level management. It works on different data simultaneously and can generate the summarized data from the different datasets.  A person can easily understand the decision support system’s concept. It is very easy to use also. 

Appropriate Mark-up Type 

The mark-up type is the most important and valuable part of every business. There are two types of mark-ups- store and supplier. The store mark-up is the most appropriate mark-up type for the business of Dr Dorothy.

( 2016) 

Impact of the type of Mark-up on the Customer’s Decision 

The mark-up percentage affects greatly to every business. Therefore the type of mark-up greatly affects the business. It affects the selling price of business and that is the main reason that affects the customer’s decision. If the selling price of product is more then it will affect the customer’s mind. 

Impact of Discount on Business Profit

There are lots of things that affect the business.  The discount is one of them. It sold out those items that did not sale out since a long time. When the items do not sale out or there is some defect in items, then discount is very profitable for the business. 

Suitable Freight for Business 

The freight is also one of the important parts of every business. Therefore the freight type should be chosen very wisely. It should be economical for the business. The ‘James Herriot Freight’ is chosen for the Dr Dorothy’s business because it is very economical freight. 

Effect of Freight Type on Business 

The freight type affects the business because the freight charges affect the selling price therefore, the freight should be economical for the business point of view. That is why; the ‘James Herriot Freight’ is used for the Dr Dorothy’s business. 

Suitable Country to Import for the Business 

The import and export are the most important points in the business. The import country should be chosen by considering all the facts like the country’s reputation in the international market, all duty rights etc. That is why, the Netherland is very good choice for the Dr Dorothy’s business. 

Issues while Choosing the Import Country 

Following issues should be considered while choosing the country for import- 

  1. Product costs
  2. Freight Type
  3. Freight Cost 


The report is giving complete overview about the Decision Support System. The Decision Support System is the best choice now a day in the business market. It really affects the business status and helps in increasing the business growth.  


[1] 2016, General Retail Business Issues/ Markup and Suppliers, Viewed on 24th May 2016.

[2] Marsden R. 2015, Decision Support Systems, Viewed on 24th May 2016.

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