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Eagle Valley Health Foods


Discuss about the Essay for Eagle Valley Health Foods.



The business report is concerned with the issues related to the company named Eagle Valley Health Foods. The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Mr. Martin Clifton. The organization is a Western Australian company, and it produces health related snacks such as snack bars which are made from nuts, cereals, and fruits. It is situated on the eastern outskirts of Perth in Western Australia. The organization is running for three years, and it started to make profits by attracting some customers.

I am selected as the Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR consultant with a task of advising the customers about the different ways for implementing CSR creativities in the organization. Corporate Social Responsibility is of high relevance for food organizations because this sector has a substantial impact as well as great economy dependency(Hunnicutt 2009). The improvement of CSR initiatives needs a good CSR strategy and for that a good sustainable development is required. Sustainability is the combination of the two words ability and sustain. The concept behind sustainability is to make a balance in the ecosystem. The organizing principle for sustainability is the sustainable development. It consists of four interconnected domain such as economics, politics, culture and ecology. Sustainability is important because the industrial development was increased. Due to industrial revolution, the fossil fuels and water are wasted. The Food Industry Sustainability Strategy or FSS sets about 10 % of all industrial use of the public water supply, about 14% of energy consumption in business and seven million tons of carbon emission per year. Due to sustainability, the food industries are using eco-friendly machine parts which is both beneficial for the industry as well as customers. If food gets contaminated by other impurities, then the industries may face serious problems from the side of the customers. Therefore, it is necessary for all industries to make use of sustainable development(Sustainability in the food industry, 2009). Eagle Valley Health Foods can bring out an improvement in their public image by associating nonprofits with the help of financial donations, donations of services and products, creating the strong partnership and volunteerism. It also helps in the increase of media coverage. A media coverage helps in the promotion of a company.

Findings and Discussions

Mr. Martin Clifton wants an improvement in the Corporate Sustainability of the company since a better sustainability profile will not only make an enhancement regarding the reputation of the company but also aid the organization to focus on future investments and profits. An implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility is important for the organizations since it helps in earning profits. Consequently, it helps in balancing profitability with ethical practices in business.

From the research, it is clear that Eagle Valley Health Foods is facing some serious issues and challenges which are becoming a risk for the future of the company. At first, the organization operates on two storey warehouse, and it is constructed from ridged iron(Vaughan and Judd 2003). Therefore, during summer, the building becomes scorching and during winter the worker's freezes. Subsequently, according to high heating and cooling of the warehouse, the electricity bills for cooling as well as heating the premises are very high. During the 1960s the building was constructed, and it has never been renovated. Secondly, there is another issue. According to the Chief Executive Officer, the production of health foods consumes an enormous amount of water. Consequently, the rate of utilization of water has been increased during the last two years. However, Mr. Clifton is very keen, and he is trying to reduce the consumption of water as much as possible. The reduction of water consumption will lead to saving of water for future use which is the primary advantage of it.Due to heating of warehouse in summer, the health bars may melt. Consequently, the shape of the products changes and it may dissatisfy a customer. It is the main disadvantage of this warehouse during summer. The scorching heat in a warehouse atmosphere has negative impacts on laborers, the production levels and even the nature of delivered or put away merchandise or goods. The heat contributes to laborer exhaustion, heat spasms, and more difficult issues, including heat depletion and warmth stroke. Indeed, even where the health issues don't show up, over the top work environment warmth can prompt poor memory, loss of fixation, limited ability to focus, remissness and trouble taking after directions. Certain fundamental developments can decrease the frequency of issues, including preparing on the significance of liquid substitution and having sufficient work breaks to cooler regions.The online shopping site Amazon also have this issue. Due to extreme heat, fifteen people were taken to hospitals and twenty or thirty more people were treated. The news is taken from the New York Times.


Here, the recommendation is about solving the issues faced by Mr. Martin Clifton regarding his organization. To increase the number of production of health bars as well as to reduce the usage of a huge amount of water, the organization needs to upgrade the technology such as upgrading machinery parts. The organization should use water benchmarks. It provides an estimation of the average use of water for particular industrial sections. Besides, the first step of water efficiency program is conducting a facility audit for quantifying the utilization of water. The workers should get a training about the importance of using less water(Kimbell 2002). The equipment should be modified, that is, the organization should install water saving devices. Water should be treated, recycle and reuse. Moreover, a policy framework must be developed for sustainable commodities. The best practice should be broadcasted and drawn up in order to move towards sustainable products for food industries. A forum should be created for sharing awareness of environmental issues. Taking about the old building, the building should be increased to more stored according to the number of productions. It has been said earlier that if the machinery parts can be upgraded, then the issue of extreme heating and cooling of the warehouse will be solved.


Small businesses are involving themselves for corporate sustainability for ethical reasons. Research showed that these little industries like Eagle Valley Health Foods utilize corporate sustainability for generating the return on investments. It also helps them to gain a competitive advantage. They are also engaged in eco-friendly policies because it attracts more customers which result in higher revenue. According to Colin Moore, going green attracts clients and in turn, leads to increasing in revenue. The customers are willing to pay more for green offerings. Moreover, most organizations have since a long time ago practiced some corporate social along with environmental responsibility with the broad objective. They were engaged in practice so as to facilitate prosperity to the society and the organization they impact and on which they depend. Though, there is expanding weight to spruce up Corporate Social Responsibility as a discipline of business and request that each activity conveys business results. The companies must develop clear CSR strategies for maximizing their positive impact on the environmental and social system in which they work. It should be an essential part of the job of each and every Chief Executive Officer as well as the board.


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Vaughan, J. and Judd, P. (2003). The Oxford book of health foods. Oxford: Oxford University Press. is a name in assignment writing services that students trust. We offer our assignment writing services for a wide variety of assignment including essaysdissertations, case studies and more. Students can place their order with us anytime as we function 24x7, and get their copies at unbeatable prices. We guarantee that all of our solutions are plagiarism-free.

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